Best kayak sunshade reviews 2022

If you are a kayaker, you might have had kayaking experience under extreme sunshine. You also know what the thing is that it can save you from this intense sunshine, which is not good for your health. Yes, I’m talking about kayak sunshade.Those who are new in kayaking need to know about this thing to … Read more

How much does bird scooter and accessories list and cost

Bird, a micro-mobility company, launched scooters in 2017. These scooters are known as bird scooters. What is the cost of the scooters? That’s the question rising in your mind at the moment. Basically, Bird launched the scooters for rental services. But recently, it announced sale opportunity for the riders of bird scooter. The newly launched … Read more

How much does a long surfboard weight

Long surfboards are a little heavier than shortboards.The average weight that a long surfboard can take is around 20-40 pounds.More than 40 pounds long surfboard is also available and even you can find some long surfboard carries a weight less than 20 pounds.But in general, the long surfboards that are available in the market are … Read more

How to Clean Skateboard bearings

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Best Kayak seat upgrade

You are maybe not satisfied with the built-in seat that your kayak has. Or feeling discomfort in kayaking with the built-in seat. So it’s time to upgrade your kayak seat. In this article, I’ll discuss how you can upgrade your kayak seat have a pleasant journey. There will a segment that includes some kayak seats, … Read more

Top Kayak storage ideas indoor and outdoor

Kayaking is a kind water sport, which has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. On average, around 13 million people participate in kayaking every year and this has made the sport more popular than other water sports. But most kayakers face difficulties regarding the storage of his kayak. Iā€™m here with some best ideas which … Read more