How many stitches on a baseball

Making a baseball or knowing how to make a baseball is as much exciting as playing baseball. Can you believe that the total number of stitches in a baseball is totally being given with hands only? Yes! It is totally hand given. And the total number of stitches in a baseball is 108.

Can you guess the professional skills and competency that is required to make a baseball?Indeed it is something that needs patience, and only a professional craftsman can make it possible.

How many stitches on a baseball

Stitches on a baseball

The making of a baseball is quite an artistic work to be done actually. If you try to count down the matches played in a baseball and then imagined the total amount of baseball used on those matches, then you’ll be amazed for sure as because all the stitches on those balls are totally handmade. Two nuts shaped cowhide or horsehide is usually being used on a baseball, and these two hides are being stitched with a total number of 108 stitches.

For making a baseball at first, a cork ball is required, which is known as a pill. On the pill, the adhesive is being used for wrapping it up with a three-layer yarn. It makes the pill a little bit thicker. Continuously another three-layered yarn is being used for wrapping it up again. It also helps the pill to get thicker. After that, it is again wrapped up with poly-wool, which is known as the center. Poly wool is being used because the surface of the ball needs to be a little soft or plain. On the surface of the center, two nuts shaped cowhide or horsehide is being attached with the help of adhesive or glue. Then comes the final touch up, which is providing the stitch, total 108 in numbers. An expert craftsman with a red thread stitches around the hide, and then the ball is ready to roll. A large number of balls are being made daily.

Why are there 108 stitches in a baseball?

If you are very much interested in baseball, then a very common question that can hit you, and that is why there are 108 stitches on a baseball? Why not more, or why not less? Or is there any historical background that is responsible for the 108 stitches.

Okay, for your greater interest, we would like to let you know that the reason behind the 108 stitches is totally physics. Physical science is making a considerable contribution to the number of total stitches in a baseball. If you look at the normal plain ball, then you will realize that there is no airflow into the balls, but when it is baseball, a turbulent amount of airflow is obviously necessary because airflow actually is responsible for the movement of the ball. When air is flowing into the ball, it decides where the ball actually will go.

Normally the velocity of a baseball is around 50-70mph. Three forces in general controls the trajectory of the ball. These are gravity, air drag, and Magnus force. The normal principle is that gravity will try to pull the ball down when it is being hit; in that case, the air drag makes sure the ball goes in the right direction. After that comes the Magnus force, which ensures how the ball will move.

So after discussing all the matter, it can be easily said that stitches through the ball ensure that the ball gets enough air pressure, which will ensure the movement of the ball.

After discussing all the matter now, you also can ask, I know airflow is necessary, but then again, is it essential to have 108 stitches?In reply of that, I can say that 108 stitches have been using from the very beginning of the game,

That is why maybe the authority has thought that it would be better to follow the trend. Because we humans love to follow the trend.

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