How are skateboards made- Know How skateboards accessories made

A skateboard has a few parts, and these parts combined make a skateboard. So to make a skateboard, you need to what parts are in a skateboard and what raw materials you need to have for making a skateboard. In this article, I’m going to tell you the method of making a skateboard. And thus you will get the answer of your query, how are skateboards made.

How are skateboards made

Skateboard parts

I have already said that skateboards are built up off a few parts, and to make a skateboard you need to know what the parts are.

  • One skateboard deck
  • Two skateboard trucks
  • Four skateboard wheels
  • Eight skateboard bearings, two per wheel
  • Skateboard hardware, which has a set of eight bolts and nuts
  • Skateboard grip tape
  • Set of two riser pads.

Raw materials of skateboard

Before discussing the method of making a skateboard, you need to get a brief idea about the raw materials used to make it. Usually, skateboard decks are made of maple wood. But sometimes lower quality decks are made of artificial materials, composites, aluminum, nylon, and fiberglass.

Trucks of skateboards are made of aluminum or such type other metals like steel, brass, and sometimes nylon.

Polyurethane is being highly used to make the wheels of skateboards.

Again to complete the procedure, you need metal made ball bearings and a piece of grip tape to put it on the top of the deck.

How are skateboards made

To make a skateboard, you need to make three main parts of a skateboard. These three main parts are the deck, the trucks, and the wheels. The deck is the top part of a skateboard where the rider stands and skates. The wheels are for use for keeping the skateboard moving flawlessly.

The wheels are made of polyurethane for better skating experience. And another important part, the trucks of a skateboard. It keeps the wheels and the deck of the board combined. So you first have to make these parts individually. Then you need to assemble these parts together, and that’s going to make your cherished skateboard. 

Now I’m going to how to make the decks, wheels and trucks of skateboards.

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How are skateboard decks made

Deck is a kind of flat board that is used by a ride for standing during the time of skateboarding. Skateboard decks are made of using a number of veneer and plywood layers. A standard deck of skateboard consists of 7 pieces of plywood. But some skateboard for increasing the thickness of the deck a bit uses up to 9 pieces of plywood.

After gathering the pieces of plywood that are going to be used, you have to layer them and use glue to keep them together. Then press them for a few hours to make a well-constructed deck. Lastly, you should cut the layered piece of plywood depending on the shape you prefer. That’s how decks are made.

How are skateboard trucks made

To make skateboard trucks two molds are needed. One is the upper mold, and the other is a lower mold. One mold is placed on top of the other mold and it is filled with an aluminum metal mix. Molds are usually made of sand materials. In support of sand clay and water is being used in it. After giving heat and cooling the mold, it is being broken by hands. These broken pieces of mold include the kingpin knob, pivot cup, baseplate, and riser pad. Lastly, the truck is assembled with kingpins, bushings, grommets, washers and nuts.

How are skateboard wheels made

The wheels of a skateboard is one of the most important parts of it. Without this part your skateboard won’t be able to move. A skateboard has four wheels at the bottom part of the board. It is usually made of polyurethane. Two polyurethane components are mixed together and heated maintaining a certain ratio.

The temperature of heating depends on the quality of the wheels. If you want high-quality wheels, then you have to provide heating in elevated temperatures. Unless for normal wheels, room temperature is enough. You can also color your wheels.

 Having completed the procedures mentioned above, it’s time to assemble the components to make you skateboard fully prepared for skateboarding.

How skateboard graphics are made

The beginners in skateboarding prefer well-designed skateboards nowadays. So graphics in a skateboard is a fact to look at. Different graphic designers design on the deck of the skateboards differently. You can also add custom skateboard graphics on the deck by your choice. Overall, skateboard graphics are made by professional graphic designers who have a minimum sense of skateboarding as well.

How to build an electric skateboard

You will have a different experience in an electric skateboard than a regular skateboard. To build an electric skateboard, you need a few things. You need board, motor, battery pack cells, ESC, wheels, drive pulley, wheel pulley, belt, and controller. Once you have all these parts with you then you just have to assemble all these together. Then you can ride the skateboard with a new experience.

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Final words

Skateboard is a kind of a board which is made for skateboarding. It is a short narrow kind of board with two small wheels attached to the underside of either end of the board. Riders use it in a standing position or crouching position, compelling themselves by pushing one foot against the ground.

Overall I’m sure that this article has been able to give you the answer of how skateboards are made. Just gather three main components of a skateboard and following the steps that I provided above, assemble the parts and thus your skateboard will be ready for use.

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