How fast do bird scooters go? How to make a Bird scooter go faster

If you are living in Santa Monica California or San Francisco and looking for new transportation, then go forward with this article to know more about new transportation which recently taking over the top of all transportation systems, and that is the Bird scooter.

This scooter is for the budget people. It is really cheap and can cover your whole journey in less than the Ubers lowest fare. To know more about Bird scooter, please keep reading this article until the end. I hope you will find it helpful.

How fast do bird scooters go

What is the Bird scooter?

Bird is an electric scooter sharing technology which is founded in 2017 by Travis VanderZanden. It is operated all over the world. Mostly in 100 cities in Europe, the Middle East and North America. It has become a big transportation company in just its first year with 10 million rides in operation.

For years, in the big cities driving was the only way to move from city to city. But owning a car or taking an Uber and Lyft ride is costly for a lot of people. As the solution of this matter Bird scooters brought their dockless electric scooters in the cities to give people the freedom to move around the cities quickly and efficiently.

How bird works?

Bird works by a smartphone app. People who want to rent Birds scooters need to download this app and give them some information to sign up for an account, such as credit card information. After that whenever you take a ride with Birds scooter the ride fee will be automatically withdrawn from your account.

How fast do Bird scooters go?

Bird scooters can cover travel in a single charge in a speed up to about 15 mph. The competitor Lime scooter can cover about 20 miles in a single charge. Bird scooters speed is a beat slower then Lime.

But the new update of Bird scooter is called Bird One has improvements in the battery life and miles. It can travel at speed about 19 mph and can cover 30 miles on a single charge.

Other e-scooter companies can be compared with Bird scooters. They are Lime, Spin, Jump Bikes, Dott, Voi etc. To know if Bird scooter is slower or faster than other scooters let’s compare bird scooter with other competitor e-scooters.

Instance 1

Bird One Electric Scooter w/25 mi Max Range, 18 mph Max Speed

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Bird scooters vs Lime scooters

The two most marketplace winner e-scooter companies right now are Bird and Lime. Lime is Birds second to most competitors. There are other e-scooter companies but Lime is second in the list. Bird and Limes service is not that far. Both have the exact same pricing and the fastest scooters also.

We suggest you have Both of these two companies’ app in your phone and see which one is nearly available.

How to make a Bird scooter go faster?

You can make your Bird scooter go faster just by doing a few things. And you can do these hacks easily by yourself but not all of them are legal to do. Let’s get started-

  • You can make your Bird scooter go faster by removing the speed limiter. But if you really need to take off the speed limiter rethink about the consequences after that. Because it was put there for a reason. Like any other transportations, the speed limiter is also there for your safety.
  • You can increase your battery power to make your scooter faster. Like you can add an extra battery. In this way, you can go for a long-distance in just a short time. It will enhance your battery life. And you can run your scooter longer.
  • If you can take extra the expense you can change or replace the previous sprockets of your scooter with longer ones. It will increase your speed a few extra miles.
  • This one is a little dangerous and needs little extra caution because it is advance level work. You can rewind your scooter motor for some more speeds per minute. But you need to do it properly or you can damage your scooter. If it seems off-limit to you then you should try the others and forget about this one.

A few things more about Bird scooters

The Bird scooters are charged overnight and founded at the road at 7 o clock in the morning and collected back at sunset again to charge it. From where the scooters are picked up and placed are call Nest.

Who charge these e-scooter are called as the Chargers, who collect the scooter at sunset and charge them overnight and place them again the next morning for the riders to pick them up. Chargers earn the amount of 5 dollars to 20 dollars for each scooter.

If you are under 18 years old, then you need to put a helmet as it is the legal requirement for some cities, but in most cities you don’t need to wear a helmet if you are more than 18 years old. If a user requests Bird sends a helmet for the user but the user need to pay for it differently.

Bird scooters are tracked by GPS in their mobile app to see where they are going. And to see the remaining battery life. They also have a program to track where the scooters are.

Bird scooters mostly use the Xiaomi scooters in their company.

According to some sources Bird scooter company worth’s the value of 2 billion dollars just in a short period of time by their startup.

Final words

Bird scooters (official site) catch the eye of many scooter riders just in a short time because of the easy getting service and usefulness. It is one of the world’s best e-scooter service now and the popularity of their scooters are increasing day by day. The promising safety and the affordable ride is so wanted amongst low budget people and students. The speed is also within tolerance and workable. But if you are not satisfied with the speed then you can increase it so many ways.

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