Perfect board game storage solution

Keeping all of your board games in an organized way, where you can find them instantly when you need them, is an of course a great thing. But most people seem to have no idea about storing the board games in a suitable way. I’m here to help you in this regard by providing a few ideas.

Atlantic 4 Tier Rotating Cube Espresso is such equipment, which you can use for storing your huge number of board games. There are some other products you will find in this article as you go through. Leaving it here won’t be a wise thing if you want to keep the board games in an organized way an you find them easily when you need them. Sometimes You have to nees board game bags to proper carry your board game cards.

Best board game storage

8 Board game storage ideas

1. Atlantic 4 Tier Rotating Cube Espresso


Brand: Atlantic

Weight: 26.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. One fixed and three rotating cubes
  2. Space equivalent to 2 compartments per cube
  3. Espresso finished composite wood construction
  4. Steel cross rod bar support.

This storage shelf from Atlantic comes with a fixed cube and three rotating cubes. The rotating cubes of this shelf are the eye-catching sight of the customers. You can rotate these cubes in any direction. All these rotating and fixed comes with over 10 inches of clearance each. This rotating cube featuring a shelf comes with espresso finished composite wood construction.

It is built with a capacity of storing 216 CDs, 144 DVDs, or 168 blue rays or games. So if you have a huge collection of board games or CDs, you don’t need to worry anymore. It is designed with space equivalent to 2 compartments per cube. You will find steel rod crossbar supports in the storing system, which adds support and stability. It has non-marring rubber feet to protect the hardwood floors. Per cube of two compartments is 5.75 inches deep, 11.5 inches wide and 8 inches high.

2. TomCare Cube Storage 6-Cube Closet Organizer Storage


Brand: TomCare

Weight: 8.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. It comes with 6 cubes
  2. 15 pounds holding capacity for each cube
  3. High-quality ABS connector
  4. Simple modular structure.

This is large organizer storage from TomCare that comes with 6 cubes. Each cube of this shelf measures 11.8 inches in height, 11.8 inches in width, and 11.8 inches in depth. It is built with a plastic panel design. You can store these 6 cubes containing a large shelf anywhere you want in the house. You can store your board games or toys easily on the shelf.

Besides storing your game set, this can be used for storing shoes, clothes, and handbags, etc. The high-quality ABS connector secures the whole structure firmly and the thickened PP panel is durable that can hold more things. Each cube of this shelf has a capacity to hold 15 pounds of weight. The shelf comes with easy to assemble and dissemble feature because of the simple modular structure.

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3. Humble Crew Supersized Wood Toy Storage Organizer


Brand: Humble Crew

Weight: 24.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of wood, plastic, and metal
  2. 12 standard size bins and 4 extra size bins
  3. Durable and easy to clean
  4. Easy to assemble.

This toy storage organizer from Humble Crew is constructed with a combination of wood, plastic, and metal. It comes to you including 12 standard size open storage plastic bins and 4 double size open storage plastic bins. This storage comes with x large size and it is 25% more storage than most other organizer storages.

As there are both large and small size open storages available, you will find a lot of flexibility to store large or small items as you want. The regular bins measure 11.75 inches in length, 8.25 inches in width, and 5.25 inches in height. These are made of durable plastic that makes them easier to wipe clean. The extra-large bin measures 16"L x 11.75"W x 5.25"H. This organizer is also easy to assemble.

4. AmazonBasics Expandable Metal Hanging Storage Organizer Rack


Brand: AmazonBasics

Weight: 39.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of durable steel wire and plastic slip sleeves
  2. 4 extra-wide leveling feet
  3. 2 adjustable width hanging rods
  4. 10 adjustable height shelves.

This hanging storage from AmazonBasics is made of durable steel wire and plastic slip sleeves. It comes with a sleek chrome finish. The storage system is constructed with 4 extra-wide leveling feet for added stability. This organizer measures 14 by 58 inches to 63 by 72 inches.

It comes with an expandable closet organizer with 2 adjustable width hanging rods. The rods can be moved up or down in one-inch increments. It is designed with 10 adjustable height shelves, five shelves on each side. Each of these shelves comes with a holding capacity of 100 pounds. You can assemble the product by simply bringing the screws together. It includes a plastic shelf liner and mounting hardware for safety.

5. Live memory Storage Bins Decorative Storage Boxes.


Brand: Livememory

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of fabric and high-quality hardboard
  2. Fold up when not using
  3. It comes with a lidded design
  4. Rope handle.

These decorative storage boxes from Livememory are made of fabric and high-quality cardboard. These especially wood grain storage boxes give your home a perfect decoration as the design is fashionable, classic, and decent. The storage bins provide you extra spaces when it is assembled, and after use, you can fold up to save spaces in your home.

It measures 15.7 inches by 11.8 inches by 7.9 inches. It comes with a lidded design, which keeps the dust away from the bin. It has got a rope handle to ensure easy slide in and pull out of shelves or cabinet. This is built with heavy-duty materials but is a lightweight storage box. Besides toys, CDs, clothes can also be stored in boxes.

