Can you use tennis shoes for pickleball? Tennis Vs Pickleball shoes

Yes, you can undoubtedly use tennis shoes for pickleball, because it is a court shoe.

And for your kind information, there aren’t any specific shoes made for pickleball. So, in outdoor pickleball games, court shoes are the only option to use as footwear. And there isn’t any alternative for tennis shoes in this regard.

Tennis shoes provide adequate support to the feet on the outdoor courts and also ensure proper lateral support. However, indoor pickleball courts don’t support tennis shoes. The hardness, smoother structure of the court becomes inappropriate for outdoor tennis courts.

Can you use tennis shoes for pickleball

Are pickleball shoes the same as tennis shoes?

For pickleball players, courts shoes appropriate, and tennis shoes are also outdoor shoes. So, indeed pickleball shoes are the same as tennis shoes.

On any outdoor surface that is similar to a tennis court, one should wear tennis shoes to play pickleball.

Tennis shoes are a bit heavier to allow quick movements of the players, and as pickleball demand such quickness in the game, pickleball and tennis shoes are considered the same.

For lateral support tennis shoes are always trusted on a tennis court, and one pickleball player needs the same sort of lateral support from tennis shoes as well.

You can convert a tennis court into a pickleball court, which also allows you to put on the tennis shoes for a competitive pickleball match.

Pickleball players need court shoes for proper support on outdoor courts and tennis shoes are court shoes as well, which makes these two sports shoes similar.

The amount of grip a pair of tennis shoes offer is available when you are using the shoes for a pickleball game.

There aren’t any specific shoes made of pickleball and tennis shoes are the most appropriate option here.

Tennis shoes vs. pickleball shoes

Is there truly any difference between tennis and pickleball shoes? Let me tell you one truth, there is not even a single pair of shoes that are specifically made for pickleball. So how could one distinguish the difference between tennis shoes pickleball shoes?

Another crucial thing is that players use tennis shoes while playing pickleball in outdoor courts. It means tennis shoes and pickleball shoes remain on the same page in terms of court shoes. So, where to find out the difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes? 

Well, not every time tennis shoes are appropriate for pickleball courts. Especially on indoor or hard surfaces, tennis shoes aren’t the option one player searches for adequate support. This creates a bit of difference between tennis shoes and pickleball shoes regarded the game is not arranged outdoors.

  1. Tennis shoes tend to be a bit heavier than pickleball or other indoor court shoes.
  2. Indoor court shoes provide a better grip on the surface compared to tennis shoes.
  3. The lateral support is better on tennis shoes than pickleball shoes.
  4. Indoor pickleball shoes provide excellent traction on rough, wooden, smoother surfaces, which seems missing in tennis shoes.
  5. Tennis shoes bend near the toe area, whereas indoor pickleball shoes bend near the toe box.
  6. Tennis shoes are expensive compared to the shoes used to play indoor pickleball.

Do I need special shoes for pickleball?

As you already know there are no specific shoes made for pickleball, you need a special pair of shoes for this. Tennis shoes are the most appropriate option to use for playing pickleball. This special pair of pickleball shoes must have some special features to support it properly.

  1. The shoes should provide enough lateral support to make the side-to-side movement easier.
  2. It should create adequate traction on the court to prevent any sort of slippage during quick movements.
  3. The shoes must have the capacity to support the ankle and heel areas.
  4. They should also increase the agility of the player inside the court.

Choosing the right shoes for pickleball

For outdoor pickleball games, courts shoes are the most loved option, and there isn’t any better replacement for tennis shoes in this regard. The features a pair of tennis shoes offers are enough to ensure proper support during a pickleball game. So what things one need to ensure in the pickleball shoes?

Proper lateral support: Unlike most courts sports, tennis requires side to side movement, and the shoes should help the wearer having these movements with efficiency. Pickleball is similar to tennis in this regard as it also demands side-to-side movement on a regular basis.

When you put on a pair of tennis shoes with proper lateral support, the pickleball player will have excellent support during side-to-side movement. It can enhance his performance during the game.

Proper traction: Without having enough traction, not even a top-quality player can show his skills. And in games like pickleball, where quickness and agility are a big factor proper traction is mandatory. The traction level depends largely on the tread pattern underneath the shoes.

Proper ankle support: Many pickleball players suffer from ankle injures because of not having enough ankle support. The shoes you are wearing should support the ankle, heel, and even knee to some extent.

Proper flexibility: The maneuverability of the players depends on the flexibility of the shoes as well. Some pickleball shoes bend at the toe area and some other band at the toe box.

Proper cushioning inside: It is the heel area, which requires more cushioning inside for better support. Due to continuous running and movement, it is obvious to feel a bit of pressure on the heel area. But shoes with proper cushioning give support at the heel area are ensured.

Why proper footwear is necessary while playing pickleball?

To improve the gameplay experience with adequate support and safety, wearing proper footwear is necessary for pickleball.

  1. Preventing the feet from injuries is a crucial reason why one should use proper shoes on the pickleball court.
  2. Another reason behind wearing shoes is to increase mobility in the court. Freedom of movement gives the player opportunity to improve his performance.
  3. The last but not the least need for proper footwear is to have extra traction, which provides lateral support as well.

Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes

The main difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes is the outer soles.

  1. Outdoor pickleball courts are rough, and they are mostly like tennis courts. So tennis shoes with proper lateral support are completely an appropriate option in such a court.
  2. On the other hand, indoor courts are polished and a bit hard compared to tennis courts. For this, tennis shoes won’t go well in this circumstance. One should rely on badminton or squash shoes while playing on indoor courts.

What shoes to avoid for pickleball

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes is never going to help you on the pickleball court; rather it will damage your performance. As there are no specific shoes made for pickleball, an inexperienced player might go out and start playing with running shoes as well. However, every pickleball player should avoid running shoes, hiking boots, trail shoes, or casual shoes on a pickleball court.

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