How much does lacrosse cost (accessories cost)

Lacrosse, one of the most played sport in the USA and Canada. It is one of the oldest team sport in North America. A good number of equipments are needed to play a lacrosse game. Major accessories of this game are, lacrosse sticks, helmets, rib pads, bicep pads, shoulder and arm pads, heads and shaft of sticks, goals, lacrosse ball and more. So it costs a good amount of money to buy these lacrosse accessories.

How much does lacrosse cost

If you want to play this game then you have to buy some major accessories of this game. I am going to discuss some of those major accessories which are a must for playing lacrosse.

Lacrosse equipment cost

Lacrosse sticks 

You can buy a lacrosse stick just spending around forty dollar. This is only the minimum price of a stick; you can raise your budget as far as you can. I would like to mention a few lacrosse sticks that you might want to buy.

1. STX lacrosse stallion 200:These kinds of sticks are good for high school and college-level players.  It has a 30-inch shaft and weighs less than a pound. 

2. STX lacrosse shield 100 goalie complete stick: It has 30 inches of a white handle, specially made for the goalies. It weighs only 1.5 pounds.

3. STX lacrosse fortress 300 girls complete sticks:A fine lacrosse stick for the women players.  


To protect one’s face and head it is necessary to wear a helmet while playing lacrosse games. There are a number of helmets that you can buy for your game. I will suggest a few helmets that you can buy easily.

1. Cascade CPV-R boys lacrosse helmet (with black face mask): This helmet is recommended for boys youth lacrosse players with various head circumferences. The CPV-R visor and chin are tailored to accommodate a wide range of head sizes in serious style. 

2. Cascade LX women’s lacrosse headgear: A rear adjustable strap, dual hair slots and interchangeable cheek pads allow the Cascade LX the perfect fit adjustable to every player. Large air vents allow for maximum breathability keeping players cool and comfortable. 

Shoulder pads

To protect the shoulder, a lacrosse player needs to wear these pads. Here are some of my suggested pads.

STX stallion 50 shoulder pads:It has a generous coverage area to protect new players. It also has expanded adjustability for a wider range of player sizes. 

STX lacrosse cell 4 men’s lacrosse shoulder pad liner: New geoflex II technology used in this item made it lighter and 25% more flexible. Besides, adjustable straps allow a custom and secure fit.  

Elbow pads 

Wearing elbow pads are also essential for a lacrosse player. Here are some of my suggested elbow pads for you.

STX lacrosse cell 4 men’s lacrosse elbow pads

New geoflex II technology used in this item made it lighter and 25% more flexible. Silicone tape used inside the sleeve helps keep the pad in place. 

Evoshield Srz-1 batters elbow guard

GEL-TO-SHELL TECHNOLOGY used here begins soft and flexible, transforms to hard and protective in minutes. Polyester is used as a material to make the pad. 

Lacrosse goal

The team that scores more goals in a lacrosse game is declared as the winner. So lacrosse goals is a very essential element of the game undoubtedly. I will provide you a brief suggestion on buying lacrosse goals.

Outroad portable 6*6 ft official folding lacrosse goal

This goal can be easily used by the high school, college and professional level players. It’s so light to carry and players can easily set up it and begin the play. 

Woodworm portable lacrosse goal net 6 ft

It’s a good goal for the beginners. Players can easily practice using this goal and develop their skills. 

Lacrosse balls

Lacrosse ball is one of the most needed items to play a lacrosse game. Men’s lacrosse ball color is white in general whereas the color of the women’s lacrosse ball is yellow. But if both teams agree to use other colors of the ball in the play then that color of ball can be used. I will some lacrosse balls which you can at least think of buying.

Champion sports official lacrosse balls (multiple colors)

Men, women, boys, girls, and children will enjoy the uniquely colorful variety of colored gear available here, making every game on the indoor court or outdoor field cool and fun. It can be easily used across many platforms to improve your health and quality of life.

LAX stars lacrosse ball massage ball therapy

These balls offer a player to release his pain and tension from all over his body muscles.

These are the major accessories that are much needed to play a lacrosse game. I have already given you a brief suggestion above to make it easier for you to buy the essential accessories for this game. I hope this article will be helpful to you while buying lacrosse accessories.

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