How much are paddle boards and what size I need (chart)

You will get paddleboards in the market at different prices. You will find three price ranges in the market while buying a paddle board. High range paddleboards, mid-range paddleboards and lower range paddleboards. So overall, you can buy a paddleboard starting from the price of three hundred up to three thousand dollar. It absolutely depends on … Read more

What are surfboards made of – who made the first surfboard

If you are looking for surfing and deal with the waves in the sea, then you must need a surfboard. There are different types of surfboards, like longboards, shortboards, funboards, and fish boards. These surfboards are mostly made of using polyurethane and polystyrene foam. Then it is covered with layers of fiberglass or typically polyester.Surfing … Read more

skateboard wheel size comparison with chart

Do you just skate for recreational purposes like showing technical movements or you want a skateboard for moving somewhere with a better balance? Well, you need to choose the right size of wheels for your skateboard to fulfill your need. The size of skateboard wheels measures from 48 mm to 60 mm and sometimes above … Read more