Do inflatable water slides needs recycle water

Inflatable water slides do recycle water, and the water remains usable as long as it is clean. In addition, an inflatable water slide for adults or kids uses less water than a permanent water slide. This is because of the less space it needs; recycling the water here is pretty much easier.

With the water recycling method, you don’t have to face water wastage just to change the slide’s water. If you can keep the water in the slide clean by chemical or natural, you can easily make it useful for the next couple of times as well.

Continue reading if you want to know more about water recycling of inflatable water slides.

Do inflatable water slides needs recycle water

Can you recycle the water in an inflatable slide?

Yes, you can recycle the water in an inflatable water slide without any doubt. But don’t mix the term with backyard water slide because there are both permanent and temporary, which is called inflatable water slides available. One can recycle water in an inflatable water slide as long as the water is clean.

  1. An inflatable water slide needs less amount of water to make the jumping castle surface slippery. Recycling this small amount of water to make the Jumping castle usable again isn’t a tough task.
  2. Through the recycling method, you don’t have to look for more water to fill the inflatable water slide again if you know how to recycle the existing water.
  3. The only thing you need to ensure before recycling the water is that the water is clean and safe for further use. Unclean water can cause health issues to the child even to the adult users.
  4. If the water in the water slide remains clean, one can use it for two to three times more approximately.

How many water inflatable water slides recycle

An inflatable water slide can recycle that much water, which is already used in the slide. However, it means if the water slide is larger comparatively, it will need more water, and you have to recycle more water for the next use.

  1. A regulation size inflatable water slide requires around three or four liters of water per minute. The whole water requirement depends on the size of the slide.
  2. Water recycling isn’t possible in slip and slide tarp because it doesn’t have an inflatable feature and needs more lubricating than normal water slides.
  3. Before making the water flow in the slide quicker or faster, you need to properly recycle the water in the slide.
  4. As the water slide uses less water, and you can also recycle this certain amount, you can have some savings in the water bill.

How much space do you need for water recycling

There isn’t any definite specification about the space one needs for water recycling. It largely depends on the size of the water slide is well. However, it is a lot easier to recycle the water in a compact water slide; rather than in a giant water slide.

An inflatable water slide requires less space for water recycling compared to a permanent one because of the size. Inflatable ones are smaller than permanent ones.

To make the slide surface slippery and perfect for sliding, one doesn’t have to recycle much water. Only moderate water recycling in a compact space can make the slide suitable for use.

Sometimes even a fraction of water in the water slide can make it a complete slider for the kids.

Why inflatable water slide is safe

In terms of safety, an inflatable water slide will remain a lot safer than a permanent one. And the name of these two slides shows the reason behind this very clearly. There are no side rails in an inflatable water slide that might hurt the kids.

  1. Due to the inflatable characteristics, these slides have a soft, rubberized vinyl structure. And the softer rubber isn’t any hurting materials for the kids.
  2. When one falls on the side of the slide, he can easily hurt himself through the hard side rails. But as you don’t have these in inflatable slides, it is a safer one.
  3. The long and thicker structure of the slides also enhances the safety of these water slides. Even if the kids don’t use any water slider bars and go through a long way down, it won’t hurt.

Do inflatable water slides need less water

Yes, inflatable water slides need less water because of the compact design. By connecting the slide to the water hose, you might worry about how many waters should it need to function? However, you don’t have to worry much when you are doing the same thing in an inflatable water slide.

  1. Compared to a permanent water slide, which you can’t inflate or deflate, an inflatable water size is a lot smaller.
  2. Due to the compact design requires only a little water to make the water slide ready for use.
  3. Even a water slide tarp requires more lubricating in addition to water, but an inflatable water slide doesn’t.

Can you afford an inflatable water slide?

Inflatable water slides are always affordable as you can rent them or buy them depending on your demand. In terms of affordability, inflatable water slides are a better option than a permanent one. The renting cost or the cost to permanently set up a water slide always stands on the higher side.

How to clean an inflatable water slide

Well, as inflatable water slides aren’t a larger object to water, it isn’t a difficult object to clean as well. Let’s know the basic steps to do the cleaning process.

  1. The first thing one needs to do is draining or dumping the water from the slide.
  2. As most inflatable water slides have rubberized vinyl construction, you need a vinyl cleaner to clean the surface properly.
  3. However, there is an alternative to vinyl cleanser as well. You can use dishwashing soap and water mixture for it.
  4. If you are using a cleanser, then spray it on the water slide surface.
  5. For the alternative process, you should wipe down the surface using the water and dishwashing soap solution.

How to increase the longevity of an inflatable water slide

It is not easy to say how long an inflatable water slide would last because it depends on several things. But yes, you can increase the longevity of the slide by doing certain things, and you need to know this. By proper caring, an inflatable water slide can last for four to five years.

As a user and owner of the water slide, you must ensure it remains clean after every time of usage. You can clean the surface by using two methods, which are available in the previous section.

Remember, you have to store the water slide when it is not in use. Storing it properly keeps it safe and enhances longevity.

You should deflate the water slide soon after dumping the water from it. It will save space and let you wherever you want to store it. Moreover, a deflated water slide has fewer chances of leakage when it is not in use.

There are many users who think that simple leakage damages the whole slide and makes it unusable. But you can easily use the patch kit to solve the leakage problem. And it will increase the longevity of the slide for sure.

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