Dimple digit toys review: Is Dimple digit a good anti-anxiety game

What if your kids can learn about numbers and a few words through some simple gaming? Well, dimple digit is a kind of toy that has numerals on the bubbles and matching numbers written there.

It’s not the case that only kids are allowed to use it, even the adults can spend their pastime in the office or home popping the digits. Our first pick on the list is Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits Baby Toys, and it ensures relaxation to the users.

With quality plastic construction and silicone bubbles, you can ensure the safety of your kids while popping the toy. However, you shouldn’t choose without knowing going through the buying guide below in the article.

Dimple digit toys review

Is Dimple digit a good anti-anxiety game?

Dimple digit is not merely a kid's toy but a handy thing for adults to remove anxiety. Well, you can also call it an anti-anxiety game. For example, when you are tired after working throughout the day in the office, you can have some relaxation by popping the bubbles.

Take the plastic toy in your hand and pop the bubbles softly. The bubbles are superbly touching responsive, and the sensory design helps you get rid of the anxiety. Now let’s know what more the game toy offers to its users.

  1. It allows learning both English and Spanish languages.
  2. Kids’ can learn numerals with fun.
  3. The blinds can find the dots helpful to learn numbers.
  4. Braille language is another handy inclusion for blind users.
  5. It helps improving concentration.
  6. To improve motor skills, your kids can have one of these toys.
  7. It develops your kids’ intelligence.
  8. Get rid of the regular stress by simply popping up the bubbles.
  9. It is also a great toy for hand exercise.
  10. The compact design makes it easy to carry and transport.

You can’t remain anxious when you have such a functional toy in your hand. Don’t misjudge it as a kids’ toy as it can do a great job to remove anxiety like an infinity cube fidget toy and make you feel comfortable.

dimple digit is good game

Best dimple digit toys

Dimple digit toys are another version of pop-it fidget toys but have more educative values. As the name suggests, these toys typically have digits designed on the silicone bubbles. You can let your kids learn about numerals with words through this toy.

Now without discussing much what the toys offer, let’s move on to the products and what you will get individually in these products.

1. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits Baby Toys

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits Baby Toys


Brand: Fat Brain Toys

Weight: 1.02 pounds

Key features

  1. The toy has a high-quality ABS plastic construction.
  2. The bubbles come with food-grade silicone construction.
  3. One to ten numerals with matching words on one side.
  4. Dots with matching Spanish words on the other side.
  5. It measures 8 inches in diameter.
  6. It is suitable for 2 to 5 years of kids.

User experience

It is as addictive as a bubble wrap, and the durable construction makes it worth continuous use. The colorful design with a lot of learning makes the fidget toy a perfect choice for toddlers.

It is suitable to improve motor skills as the bubbles are soft and quickly responsive. However, there is a drawback that most users complain about. Although it has both English and Spanish numeral words, they are not placed in the same spot.

More details about the toy

If you have two to five years old kids, you can let them improve their motor skills with the sensory bubbles on fidget toys. It is a compact-sized toy that is 8 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches thick.

The manufacturer used high-quality ABS plastic to construct the frame. Moreover, the bubbles come with 100% food-grade silicone construction. The sensor works quickly to respond when you press the bubbles.

It comes with bilingual learning facilities by including English and Spanish words on the opposite sides. One side contains numerals with matching English words. On the other side, it has dots from one to ten with matching Spanish words.

Things we liked

  1. It has a durable frame construction with ABS plastic.
  2. The bubbles responses quickly.
  3. Kids can have bilingual learning through the fidget.
  4. It makes is pleasant noise while popping.
  5. It improves the motor skills of toddlers.
  6. The colorful design is attractive to the kids.

Things we didn’t like

The English and Spanish numbers are not on the same spot.

Alternative (If any)

Helsintech Dimple Digits Flower Simple Dimples Fidget Gadget Toy is a suitable alternative to the listed one. It also has an ABS plastic frame with silicone bubbles construction. It also provides bilingual learning through English and Spanish numerals, dots, and words.

2. HUALEDI Simple Dimple Fidget Popper with Push Bubble



Weight: 11.7 ounces

Key features

  1. The toy comes with harmless and non-toxic ABS plastic frame construction.
  2. The manufacturer made the bubbles with BPA-free silicone.
  3. It has numeral bubbles on one side.
  4. The other side contains sensory dot bubbles.
  5. The bubbles produce a crisp sound with a soft touch.
  6. It has a cute butterfly shape.

User experience

Kids are really happy to have this fidget toy with both number and dot bubbles. Moreover, the bubbles are soft to touch and quick responsive. The construction quality is satisfactory as it ensures long-time usability.

Moreover, due to the use of non-toxic ABS plastic frames, parents find it safe for their kids. Kids can efficiently improve their concentration level and intelligence through continuous pressing on the bubbles.

