How long is a longboard and surfboard

In general, there are two types of boards available whether you are thinking about skateboard or surfboard.

Longest skateboard is around 33-60 inches long, and the width of a long skateboard is around 9-10 inches. On the other hand, the long surfboard is around 8-10 feet long, and their width can be from 22 to 24 inches.

How long is a longboard

A longboard is somehow better for the beginners because they provide enough opportunity to skate or to surf on the waves.

Choosing the perfect longboard for you is not one of the easiest tasks if you don’t know how to choose.

How long is a long surfboard?

As we have mentioned earlier that a long surfboard can be as much as 10 feet long. The basic longboard starts from 8 feet and it can take a height of maximum 10 feet.

If you are a beginner and would like to buy a new board but you are confused about which type of board you should go for, then following this article can help you out about your concern.

Before you start choosing your appropriate surfing board collect all the information that you need to know for having a perfect time with your surfboard.

How long my longboard should be?

For choosing your perfect longboard, the very first thing that you need to consider is the weight of yours. With the right proportion of your weight, you should choose the perfect longboard for you.

Here are some of the standard size of the longboards with the right proportion of weight that you can follow for choosing your longboards-

For Beginners

If you are a beginner and your weight is around 45-63 kg, then your longboard should be 9.2-9.4 feet.

For 63-72 kg longboard should be 9.4-9.6 feet.

For 72-81 kg your longboard should be 9.6-10 feet

For 81-90 kg the longboard should be 9.8-10 feet.

And if you are a beginner and your weight is 90+ then the longboard should be +10 feet.

For Intermediate

Now if you are an intermediate level surfer and you have been surfing for at least 1 year then the size of the longboards that you should take with the proportion of your weight are-

If your weight is from 45-63 kg, then you should pick up a longboard for about 9-9.2 feet long.

For the weight of 63-72 kg, your longboard should be 9-9.2 feet

From 72-81 kg your longboard should be from 9.4-9.6

From 81-90 kg, your longboard should be from 9.4-9.6 feet.

And if your weight is more than 90+, then the length of your longboard should be more than 10 feet long.

Standard longboard

We have already discussed the appropriate size chart that a long surfboard should have.

But if still you are confused about which length you should go for then we can discuss another easy way to choose your appropriate fit longboard.

We know that a longboard can have a length of around 8-1o feet. But even 14 feet longboard is also available in surf.

But for a standard size of your approximate longboard, you can measure it with your height also.

It is preferable to choose a surfboard 12 to 24 inches bigger than your actual height.

But if you are thinking about a longboard then choose a longboard that around 2 feet longer than your actual size.

But it depends on which condition you prefer to surf.

If you are planning to surf where the wave is mild and small, then longboard is the better choice.

On a place where the wave is big and strong enough, a shortboard can content you.

Why choosing a longboard?

You are thinking about taking a new longboard, but you don’t know the exact reason for what you should shift from your shortboard to the longboard.

Okay for providing you the perfect knowledge for exactly why should you shift to your longboard we are here-

When you are trying to surf in the wave but the wave is not that much big or strong enough then surfing with your shortboard seems tough and you have to wait for another big wave to come.

On the other hand, when you have a collection of longboards it is quite easy to surf in a small wave.

Even when the wave is around 1 to 2 feet you can surf properly with a longboard.

That means if you would like to enjoy a good surfing experience in any condition you can choose to surf with longboards.

Even many of the surfing experts encourage beginners to start with a longboard.

Final Words

Surfing is an exciting event where boards play the most valuable rules. Without a perfect board, you will not be able to show the skills that you have.

If you would like to enjoy surfing on a mild or small wave, then a longboard can be of your great help because short board requires more power and a big wave.

So if the wave is not big enough, then maybe you have to wait for another couple of minutes for the next big wave to come.

Choose the standard long surfboard for you with the right proportion of your weight and height.

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