How to hang a baseball bat on the wall

Baseball bat, the most important equipment you need to play baseball I suppose. You might have got the best baseball bat in your hand, but you can’t have a long-running performance from the bat if you don’t take care of it. You might be wondering how to take care of a baseball bat?

Think, after the practice session or returning from the game you just kept your bat somewhere in the house without knowing whether it is safe there or not. But you could have done better with this bat by hanging it on the wall. This could keep the bat safe from any kind of harms in the house and the persons coming from outside. In this article, you will find some ideas regarding how you can hang your baseball bat on the wall.

Baseball bat wall mounting ideas

How to hang a baseball bat on the wall

Hanging you lovable baseball on the wall is far better than keeping it here and there. This makes the bat safe and secure. You will obviously hang it in your living room so that it remains in front of your eyes during the time you spend in the room. Here I present some ideas for mounting your baseball bat on the wall.

  • Use a hanger: This type of hanger is used to hang the bat through the barrel, not the handle. It comes with the shape of a hook and there are two screws in the backside of the hangers to mount it on the wall. Take the drill machine in the hand and make two small holes in the wall. Now insert the screws of the hangers and set it up. Then Grab the bat keeping the barrel up and place it on the hanger.
  • Hang the bat vertically: To hang your bat vertically you can use a rack, which allows you to hang more than one bat at the same time. Most of the time, these types of racks are made of wood. You need to fit the rack on the wall strongly and then put the handle of the bat on the definite slots. Sometimes the rack also allows you to keep baseball on top.
  • Hang the bat horizontally: To hang the bat horizontally, you also have to use a rack. But the difference between this and that rack is, you can either mount it on a wall or just place it near the wall. The process is very simple, just put the bat horizontally on the slot of the rack. This type of rack comes with four or five slots typically.
  • Bat holding hook: You can use a hook to hang a single bat on the wall. I have talked about a hanger before, where you have to hang the bat using its barrel. But in this hook, you have to hang the bat conventionally using the handle. Just mount the hook on the wall and hang your bat.
  • Hang a single bat with a single ball: The racks I’ve mentioned above sometimes let you keep several baseballs with several bats. But if you have a single bat and a ball, then mount a sample holder made of plastic or other durable material and hang the bat and also keep the ball on top of it.

A few suggestions

Baseball Bat Wall Mount for Horizontal Display: This is a solid sturdy two-piece holder that is made to hang any baseball or softball horizontally. It comes with screws and anchors to make the setup process easier for you. It is lined with soft felt to protect the bat. This bat wall mount holder is handmade and made of maple wood to ensure durability.

IRON AMERICAN Alpha Bat Rack Series Holds: This baseball bat holding rack is made of using 12 gauge solid steel to withstand rugged use and to make it last longer. It comes with two 1.5 inches black screws, two black washers, two universal wall anchors, and two steel carabiners for fence hanging. You can hold 14 wooden or aluminum baseball or softball bat in the holder.

Wallniture Baseball Bat and Ball Holder Wall Mounted: This wall mounting holder for a baseball bat is made of solid and durable iron. You can keep several baseballs or softball together with the bats in this holder. The holder comes fully assembled with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Baseball bat

When the baseball comes out of the bowler’s hand or from the pitcher, batters use a long club to hit the ball and that club is called a baseball bat. The baseball bat has two major parts and there are also some minor parts in the bat. The main two parts of the bat are the barrel and the grip or handle.

  • Barrel: This is the part, which is used to hit the ball. It is comparatively wider than the upper part of the bat. The downside of the barrel is considered as the sweet spot for hitting the ball and this is the widest part of the bat. The barrel becomes thinner as soon as it goes up closer to the handle.
  • Grip or handle: How good the batter is going to make shots largely depends on the grip of the bat. It is the thinner part of the bat. It is thinner to let the batter comfortably grab the bat and make sweet connections with the ball. In metal bats, the handle comes surrounded with grip tape or rubber. This provides more comfort to the batter.
  • Other minor parts: Just at the ending of the handle you will find a wider but smaller round shape design, which is called a knob. This knob is designed to ensure the bat doesn’t come out off the hands of the batter. Again, at the down part of the barrel, there is an end cap, which indicates that the upper part is the sweet spot of the bat.

Final words

If you can’t take care of your baseball bat, it won’t last long to serve you with sweet shots for sure. But hanging them on the wall after every use will certainly increase the longevity of the product. So you can follow the ideas I’ve given above to hang the bat on the wall and the products I have suggested are also worthy of consideration.

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