More details about the toy

The first thing that attracts the toddlers to this dimple digit toy is the butterfly shape. The manufacturer used safe and non-toxic ABS plastic to make the frame. However, they used BPA-free silicone bubbles to enhance safety.

It is comparatively a large toy for extra fun. On the front side, it has numerals and matching words. On the other hand, the backside contains dots with matching words. Both ends provide a quick sensory response with a soft touch.

Things we liked

  1. The toy is amongst the most durable ones.
  2. It comes in a larger size.
  3. The crisp bubble sound stimulates kids’ brain cognition.
  4. It offers both sides of learning.
  5. It improves the concentration level with hand exercise.
  6. Relieves stress and develops intelligence.

Things we didn’t like

The toy is not appropriate for long-term use.

Alternative (If any)

If you don’t like butterfly shape, take a look at Shulcom Simple Dimple 2 Pack Fat Brain Toy Fidget Toy Crab Shape. Although it doesn’t have any numerals or words design on the bubbles, it offers an attractive shape. However, the bubbles have 100% food-grade and BPA-free silicone construction.

3. Aovro Fidget Toys Packs Bubble Sensory Simple Dimples Fight Toys


Brand: Aovro

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Key features

  1. The dimple digit toy comes with a premium BPA-free plastic frame.
  2. The bubbles have food-grade silicone construction.
  3. It has colorful numerals with numbers on one side.
  4. The other side contains dots with matching Spanish words.
  5. It is a small and lightweight toy.
  6. It is appropriate for toddlers of 6 years old or up.

User experience

The users are pretty satisfied with the toy’s quality as it has a kids-friendly soft-touch bubbles construction. The colorful bubble design attracts any toddler. Both sides of the toy have an educative value that provides bilingual learning.

It does a great job to remove the stress from the user and help him calm down. To improve your kids' concentrating power, you can have it without any second. Again, the lightweight structure with a compact design makes it perfect for toddlers.

More details about the toy

If you want a vibrant colorful dimple fidget toy, you can have a look at it. Both sides of the toy have ten different colors with bilingual educative values. You will get one to ten numerals with matching English numbers on one side.

The other side features Spanish numbers with dots on the bubbles. It has a high-quality BPA-free plastic frame construction and silicone bubbles. It allows the user to wash as many times as possible because of the quality structure.

Things we liked

  1. It has a vibrant color design.
  2. The toy ensures kid's safety with the BPA-free plastic frame.
  3. The silicone bubbles are quick responsive.
  4. You can wash it anytime you want.
  5. It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  6. It offers bilingual learning of English and Spanish numbers.

Things we didn’t like

The toy seems too small than was expected.

Alternative (If any)

You can also go for Popping Up Bubble Fidget Sensory Spinner Toy if you need vibrant colors on the toy. Although it doesn’t have numbers on the bubbles, you can still press them back and forth. Moreover, it allows the user to spin the toy.

4. Arme 6+1Random Simple Dimple Fidget Blocks Toy Set


Brand: Arme

Weight: 7.1 ounces

Key features

  1. The package contains seven different designs of dimple fidget toys.
  2. Each toy has a non-toxic ABS plastic frame.
  3. The bubbles come with silicone construction.
  4. It is made for kids of 3 years or up.

User experience

The variety of toys with sturdy construction makes it a perfect package for any toddler. The parents fancy purchasing the package as it comes in ensuring kids’ safety with durability. The quick responsive bubble helps to remove anxiety.

Another lovable side of the toy package is that it is suitable for both kids and adults. The compact-sized ones allow you to keep them in your pocket and carry them wherever you like to.

More details about the toy

None of the listed dimple toys have come with a complete package, but this one does. Finding numerous colorful dimple toys is a tough task as you need to ensure the toddlers’ safety. However, the manufacturer ensured safety by using ABS plastic and silicone.

The package contains six different designs and sizes of toys. And there is an extra one that comes randomly with the rest of the six. Some of these toys have a carabiner included to let the user attach them anywhere he wants.

Things we liked

  1. The inclusion of numeral toys exceeds the fun level.
  2. It is a value-for-money dimple fidget toy set.
  3. The ABS plastic construction ensures durability.
  4. It has quick responsive silicone bubbles.
  5. The toys are great at removing anxiety.
  6. With the compact design, it is easy to carry.

Things we didn’t like

Not each of these dimple toys is good at popping.

Alternative (If any)

VARWANEO Flower Simple Dimple Fidget Toy Set is a worthy set to take as the alternative to the listed one. It has durable and kids-safe construction. There are three dimple toys, one flower, and two spinner fidgets included in the package.

5. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Duo Baby Toys


Brand: Fat Brain Toys

Weight: 3.52 ounces

Key features

  1. The toy comes with silicone constructed bubbles.
  2. Each bubble has six different shapes designed on one side.
  3. It has shape names in English and Braille.
  4. The bubbles are smooth on the other side.
  5. The other side contains color names in English and Braille.
  6. It is appropriate for kids of 6 months and up.

User experience

For learning purposes, it is loved by most parents for disabled or blind kids. It has an attractive shape with sensory six colorful bubbles. The bubbles have shape imposed and English names of the shapes.

However, the other side features English names of six different colors. The good side is that each side contains Braille to help the blind kids. One can also improve motor skills by applying a bit of relaxation to the users.

More details about the toy

It is a perfect Dimple fidget toy for quick learning. The toy has various aspects of learning. The toy has six colorful buttons. One side of the button features six different shapes. It also has names of the shapes in English and Braille.

It helps the kids to learn shape, reading, and Braille language. On the other hand, you will get smooth buttons on the opposite end. It tells about the color names in English and Braille. They have ensured the quality and safety of construction.

Things we liked

  1. It has included six different shape names and color names.
  2. The use of Braille words is helpful for the blinds.
  3. The buttons have a quick response.
  4. It provides tactical learning to toddlers.
  5. One can improve the reading skills through it.
  6. It is an easy-to-clean toy.

Things we didn’t like

  1. The buttons are comparatively hard and difficult to push.

6. Anpole Baby Simple Dimple Fidget Toys


Brand: Anpole

Weight: 3.88 ounces

Key features

  1. The dimple fidget toy comes with a BPA-free plastic frame.
  2. The bubbles have 100% food-grade silicone construction.
  3. It has six vibrant colors.
  4. The toy is suitable for kids of 6 months and up.
  5. It comes with a butterfly shape.

User experience

When the question is about durability with continuous popping, it can go up to the mark. The BPA-free plastic construction has made it appropriate for the kids. Any kids of 6 months or up will find it fancy using the plastic toy.

To improve motor skills and let the kids concentrate on something, you will find it truly helpful. The users are pretty satisfied with the sizing as it fits the small hands perfectly. Also, don't worry as you can travel with it and take it while bathing.

More details about the toy

It is a simple dimple fidget toy but provides a lot of fun and relaxation to the users. The compact design and lightweight structure make it suitable for little ones. It comes with BPA-free plastic construction and food-grade silicone bubbles.

The manufacturer has included six different colors on each bubble. The colors are vibrant and soft to touch. It is not only made for toddlers, but also the office-going guys. The pleasant popping sound can let you concentrate on the work without disturbing others.

Things we liked

  1. It has six vibrant and attractive colors.
  2. The bubbles are soft to touch and quick responsive.
  3. The compact design makes it easy to carry.
  4. With the addictive design, you can remain busy for hours.
  5. It helps to concentrate on a particular thing easily.

Things we didn’t like

The quality of the plastic frame is not up to the mark.

Alternative (If any)

You can take Kluyuexin Simple Dimple Unicorn Fidget Toy as an alternative to the listed one. It has five colorful bubbles on both sides. The toy also comes with an ABS plastic frame and silicone constructed bubbles.

7. MIYACA Flower Fidget Toys



Weight: 1.13 ounces

Key features

  1. The toy comes with BPA-free, smooth-edged ABS plastic frame.
  2. The manufacturer used 100% food-grade silicone bubbles.
  3. It measures 3.9 inches in diameter.
  4. There are ten numerals with English matching words on one side.
  5. The other side has dots with Spanish matching words.
  6. It is suitable for ten months plus kids.

User experience

It is simply an innovative fidget toy, which helps toddlers to improve their construction. They seem pretty much impressed with the ten vibrant colors and numerals on one side. Also, it enables bilingual learning by including Spanish words.

However, the users are not satisfied with the construction quality. Although it forms a kids-friendly construction, it is not amongst the long-lasting ones. It’s the only side; the manufacturer needs to look at.

More details about the toy

The simple dimple toy has a simple design but has some praiseworthy educative value. It has ten colorful bubbles of food-grade silicone. But the manufacturer has increased the value by adding 10 numerals on the bubbles with matching English numbers.

They are not done here as they included dots on the other side of the bubbles and added matching Spanish words. However, the toy is 3.9 inches in diameter that is undoubtedly not a big one for the kids. Meanwhile, the plastic frame is BPA-free for kids’ safe usage.

Things we liked

  1. The toy has a kids-friendly and safe construction.
  2. It is easy to learn a bilingual language here.
  3. The food-grade silicone bubbles are super responsive.
  4. It has attractive and vibrant ten different colors.
  5. It lets the kids improve their concentration levels.

Things we didn’t like

The durability of the toy is not up to the mark.

