Carcassonne good group board games

Do you like gathering tiles one after another and build an empire like something? Carcassonne board game may be the best choice for you in this regard. This review of the Carcassonne board games will help you buy the right board game set and have fun.

After a research session, I've made a list of 8 best Carcassonne board games and kept Carcassonne Board Game Standard on top. But you don't know how to choose your one! Don't worry; you will get the buying section down to making the buying process a lot easier. Read out the rules of the game carefully and play the game accordingly. So continue to read the article further.

Best Carcassonne Board Games

Best Carcassonne Board

1. Carcassonne Board Game Standard


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. A complete Carcassonne game set
  2. 72 land tiles, 12 river tiles, five abbots, and 40 meeples are included
  3. One scorecard with a rule book
  4. Tiles are made of paper.

This Carcassonne game set from Carcassonne Board Game Standard comes with all the equipment you need to play Carcassonne. It includes 72 land tiles, 40 meeples, 12 river tiles, five abbots, and one scoreboard to keep the players' score track. The game set also comes with a rulebook, which includes the playing instruction to understand the game easier for you.

The game is playable between two to five players. The tiles of these games are made of paper, but you don't need to worry about these tiles' durability. There are four different color meeples included in the tiles, red, blue, green and black. So when you have placed the tiles, put a meeple on your tile to claim that position.

2. Carcassonne Big Box


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight: 4.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Includes the base game and four other expansions
  2. More than 150 different tiles are included
  3. Seven different types of meeples are included
  4. Playable between two to eight persons.

This version of Carcassonne big box game combines the base game and four of its expansions, making it a perfect game set for multi-game lovers. It comes, including more than 150 tiles and seven different types of meeples. The meeples come in various colors, blue, green, pink, yellow, black, red, and violet.

The playtime of this game set ranges from 30 to 45 minutes. As this is an expanded version of the classic Carcassonne board game, you can let two to eight players participate. Kids of 13 years or up are recommended to play the game and it is great for social gatherings like parties.

3. Carcassonne: Amazonas


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. South American rainforest version
  2. Includes a rulebook
  3. Includes a total of 90 tiles
  4. Twenty-four meeples and ten camp pieces are included.

This Carcassonne board game from Z-Man Games takes you into the South American rainforest, river, and jungle. You will find colorful wildlife that creates a spectacular panorama. In this game, players score points for discovering animals and visiting native villages and water courses while their boat moves forward the jungle.

This is a complete game set with a rulebook, 65 land tiles, 15 Amazon tiles, start tiles, 4 Amazon double tiles, and one river mouth tile. There are 24 meeples in red, yellow, green, blue and black color and ten camp pieces where each two are yellow, red, green, blue and black colored. You will find a scorecard to keep the scoring track of the players.

4. Carcassonne Expansion 6: Count, King & Robber


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight: 0.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. Two large city tiles are included
  2. Earn bonus points with the new king and robber tiles
  3. One wooden cloud is included
  4. A rulebook included.

This Carcassonne board game set from Z-Man Games comes with two large city tiles and other needed pieces of equipment. You can earn bonus points in this game by choosing to rule the city or patrol the roads with the new king and robber tiles. Only one king can rule a large city. Grow your city and claim the king tile for bonus points.

Besides two large city tiles, the game set comes with one wooden count, one king master, one robber marker, one king tile, one robber tile, and 22 land tiles. It is also equipped with a rule book to make it easier for the kids to understand the book's rules as quickly as possible.

5. Z-Man Games Carcassonne: South Seas


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight: 1.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. Standalone game set
  2. Pre-painted illustrations crafted
  3. Playable between two to five players
  4. Recommended age eight years or up.

This Carcassonne board game set from Z-Man Games comes featuring South Seas. This is a standalone game version. This game set allows two to five players to participate at a time. So this is not an expanded version of the game.

The game approximately runs for 30 minutes. When the tiles are gathered accordingly, the item measures 10.75 inches by 7.5 inches by 2.75 inches in dimension. It features pre-painted illustrations crafted in minute details for an authentic touch. You can use the meeples of the game set to gather bananas, fish, and then ship them to the trader for points.

6. Carcassonne Expansion 8: Bridges, Castles, and Bazaars


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight: 0.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. Introducing 12 new land tiles
  2. Host an auction by placing a new bazaar tile
  3. 12 wooden tiles allow you to continue the blocked road
  4. Twelve castle tiles are also included.

This version of the Carcassonne board game from Z-Man Games comes with 12 new land tiles to expand Carcassonne's world even further. Here you can host an auction by placing a new bazaar tile and thus, you can spend your earned points to get advantageous tiles. The small cities will provide you fewer points.

