Can You Learn To Horse Ride At Any Age?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that you can learn to horse ride at any age if you have proper physical and mental strength. Most people think that there’s a certain age for learning horse riding. But actually, there’s a certain amount of strength required in your body for learning horse riding.If a … Read more

Best fly spray for horses reviews 2022

Do you want to get rid of those flies that are annoying your horses? Especially during the summer season, these flies creates problems for the horses and also their owners. That’s why I have come here with a review of the best fly spray for horses that can solve your problem.I have kept Absorbine UltraShield … Read more

When does horse racing start

Horse racing is popular worldwide, but the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia are some of the countries where horse racing gained its peak popularity.There is always a schedule for horse racing in every month. But the most popular horse racing event starts in April and runs throughout the whole year.There are some major tournaments … Read more

Best fly and ice boots for horses reviews 2022

The best fly boots for horses are popular as sheets and blanket. It can protect the horse for any accident injury or other damages. And it also stomping at flies damages hooves, whether it chips the hoof wall or simply jars the feet and loosens nails in shoes. If you can use properly with tight … Read more