Buying guide: Things you need to know

You might be thinking you don’t need to take it seriously while buying a kids’ toy. But as I already told you that don’t misjudge it as a kids’ toy because it has more things to do except providing fun to kids.

 You may compare it with a rocket launcher for kids, but it can guarantee it has much educative value. So, let’s jump into things you need to consider before buying a dimple digit toy.

  1. ABS plastic and silicone construction are safe for kids.
  2. It should have numerals with matching numbers.
  3. For bilingual learning, it needs Spanish words.
  4. Bubbles with vibrant colors are more attractive.
  5. You should look at the shape of the toy.
  6. A compact-sized toy is easy to transport.
  7. It should allow easy cleaning.

Without making any further delay, let’s get deep into these things to make the buying process hassle-free.

Frame construction: Don’t compromise frame construction as the kids’ safety depends a lot on it. Most of these toys have BPA-free ABS plastic frames. Try purchasing one with smooth edges. It ensures safety to a great extent.

Bubbles: It is the most important part of the toy, and you need to know what is used to construct it. A quality dimple digit toy comes with 100% food-grade silicone construction. It is a safer option for kids’ toys compared to others materials.

The size and number of the bubbles depend on the size of the toy. It typically has five to ten bubbles. It is not necessary to have identical bubble sizes on the toy.

Addition of digits and words: To make the name of the toys worthy, it must come with numerals on the bubbles. Typically, the toys have ten numerals containing bubbles. Each number has a matching English word. It helps the kids to learn about numbers and words.

However, to make the toy more functional and add more educative value, it comes with Spanish words on the other side. In most of these toys, the other side contains dots on the bubbles with the matching Spanish words.

Meanwhile, Braille language on the toy is an efficient addition for blind users. Also, some of them have shapes drawn on the bubbles with shape names underneath each bubble.

Vibrant color: To attract the kids playing with the toy, there is no better alternative than choosing one with attractive colors. Each bubble must have non-identical and vibrant colors. However, most frames are white, and only a few are black.

Size and shape: There are both big and small-sized toys available, and the choice depends on your preference. If you need one more for portability, then a compact-sized one is a suitable option. However, a bigger one has a lot of fun for kids.

Talking about the shape, a simple rounded one will be okay for the adults. But kids will love to play with unicorns, butterflies, tortoises, etc. shapes. Look for a unique shape to enhance the fun.

Washable: By regular usage, the toy will surely catch a lot of dirt. And it is easy to remove the dirt when you have a washable toy. Try purchasing one that allows the user to immerse into the water and clean it properly.

Is there any alternative to dimple digit toys

Dimple digit toy is a kind of fidget toy that has bubble wrap. If you take bubble wrap and start popping, it will end now or then. But with a dimple digit toy, you don’t need to look for another bubble wrap.

Simply flip it over and start popping again. Moreover, the sound of these toys much pleasant. In addition to these, they help the toddlers learn basic numbers, shapes, and words, and so on. Also, you can easily remove the stress by popping the bubbles.

Well, if you don’t want a Dimple digit toy, then go for a pop-it fidget toy as the most appropriate alternative. And for relaxation, you can look for infinity cube fidget toys.

How much does a dimple digit toy cost

The average cost of a dimple digit toy ranges from $15 to $20. However, the cost can go down to $6 and up to $25 as well. It depends on how large is the toy and what it offers to our young users.

Toys with educative value are costlier because most of them offer bilingual learning. On the other hand, you can get some relaxation, improve concentration and so on through a normal one. And it won’t cost much.


Does dimple digit fidget toys have to sound?

Not really, dimple digit fidget toys don’t have sound. When you are popping the bubble continuously, you may get a sound that only reaches your ear. But the decibel level of the sound is so down that no one’s work gets hampered due to this.

Are Dimple digit toys good for kids?

Yes, absolutely. The toys have numerals with English numbers and dots with Spanish numbers, which lets the kids have bilingual language learning. Also, it improves motor skills and concentration.

Does a Dimple digit toy have numbers?

Yes, as the name suggests, a dimple digit toy has numbers. The number comes designed on the bubbles. In addition to the numbers, the manufacturer includes matching words to let the toddlers learn.

Which is better dimple fidget, small-sized or large one?

If you need one for easy portability, then go for a small-sized one. However, for extended fun without easy portability, a larger one is going to fulfill your need.

Final words

Have you already decided which one to buy from the list and which one not to? You might have. So, let’s quickly recap what you will get in the toys.

  1. Numerals on bubbles with matching words.
  2. Spanish words with dots on bubbles.
  3. BPA-free ABS plastic frame.
  4. Vibrant color, 100% food-grade silicone bubbles.
  5. Quickly responsive soft touch guarantee.

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