The game set is equipped with 12 land tiles, 12 castle tiles and 12 wooden bridges. You can travel the long road, crossing bridges into new lands. The 12 wooden bridge tiles allow you to continue a blocked road with one of your bridge tiles. Then follow the new connected road to score more and more points. The player with the highest points wins the game.

7. Z-Man Carcassonne Safari


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight:  1.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. 72 land tiles, 50 animal tiles, and one start tile
  2. Explore savanna and discover the animals
  3. Rulebook is included
  4. Equipped with one scoreboard and five scoring markers.

This Safari version of the Carcassonne board game allows you to explore the savanna and discover the animals roaming the plain area or hiding in the bush. Here you have to dig holes where the wildlife can gather. You can climb up the baobab tree to get a better look at the animals on the savanna.

The game set comes with a huge number of tiles. It has 72 land tiles, 50 animal tiles, and one start tile. Moreover, it includes 30 meeples, five elephants, and two safari trucks. There is one scoreboard with five scoring markers, which indicates that a maximum of five players can participate in the game at a time. It is equipped with a rule book also.

8. Carcassonne Expansion 4: The Tower Board Game


Brand: Z-Man Games

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. Gain new actions as you tower goes taller
  2. 18 land tiles
  3. 30 tower floors
  4. One tile tower.

This Carcassonne board game from Z-Man Games offers you new actions as your towers grow taller or deny your opponents these actions by placing a follower on top of a tower to finish it.

The game set comes with 18 land tiles, 30 tower floors, and a tile tower. The tower also makes it easier to keep your play area in order. The Tile Tower accessory organizes your tiles from the base game and expansions, making everything easy to access as you play.

Carcassonne board game

Carcassonne is a board game where you have to put down the tiles one by one that is adjacent to each other and builds a city or empire. There will be houses, farms, roads in the city. You will get a chance to draw one tile on your move and place them in the adjacent place.

The game will end when all the tiles are placed accurately and the city is built up. The player having the highest points will win the game. It is a game that is playable between two to five players and the game lasts approximately 30 to 90 minutes.

Buying Guides

You need a complete game set to play the game of Carcassonne with great fun. That's why, while buying a game set, check out the factors that have been given below.

Game version

Decide which version of the Carcassonne game you want to play. There are mainly two versions, the expanded and the classic one. The products I have discussed above gives you a clear idea about the different versions of the game. You can choose them depending on what you want and have fun.

Enough tiles

 Remember, whatever version you are buying, it must have an adequate number of tiles. The expanded version will have more tiles than the classic version. Even if you lack a single tile, you can't finish the game. So check out whether the game set is equipped with enough tiles and ensure all of your tiles remain safe after buying.


 These meeples help you claim the place of a tie you have set up. A game set includes the different colors of meeples and they can be constructed with different designs. The tiles included in the game set should come in five different colors, as typically, a maximum of five players can participate in the Carcassonne game.


 Don't you want to keep track of the scorecard as the game proceeds? It's the vital equipment of the game set. Some game sets will offer you a scoring marker with the scoreboard, which makes the process of keeping track of the score a lot easier.


It's necessary to make your kids understand this board game's basic rules before they are ready to play the game. You can search online for the rules of this game. But my suggestion is to buy a game set that is equipped with a rule book, where you will find all the game rules in detail.

How to play the Carcassonne board game

I'm here to make you understand the rules of the Carcassonne board game .pdf and play accordingly.

Select a large table where you can set up and place all tiles comfortably.

Now place the starting tile in the middle of the table. The starting tile is different from the other tiles of the game set, making it easier to find out.

Then take the other tiles and make a few piles of tiles by shuffling them. Players will take one tile on their move and that's why keeping them at on one corner of the table by rearranging is a good option.

Give a scorecard to each player for keeping the score tracks. Place a meeple on the zero mark of the scorecard at the starting of the game. You will move the meeple on the scorecard as the game progresses to show the score.

Now decide which player is going to place the tile first. You can choose randomly or use a coin for this.

The first player will take a tile from the face-down tiles and place them beside the existing tile. But while placing the tile, remember that it has to match the edge of the existing tile.

You can claim a road or farm or field by placing a meeple of the tile after putting on the table.

However, you can't place a meeple on such a place, which another player already claimed.

You can take off your meeple when you have completed a road.

The game will end when all the tiles have been used up and placed on the board.

Count the scores of each player and the player with the highest score will win the game.

History of Carcassonne board game

The Carcassonne board game was published in 2000. Klaus Jurgen Wrede designed this German-based tiles board game. At that time, the publisher company was Hans Im Gluck. Now Z-Man Games are publishing different versions of this board game. The game received Spiel Des Jahres and Deutscher Spiele Preis awards in 2001.


Don't think anymore, buddy. I am sure that the products I've mentioned above are enough to choose one of these board games and provide your kids with enhanced fun time. Read out the buying guide section for a more painless buying process and look out how to play the section above for understanding the rules of this game.

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