Franklin sports quikset table tennis reviews

If you are looking for a table tennis table that can be installed within a couple of minutes, choose the Franklin Sports Quikset table. It is known as the fastest table tennis table in the world. This innovative design table tennis table is way easier to assemble and disassemble. Also, it is a very light weighted table.

This table has become very popular for recreational gameplay. Many people are purchasing this table for their home, office, or recreational gaming center. While buying this table, most people seem to consider the storage size of the table. They want to know about the Franklin Sports Quikset table tennis dimensions when it is folded inside the box. Here, we will discuss the size and other features of this table to clear all the confusion in your mind.

Franklin sports quickset table tennis reviews

Features Description of the Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table

The feature description of this table will help people to find out about the advantage and disadvantages of this table. We have checked this table through our sports equipment research to get the exact information of this table.

Tabletop- The first feature we will discuss about is the tabletop of this table. It has a 9mm thick tabletop. To construct the tabletop, the manufacturer used top-grade HDF. Moreover, the tabletop is backed with durable steel edge construction. This increases the durability of the table. The table provides a decent ball bounce which is suitable for kids, casual and recreational players. It is an official size tabletop.

However, for serious table tennis players and professional players, this table is not suitable. Those players will face a hard time playing on this table. But for enjoying family get-togethers, house parties, and having fun with kids, this table would be the best choice.

Base- For the base construction of this table, the manufacturer used alloy steel. The sturdy base will last for decades, and the base is coated in order to keep the rust away. There are leg lever screws under the base. These leavers feature maximum playability above any surface. One can easily adjust the table height with the help of these leavers to keep the table stable on the surface while playing.

Table Design- The Franklin Quikset table tennis table is a 2-piece table design. Each of the halves also can be folded from the middle. This durable tournament-size portable table tennis table is specially designed for indoor use. Using this table outside will decrease the durability of the table. As the sun, rain, and wind can damage the surface.

Assembly- As the name suggests, assembling this table would not consume more than 20 minutes. It comes with an assembling manual. Before starting the assembling process, one should read the instruction carefully. The table is almost installed. Out of the box, one needs to remove the stability bars and the leg levers out of the cabinet. Then attach the stability bars on each side of the hinges with screws in order to make the legs stable. After that, install the levers just by simply screwing them in the designated holes under the leg. Now, put each half of the table side by side and attach them with the help of the metal posts. Install the net and enjoy playing.

Storage- For storage purposes, one has to remove the metal net posts from each side of the table. Then remove the leg levers from the bottom for safe folding. Each half features a build-in hinge system. The hinge system ensures the folded halves remain safe and does not feature any unwanted unfolding, which protects the table from any damage. Due to its compact folded dimension, one can store this table inside a limited space with ease.

Weight- The table is only 80 lbs in weight. Installing and storing process of this table can be carried out by a single person. One can easily lift one half of the table with ease for transportation. However, it would be wise to carry this table with the help of another person to avoid any unwanted damage.

Other Features- One-half of the table can be used for different purposes. One can use half as a working desk. Kids can use it for craftsmanship. Also, it can be used for card games as well.

Whom is the Franklin Quikset Table Tennis Table recommended for?

Basically, the Franklin Quikset Table Tennis Table is recommended for kids, recreational players, family fun, parties, and office use. The 9mm thick tabletop provides a decent amount of ball bounce for these types of players. Also, the easy installation and storage are best suited for busy people.

If you are a serious or professional table tennis player, then this table is definitely not recommended for you. Due to the lower tabletop thickness, this table would not provide the exact and satisfying amount of ball bounce for you.

Is Franklin Quikset Table Tennis Table Really the Quickest?

To be honest, no it is not as quickest as they say. The table requires a bit of assembling that will require almost 15 to 20 minutes. One needs to read the instruction cautiously. Because a simple fault will increase the installation time a lot.

However, with proper knowledge, one will be able to install this table very fast. There are videos on YouTube that one can follow for the installation. Basically, more than 95% of this table is pre-assembled. So with the proper knowledge, one will be able to install it in no time.

What are the sizes of table tennis tables?

Table tennis tables are available in 3 different sizes. These are Full size, half size, and ¾ sizes.

The full-size table is also known as the official size table. The full-size table is mostly used in tournaments and in the recreational game center. Dimensions of a full-size table tennis table are exactly 9’ x 5’ x 2.5’.

The half-size table tennis table is recommended for limited space. This size is best suited for recreation play in the home, office, etc. A half-size table is perfect for beginners to learn the basics of table tennis.

The ¾ table tennis tables are best suited for the junior players who are very serious about this game. It is best for practicing. The dimensions of a ¾ table tennis table are 81″ x 45″ x 30” in length, width, and height.

What is the Dimension of the Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table when in the Box

The Franklin Quikset table tennis table dimension when in the box is approximately 30” x 54” x 8”. However, the measured dimension can increase due to the thickness of the box.

It can be claimed that this table is very compact in design. The table would not consume much space like other tables when it is not in use. One can easily store this table under their bed, closet, or even in the corner of their garage. Also, it features a very fast folding system.


The Franklin Quickset Table Tennis table will save a lot of assembling time. Also, this table requires limited storage space due to its compact size and comes with a safety locking mechanism. However, this table is not so thick and does not provide a great and consistent bounce. Therefore, it is not suitable for professional players. Another problem with this table is the transportation system. The table does not feature any wheels which is why one has to carry one half of the table at a time. Overall, the Franklin Quickset Table Tennis table is a beginner-level table.

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