6. Delta Children 6-Bin Toy Storage Organizer


Brand: Delta Children

Weight: 12.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of engineered wood, solid wood, and fabric
  2. Safe and durable finish
  3. Six uniquely sized fabric bins are included
  4. Easy to assemble.

This toy storage organizer from Delta Children is made of engineered wood, solid wood, and fabric. It comes with a safe and durable finish, which makes it usable for the kids also. Any kids of 3 to 6 years are old are allowed to use this nice, colorful storage bin to store their toys and game boards.

The storage organizer comes with six uniquely sized fabric bins. All these bins are supported by a sturdy wood frame. You will find no difficulties in setting up the storage as it comes with easy assembly. When the organizer is assembled, it measures 25 inches in width, 26 inches in height, and 11.75 inches in depth. It meets all the safety standards of CPSC.

7. WillingHeart Toy Storage Organizer


Brand: WillingHeart

Weight: 6.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Smiley face designed on the carts
  2. Sturdy and safe construction
  3. Ergonomic U shaped opening
  4. Strong bearing capacity and good toughness.

This toy storage organizer from WillingHeart comes with three-tier rolling colorful carts. It is specially built for the kids, and the smiley face design on the small bins assures that. It is designed with a white exterior that comes with light blue, light yellow, and orange color baskets.

It comes with sturdy and safe construction. It has an ergonomic U-shaped opening, which is easy to put in and take out. The storage organizer has rounded corners without burrs. It comes to you with strong bearing capacity and good toughness. You can easily install the storage cart within five minutes without needing any tools as it comes with a detailed instruction manual and complete accessories. The power plate is widened to make the product stand stable.

8. AmazonBasics Kids Bookcase with Reading Nook and Storage Shelves


Brand: AmazonBasics

Weight: 30.20 pounds

Key Features

  1. Six open-faced storage compartments
  2. It comes with a space-saving design
  3. Flat top shelves on both side of the seat
  4. Constructed with durable wood.

This bookcase is constructed for the kids from AmazonBasics includes six open-faced storage compartments for storing books, magazines, toys, and more. This is perfect storage to set up in your kid’s playroom or bedroom. It provides them a spot where they can relax in the off period between the playing hours.

It comes with a space-saving design that makes it fit neatly against any wall and combines seating and storage. It is designed with flat top shelves on either side for lamps or other essentials. It is constructed with durable wood, which offers long-lasting performance. It has got padded seating, and this padded seating area features dual angled backrests and a seat cushion.

Ideas you may like

Do you have a huge number of board game sets and worried about organizing them in a suitable place, from where you can find them easily? Then you need to know some awesome ideas for storing the board games. Look, if you don’t store them in a particular place safely and securely, you won’t find all the equipment included in the game set when you need them. So you can look out for the ideas given below for storing purposes.

Shelves: You can use two types of shelves for this purpose, one is a fixed shelf, and the other one is a floating one. Fixed shelves with a lot of spaces to store the huge number of game boards vertically, although you can also put them horizontally. The floating shelves mainly come with a single space to store a few board game sets horizontally.

Rack: These racks come in various designs, standing racks, collapsible racks, and single space racks, etc. The main difference between racks and shelves is that the racks are kept open, and they are typically made of plastic.

Boxes: You can use boxes instead of racks or shelves. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the kids to take a game board from the top of the rack or shelves, and that’s why boxes are better than them. You can keep the boxes on the floor and use as many boxes as needed to securely store all of your game boards.

Wall mount: Well, that’s the less used storage idea I’ve seen. If you are looking for storage ideas for those game boards that are frequently, I don’t think mounting them on the wall is a good idea. And you also need a lot of space in your home to mount a large number of boards on. But you can mount a few game boards on the wall and make the wall look nicer than before.

Several cube style storages: It’s also a kind of shelve, where you will find a few cubes designed. Sometimes, you will find the cubes movable in other directions. This allows you to store your game boards, both horizontally and vertically.

Under table storage: You can make extra storage under your coffee table to store the game boards. Though it’s not much secure, you can enjoy some board gaming while having coffee with other members of your family.

Plastic cabinet: For enhanced security of the game boards, a cabinet can be a great option. Cabinets coming with drawers can lock your boards so that none could do any harm. But remember to select a kid’s favorable design.

Bins: A combination of large and small bins can make good storage for your game boards. These types of bins allow keeping the smaller sets separate from larger ones.

Why store board games

Guys with a huge number of game boards should organize them for their own benefit. Let’s talk about some reasons why you should store board games.

  • Find out the board game you are looking to play at the moment quickly and easily.
  • Keep the smaller parts of the game set secure. Most of the time, it is seen that the smaller equipment of a game set gets lost, and this disheartens the player. But storing them in a safe place will ensure the safety of this equipment.
  • Keep the most played game board on top or in such a place where you can find them easily.
  • You can also decorate your room by setting up storage on the floor or mounting a few boards on the wall.


I think you have understood why you need to store your board games. The ideas I have presented to you are worthy of the lookout. There are some products mentioned that you could use for storing the game sets. So without making any delay, grab one of these storages and organize your board games.

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