Crokinole board size : Offical and traditional size

Flick the discs targeting the highest scoring zone of the circular board and score more points from your opponent to win the game. Yes, I'm talking about crokinole board games and you will find tournament size boards and boards for recreational plays. Tournament size boards come with a playing surface that is 26 inches in diameter, whereas other boards might come in around 22 to 25 inches in diameter.

Crokinole board size

What is the crokinole board game?

Crokinole board (reviews) is a board game where you have your disc to shoot, targeting the highest scoring zones on the board and send the opponent's disc to the ditch by hitting them. You can play one by one game or a team game, where each team will have two players sitting on the opposite side of the circular board.

The game's objective is to score 100 points before the opponent player or team and win the game. The game scoring can be done in several ways and there is a detailed discussion down in the article. You can use your index finger, middle finger and even thumb to flick, but you can push the discs.

Crokinole board size

Crokinole board game table

As I said earlier, there are both tournament size boards and recreational boards available for playing crokinole game. Recreational boards are slightly smaller in diameter than tournament size boards and they can measure around 22 to 24 inches in diameter.

It doesn't matter whether it is tournament size official board or recreational board; the structure of lines drawn in the board is the same. And except for the surface, there is a ditch area around every crokinole board. To provide you detailed information about the board's dimension, I have divided it into a few sections.

20 points hole

 This is the highest-scoring region of the board and it is worth 20 points. During your free shot, if it enters this hole, you will earn 20 points and if it enters the disc even after hitting one of the opponent's discs, you will still earn two points. It measures 1.375 inches in diameter and it is 0.25 inches in depth.

Inner circle

 The inner line is drawn 4 inches from the center point of the board. If you successfully put your disc on the inner line or into the inner circle range, you will get 15 points. There are 8 pegs or bumpers set on the inner line of the board.

Middle circle

 The middle line of the board is 4 inches far from the inner line area and it is drawn 8 inches from the center of the board. You are worthy of 10 points if your disc remains in this region at the end of the game.

Outer circle

 The outer line is also 4 inches far from the middle line area and it is drawn 12 inches from the center of the board. You can earn only 5 points from this region. There are four quadrants in this region and it shows the valid shooting range of a player.

Edge of the board

 This line is drawn to mark a player's shooting region and it is drawn 1 inch from the board's outer circle.


 The last but not the least part of the crokinole board is the ditch, where eliminated discs are kept until one round of play is completed. Once a disc is moved to the ditch area, you can't bring it back into the game until the round finishes.

How to make crokinole board

Making a crokinole board (video) is not difficult if you go through it step by step and gather the materials you need.

  • To make a crokinole board, first, you need two large plywood pieces, one for the base and the other one is for the playing surface. You need a miter saw or table saw, glue, clamps, drills, bits, measuring tape, pencil, etc.
  • You can make the base circular or octagonal, whichever you prefer. The plywood you are going to use for the base should be 0.75 inches or 0.5 inches thick. Making the circular base is comparatively difficult than making an octagonal base. So I would love to make an octagonal base for my crokinole board.
  • As for the octagonal base, you have to make eight quadrangle pieces of the first plywood and don't forget to keep 22.5 degrees angle on each side of the pieces. After cutting them, put them all together with wooden glue. The whole base should measure around 31 inches.
  • Now take the other plywood piece, which also should be 0.5 inches thicker. Now put a drill in the middle of the piece and make a circular shape on the board measuring 13 inches in diameter. The center of the board should be 1.375 inches in diameter. Cut the wooden piece around the outer circular line.
  • It's time to draw the inner lines of the board. Take a pencil and measuring tape to measure the scoring lines on the board. Measure 4 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches and 13 inches serially to show the inner circle, middle circle, outer circle and the shooting edge. You need to divide the outer circle into four quadrants as well.
  • Finally, use the drill machine to make holes and set eight pegs on the inner circle's edge. That's it; your crokinole board is ready for the game.

Crokinole board game rules

There are some pretty simple playing rules in crokinole to make the game more enjoyable.

  • If you are playing a two-player game, then sit at the opposite position on the board from your opponent. However, in a four-player game, every partner needs to sit on the opposite side.
  • You can begin the game with a toss or random choosing and at the starting, the first player will have a free hit. He needs to reach the 20 points hole in the free hit or stay on the edge of the inner circle unless your hit is called invalid.
  • After the first shoot, there can be two conditions on the board. There will be no discs, or there will be discs. If there is no disc, then the player next will get a free hit. However, if there is a disc or discs, you have to touch one of your opponents' discs. Failing to do so, your hit will be called invalid.
  • When one hit is called invalid, the disc and the same team's touched discs will be sent to the ditch and they will never be brought in the game again.

Crokinole board game scoring

There are two types of scoring in crokinole, tournament scoring and recreational scoring, which is simple.

Tournament scoring

 In this type of scoring, the team with the most points will receive 2 points and the opposing team will receive no point. In case of a tie, both teams will receive one point.

Recreational scoring

 The game is played for 100 points, typically under this rule and several rounds. After each round, the discs on the board are counted, making the points in each round. This can be done in two ways: subtracting the lowest from the highest or keeping the original points for both teams. In case of a tie, teams will not receive a single point in the round.

Final words

If you like board gaming, then crokinole can be a good option. You can just do some simple flicking to score points by eliminating your opponent's discs and staying on the highest scoring zones.

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