How much does a pool table cost

 Pool tables can come with a different variation of prices. According to your budget, you can choose the perfect pool table for you. The minimum range for buying a pool table is around 300 dollars, and it can take a maximum amount of 15000 dollars for a new pool table.

regulation pool table size

If you are thinking about buying a new pool table, then we can give you some hints that maybe can help you in the buying process.

After reading the whole passage, we hope that you will be able to find out which type of table you will go for.

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pool table Types and price

With the types of the table, the price will change. For understanding the category of your type we are providing the price range and category both that maybe can help you out.

We divided the pool tables with four basic categories. It’s now your turn to choose the perfect category for you with the budget of yours-

Mid-range pool table

After that, we have to talk about the mid-range pool table. These sorts of tables are for the professional level of playing. You also can set them inside your house. This type of table can be available with a minimum amount of 700 dollars and a maximum amount of 3500 dollars. If you take great care of this type of tables, then it can last for at least 10 years.

We will suggest you buy this type of tables. Cause these are the standard table for playing a perfect pool game.

Economy pool table

These are the category for playing at home. This will give you long-lasting durability. These kinds of tables are also known as a basic category pool table.

You can have these kinds of tables with a minimum budget of 1200 dollars to a maximum amount of 20000 dollars.

Generally, these kinds of pool tables are made with wooden materials. It will give you a smooth experience of the pool game,

Low range pool tables 

These are the type of table which is actually for the beginners. If you are thinking about buying this type of table, then you should keep in mind that these will not give you a long-lasting experience of playing. Maybe it can last for around three or four years. You can have a low range table with a budget of around 200 to 600 dollars.


These are the most expensive kinds of pool tables available. You can have your own kinds of material and design if you are planning to buy this type of table.

They usually come with rich construction material, and you can use them for eternity without suffering any kind of trouble.

Custom made pool tables are usually for the rich, upper-class people. But you also can have one if you can manage a budget at least around 3500 dollars.

Custom made pool tables come with a minimum amount of 3500 dollars and can reach a maximum amount of 15000 dollars.

In some cases, it can cost even more money.

How much does it cost to refelt a pool table?

Refelting a pool table means changing the old felt from the surface of your table and installing new clothing.

Changing an old felt is not one of the easiest tasks. It can take a hard exam of your patience level.

That’s why our suggestion would be to hand over the task to a professional company for changing your old felt.

Depending on the quality of the felt and the size of the table re felting budget can also change.

The average amount that can cost you for changing an old felt is around 366 dollars.

I repeat this is the average amount. Not the appropriate one.

If the pool table size of yours is 7 to 8 feet-then re felting can cost you 265 dollars to 500 dollars.

Depending on the quality of your cloth the refelting charge can also vary.

If the pool table size of yours is 9 feet-then, refelting the pool table will cost you around 280 dollars to 550 dollars.

Before you start re felting you need to keep in mind one thing you can use a felt of the pool table for around three years without any kind of problem. If you take great care of your felt then it can last up to 10 years.

It’s totally your decision whether you will change your felt every three years or you will take great care of your felt so that you can use it for the maximum time span of 10 years.

So, it can be said that changing an old felt will cost you around 300 to 500 dollars.

For some cases, if you buy your own felt instead of giving the task to any company then installing the felt can minimize an amount around 100 dollars.

In conclusion, we can say that whether you are planning to buy a new pool table or planning to refelt the pool table-

You need to have a clear sense of the total cost of the installation process otherwise, there is a chance that you will be wasting more of your money.

Buying a new pool table can cost you around 1200 dollars if you are planning to buy a basic pool table.

You can increase your budget for a great table with good construction material.

On the other hand, refelting your table can cost you around 300 dollars.

It also can change if you are planning to buy rich clothe with a smooth surface.

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