How much is a skateboard cost and know Skateboard accessories cost

The price of a skateboard depends on the type of skateboard you want. Again if you wish to buy a readymade skateboard or first buy the parts of a skateboard and then make your own one, then the price if this two types of boards are going to vary. Then if you are looking for a skateboard, you should spend from fifty to five hundred dollar. For smoother skating, you need to pay a bit more while purchasing for a good skateboard. Before you buy a skateboard what size skateboard you need you should must knoe.

How much is a skateboard

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How are skateboards made

how much does a skateboard cost

Skateboards for the beginners

Let’s look at some skateboards and their prices that are suitable for the beginners.

1. MINORITY 32 inch Maple Skateboard

It is made of 100% of the maple deck. 7-ply hard rock maple cold has been constructed in the deck. For more strength 5 inches of trucks have been used. It has a stylish design to attract buyers. 

2. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

It is a quality product of skateboard from Powell Golden Dragon for the beginners. The length of this skateboard is 31.625 inches. 

3. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31 inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple

It is a kind of double kickboard skateboard product. It is made of 7-ply Canadian Maple. It has white wheels with Punisher Skateboard Graphics. 

4. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

It is constructed with Canadian maple plywood. It has got 5 inches of aluminum trucks. This is one of the right products for the budget issue. 

Skateboards for the experts

The expert skateboarders prefer skateboards having constructed with high-quality materials. It differs from the beginners undoubtedly. Let’s check the price of some skateboards for the experts.

1. PUENTE 31 inch Skateboards complete, Tricks Skateboards for Beginners and Pro

This skateboard from PUENTE is usable for both beginners and experts. It is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood. It has 5 inches magnalium truck. 

2. Skatro Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Freeride- includes T-Tool

It is made of high grade 8 multi-ply hardwood maple. It has got aluminum pro trucks. It also has a unique stylish design.

3. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC designed this skateboard by using Canadian maple plywood. It has 5 inches of silver trucks and 7.75 inches of deck.

Skateboards for girls

Skateboards for boys and girls differ a bit. So you need to look at the price of some girl’s skateboards. Here’s it for you.

1. RIMABLE Complete 22inches Skateboard

The deck of this skateboard is made of 100% fresh materials. It has got high quality 3 inches thick aluminum trucks.

2. Punisher skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch

It is a complete high-quality double kickboard skateboard made of 7-ply Canadian maple. It has PUNISHER heavy duty 5 inches alloy trucks and bases. Again it hasIvory white wheels with Punisher skateboard graphics.

Skateboard accessories cost

There’s a number of accessories used in a skateboard. Skateboard helmets, skate stickers, board blazers, wheels of the skateboard, deck protector of the board, sunglasses, bag pack for carrying the skateboard, etc. This accessories cost will vary depending on the quality. If you buy them from Amazon then it will cost you a bit lesser. These accessories will cost you around $50.

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The average cost of a skateboard

Cost of a skateboard depends mainly on the quality of the used materials in it. Whether you buy the parts individually and make your own skateboardor buy a readymade skateboard, good quality of skateboard will cost you something around $200 on average.

So I’m sure you guys have got the answer to your question regarding the price of a skateboard. It differs depending on a few things. But the price range starts from $50 to $500. And on average it costs $70 if you want to have a skateboard of minimum good quality.

What is skateboard

Skateboard is a kind of sports item which is used for skateboarding. Skateboarding is an individual sport. A skateboard is usually made of 7-ply maple plywood deck and wheels are attached under the deck for movement of the board.

Types of skateboards

There are a number of skateboards designed for skateboarders for various purposes. Now let’s know the names of some popular types of skateboards.

  1. Freestyle skateboard
  2. Slalom skateboard
  3. Downhill skateboard
  4. Vert skateboard
  5. Street skateboard
  6. Park skateboard
  7. Pool skateboard
  8. Cruising skateboard
  9. Off-road skateboard

Now I’m going to discuss about some skateboard products and the price of those products for you. While choosing skateboard, you should keep in mind that for what kind of player you are buying the board. Skateboards for beginners or experts are not of the same design or quality. The price also differs. So the next following part of this article is going to give your idea of the differences in the price of beginners, experts, and girls skateboards.

How skateboarder moves

A skateboarder moves his skateboard with on leg on the road for pushing the board and keeps another leg on the board for maintaining the balance.

Construction of a skateboard

A skateboard constructed with few parts. Such as deck, trucks, wheels. Again nuts and bolts are used to fasten the truck and the wheels under the deck.

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