Bounce Pro trampoline vs. Skywalker trampoline: What is the main difference

While buying a trampoline, one needs to decide for whom he is buying. This makes it a lot easier for the buyer to choose a particular brand for buying. Skywalker is a well-known brand that produces quality trampolines for adults.

In the same manner, Bounce Pro maintains its quality, and its users are toddlers. From many trampoline brands, we will distinguish the differences between Bounce Pro trampolines and Skywalker trampolines. The article will let you decide which one of these brands is suitable for you in different circumstances.

Bounce Pro trampoline vs. Skywalker trampoline

Which brand is better: Bounce Pro or Skywalker

Depending on the personal preference or need, one of these brands will become better. There are some major aspects you need to check out before deciding which one is better for you.


Bounce Pro



Heavy-duty galvanized steel frame with UV-resistant jumping mats.

Heavy-duty, rust-resistant galvanized steel frame with UV-protected polypropylene jumping mats.


Enclosure net with steel-flex enclosure ring.

Enclosure net.

Weight limit

Up to 220 pounds.

Up to 200 pounds.


1 to 5 years.

Three months to 6 years.


36 inches to 15 ft.

36 inches to 17 ft.

Number of springs

72 springs.

96 springs.

Installation time

2 to 4 hours.

1.5 to 3 hours.


Up to 300 dollars.

Up to 400 dollars.

Bounce Pro Trampoline for kids

Build quality of Bounce pro & Skywalker trampolines

Typically, there isn’t any noteworthy difference between the build quality of Bounce Pro and Skywalker trampolines. Both manufacturers use galvanized steel to make the steel frame sturdy.

Bounce Pro trampoline construction: The manufacturer used heavy-duty galvanized steel to construct the frame. The jumping mats come with UV resistance and premium stitching. There are both T-shaped and U-shaped frames available. The trampolines have padded steel covers.

It also has a UV-resistant netting system, which is equipped with a zipper closure. The trampolines have U-shaped legs, which have double welded plating at the joint areas.

Skywalker trampoline construction: Similar to Bounce Pro trampolines, Skywalker has a heavy-duty, rust-resistant galvanized steel frame construction. The manufacturer used UV-protected polypropylene jumping mats here. These trampolines have enclosures. The legs also come with welding at the joints.

How much weight can these trampolines hold

The weight holding limit mainly depends on the size. Also, the shape and structure impact it quite a bit. After a close look at both Bounce Pro and Skywalker trampolines, Bounce Pro stands out as the winner here. But Skywalker trampolines offer more versatility.

  • The largest trampoline from the Bounce Pro can hold up to 220 pounds of weight.
  • The largest round-shaped Skywalker trampoline can hold up to 200 pounds.
  • Square or rectangular Skywalker trampolines can hold more weight compared to the round-shaped Bounce Pro trampolines.
  • Also, Bounce Pro focuses on toddler trampolines that decrease the weight limit of their trampolines.

Size of Bounce Pro & Skywalker trampolines

As I said earlier, Skywalker trampolines offer more versatility; it is actually according to the different sizes and shapes. The size ranges as small as 36 inches and as big as 17 feet.

  • Bounce Pro: Bounce Pro makes mini trampolines for toddlers especially, which requires less space. There are different sizes used for the toddlers, like 36 inches, 55 inches, 7 ft, 8 ft, and 10 ft. However, the adult trampolines are larger, which measures 12 ft, 14 ft, and 15 ft.
  • Skywalker: The versatility is noticeable in the shapes of these trampolines. They mainly focus on adult users as there is only one toddler model of 36 inches available. The rounded models are 7 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, and 15 ft.
  • Square-shaped models are available from 12 ft to 16 ft. Rectangular models have 14 ft, 15 ft, and 17 ft. The oval trampolines have larger sizes of 16 ft and 17 ft.

Which brand provides good bounce

The spring numbers decide what kind of bounce the trampoline will offer. But with a similar measurement, Skywalker provides a bit more bounce than Bounce pro trampolines.

  • An adult model from Bounce pro comes with 72 springs, whereas the Skywalker model has 96 springs.
  • But for toddlers, Bounce pro trampolines are a better option for enhanced bounciness.
  • The minimum requirement for having an adequate bounce on an adult trampoline is 72 springs.

Which trampoline is more durable

Although both Bounce Pro and Skywalker trampolines have almost similar construction, Skywalker seems to produce more durable trampolines.

  • Skywalker trampolines can last from three months to as long as six years.
  • Bounce pro trampolines remain well usable for up to a year but can last for five years as well.
  • Skywalker offers one year of frame warranty with three months of materials warranty.
  • Bounce Pro offers two years of warranty.
  • In harsh weather, you need to use a cover to increase durability.

It is tough to assemble Bounce Pro or Skywalker trampolines

None of these trampolines is tough to assemble, but the installation manual and the number of people engaged in the process impact the time. You can assemble these trampolines within 2 to 4 hours.

  • Skywalker trampolines have an instruction manual for a faster installation process.
  • It takes mostly 1.5 to 3 hours to assemble a Skywalker trampoline.
  • However, you can assemble a Bounce Pro trampoline within 2 to 4 hours.
  • Instead of working alone, try to assemble the trampoline with two or three people for a quicker process.

What safety features these trampoline brands offer

Whether you are buying a trampoline for toddlers or adults, you should never compromise safety. Both these trampoline brands offer safety, but Bounce Pro is safer than Skywalker for toddlers.

  • Bounce pro: The manufacturer added an enclosure net by keeping the metal springs out of the jumping area. With the steel-flex enclosure ring, the net stays tight and proper fit. The springs of the trampoline have safety pad coverage.
  • Skywalker: The extra space on the trampoline is the first safety Skywalker offers. Then it has an enclosure net to prevent falling of the jumpers.

Cost of Bounce pro & Skywalker trampolines

Coming down to the last section of Bounce pro trampolines and Skywalker trampolines, you can’t ignore the trampoline cost. In terms of cost, Skywalker seems the expensive one compared to bounce pro.

  • Bounce pro trampolines are available within $300, where are smaller models cost less.
  • Having larger models, the cost of Skywalker trampolines goes up to $400.
  • The build quality, safety features, and size mainly make the difference between these trampolines.

Is Bounce pro a good trampoline brand

Yes, if it fulfills the need of the user. But before giving any verdict about the brand, we should look out both the good and bad sides of it first.

The good side

  • It ensures extra safety for the toddlers.
  • These trampolines are comparatively cheaper than Skywalker trampolines.
  • Bounce pro issues a lengthier warranty service.
  • They use durable materials in terms of toddler usage.
  • It offers a better weight holding capacity.

The bad side

  • It takes a bit more time for the installation.
  • The trampolines are mostly not appropriate for heavyweight or adults users.
  • There isn’t any versatility in the shape.

Is Skywalker a good trampoline brand

Wait for a while before thinking Bounce Pro is better than Skywalker. Check out the good and bad sides of this brand quickly.

The good sides

  • It offers various shapes and sizes of trampolines.
  • They provide extra space to adult or professional users.
  • With the installation manual, it is easy to install.
  • The trampolines come with extra safety and security.
  • Skywalker trampolines comparatively have a longer lifespan.

The bad sides

  • They must think about a lengthier warranty.
  • The trampolines are expensive compared to Bounce Pro trampolines.

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