How long is a hockey game? ice hockey and Field hockey

Playing hockey is fun. But do you know the exact time spans of a hockey match?

Well, according to the type of the game, the total time span of the game can change.

Field hockey and ice hockey can take different time span.

Ice hockey is played in three sections, and each of the sections takes twenty minutes (20) of time. A sum total of sixty (60) minutes of gameplay.

Field hockey is played with two halves, and each of the halves takes thirty-five(35) minutes of time. A sum total of seventy minutes (70) of gameplay.

If you would like to know more about the game of hockey then stay tuned with us. We will try our best to provide you some more information that will clear the sense of your total experience of hockey in time of playing or watching the game.

how long is a hockey game

Field hockey

Field hockey is a type of hockey where instead of playing on the icy surface, you play in a grassy or field surface.

Although the strategy of the total gameplay is more or less the same but the tactics are a little different.

Field hockey is played between two teams, where each of the teams has to play with 11 players. For each team, there will have one goalkeeper, three defenders, four midfielders, and three forwards.

Field hockey is played in a 100 x 60 yards court. You can have unlimited substitution whenever you want in this piece of game.

The total time span of field hockey is a little different than the ice hockey game.

Field hockey is played with two halves. Each of the halves will take around thirty-five minutes of time, and the total gameplay will take approximately around seventy minutes.

But if after completing the full-time period the match still remains tied then with the condition of the game extra time can also be played. But it’s not all the time mandatory to play an extra time or innings.

If it is a knockout match, then only extra time can be played.

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Ice hockey

As like field hockey, the playing method of ice hockey is exactly the same. The objective of the game is to score goal or put the puck inside the hockey goal bar of the opponent team.

But the tactics of ice hockey is also a little different then field hockey. Where in field hockey you can play with 11 players but in ice hockey, you have to play with 6 players.

One goalkeeper, two defender, two forwards and one center man.

The time span of the game is also varied a little. Where in field hockey, there are two halves; in ice hockey, there are three sections. Each of the sections will take around twenty minutes of time, and a total amount of sixty minute will be cost for the total gameplay.

You can have extra time or innings also in ice hockey on the basis of the game. Unlimited substitutions are also available in ice hockey.

But now you may also ask if the total time span of college hockey is the same as sixty minutes or not?

For your greater interest, we would like to let you know that the sixty-minute time span is the standard. It is also fixed for college hockey also. That means college hockey is also played for about 60 minutes.

Okay, in the game of hockey whether it is NHL or college league hockey the total time span is always fixed. But the total course of the game will obviously take more than sixty minutes if you consider the total breaks, playoffs, fouls and all other staff.

From the beginning to the end of the game, a proper hockey match will cover around two to three hours of time.

If it is about the total duration of the hockey game, then more like all other games the exact time of every game is well fixed. But with the condition of the game, it can always change.

As when we are playing with our friends and circle the game time change with the needs of our. It is also true for the international level game also. Different kinds of conditions can impact on the total gameplay.

 It’s all about knowing the rules and regulations of the game. You need to consider different types of things when you actually are capturing or taking information. The international level and the local level are always different. When we are playing for the local team, or we are playing in our region, then we are the rules maker and when we are playing for the international level the rules is already prefixed. So, we will not have the chance to change the rules instead we need to follow the rules.

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Final worlds

You will hardly find someone who does not know anything about hockey. If they don’t know the basic concept and rules and regulations, they must know that hockey is played with a hockey stick, and the objective of the game is always to score a goal against the opponent team.

But when you are searching for more and authentic information, you need to consider a lot of things. You need to know the correct information. That is what we are trying to provide you here. Play with confidence and score goal against the opponent team. We are here to provide you information, but the main task should be accomplished by you.

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