How much does a long surfboard weight

Long surfboards are a little heavier than shortboards.

The average weight that a long surfboard can take is around 20-40 pounds.

More than 40 pounds long surfboard is also available and even you can find some long surfboard carries a weight less than 20 pounds.

But in general, the long surfboards that are available in the market are from 24 pounds to 32 pounds.

Whenever you are aiming to buy a new long surfboard, keep in mind that you need to be aware of your weight and height.

With the right proportion of your weight and height, you need to pick up the right fit weight and height of your long surfboard.

Long surfboard weight limit

How much does a long surfboard weight

A very common and important question that most of the people very often ask is how much weight a surfboard can hold?

Though it’s a usual question but most of the time we fail to find out the actual answers to the question.

Now if you ask me the question, then I have to say that it depends.

It depends on the volume of the surfboard. If you’re having a long surfboard and you would like to know how much weight your surfboard can hold at a time.Then the very first thing that you need to know is the volume of your surfboard.

But finding out the volume of your surfboard is not an easy task to general for finding out the volume we need to multiply the height, length, and width.

But as your surfboard is not a pure cube so finding out the actual measurement is not that easy.

Surfers surfboards are measured in cubic liter .it is like drowning the whole board down below water and finding out how many liters of water the board has shifted.

The volume limit that you should maintain is the weight of yours should match with the volume of your surfboard.

With the perfect measurement of the volume of the boards you can find out how much of weight can your surfboard can hold at a time.

What volume should you pick

Now, as we have a little knowledge about the volume of a surfboard, so you may ask for which volume you should go for?

With the fitness, weight, and length of yours, you should pick up the appropriate volume of your surfboard.

The standard ratio for picking up the appropriate volume is following the 100% ratio system.

That means if your weight is 45 kg, then the volume of your surfboard should be 45 cubic liter.

So you can say that for increasing one kg of your total weight the volume also should increase 1 cubic liter.

Knowing the actual measurement of your volume is important while surfing with your can be a shortboard or a longboard.

Whatever it is with the perfect proportion of your weight you should calculate the right fit volume of your surfboard.

The capacity of longboard

A well-made long surfboard with a perfect balance of volume can carry a weigh more than 100kg.

But you should not look at how much more weight can your surfboard can carry rather, you should find out a surfboard with the perfect proportion of your height and weight.

The most important thing that you need to consider is the floating capacity of the surfboard.

If the floating capacity of your board is not appropriate, then there is a chance that whenever you will go for surfing with your board you will water drag below your board.

This is obviously not the condition that you should consider.

There is a standard size and weight chart that you can follow for buying or renting your long surfboard.

For a performance board, the volume should be 20-40 liter

For a fish board, the volume should be 26-42 liter

For a gun board 40-45 liter

For mini-mal 40-60 liter

And for the longboard, the volume should be from 65 to 80 liter.


Whether it is a longboard or a shortboard picking up the right one is always a difficult task.

You have to choose wisely and consciously for having or renting a perfect long surfboard for you.

With the right proportion of your height and weight choose the exact volume and length of the board. Measurement of the volume, floating capacity in the water is important because it determines how much drag you will get when you will surf with your long surfboard.

Another thing you can consider before buying or renting is where you would like to surf with your board.

If the wave is strong and big enough then maybe you can complete your task with a shortboard.

But if it is in plain water and the wave is not that much big enough then longboard should be your perfect choice.

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