How old is Roger Federer (Full Bio)

Roger Federer is 40 years old now. He was born on 8 August, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. This swiss tennis player has gain name and fame in this sports day by day. And now he is the most grand slam winner in men’s singles tournament. This 38 years old guy is a real genius. 

If you are a fan of tennis and know little about this sport, than you must have heard the name of Roger Federer, this Swiss tennis master is a name that every tennis fans love to hear. There may be guys who love other tennis players most than him but you will hardly find anyone who hates this Swiss superstar.

How old is Roger Federer

How old is Roger Federer

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Bio at a Glance

Bio at a Glance



Birthdate & place

8 August, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland


6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)

Playing hand


Highest ranking (singles)


Current ranking (singles)


Single titles


Doubles titles


Roger Federer Early age

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who born on 8 August, 1981. He is Swiss by paternal nationality and also a South African by maternal nationality. However, he is known as a Swiss tennis player in this sport. He is the record grand slam winner in tennis singles tournament with 20 grand slams. He is ranked world number 4 singles tennis player in ATP rankings.

He was a Swiss by birth as he was born in Basel, Switzerland. But he also has a South African nationality because his mother, Lynette Du Rand is a South African. However, his father Robert Federer is a Swiss guy of course. Federer was a guy who had an interest in sports from a very early age. At the age of eight, he used to play tennis and soccer. But the change came when he became one of the best three junior tennis players in Switzerland by the age of 11.

Just 1 year later, he decided to only focus on tennis and quit playing other sports. That time the Swiss tennis master Roger Federer got a new birth, and this was in the tennis arena. At the age of 14, he used to participate in 2 or 3 junior tennis tournaments and also kept practicing tennis for six hours a day. At that same age he became the national junior tennis champion in Switzerland. 

He earned his first sponsorship at the age of 16 only and that time; he also joined an international tennis federation junior tennis circuit. In 1998, he won the junior Wimbledon title and orange ball. Soon after that, he became a pro version player. At that year, Roger Federer was declared the ITF world junior tennis champion of the year.  

Roger Federer  Family

Roger Federer met Miroslava Federer at the 2000 Sydney Olympics when both of them are participating in Switzerland. She was also a tennis player. But due to a foot injury, she retired from the tennis arena in 2002. Federer used to call her Mirka and got married to her at Wenkenhof Villa in Reihen near Basel on 11 April, 2009. This happy couple had their two identical daughters in 2009, and 5 years later, in 2014, Mirka again gave birth to another pair of an identical children, but this time they were boys. 

Roger Federer Rivalries

 Well, if you have heard the name of Roger Federer, then it is quite sure that somehow you heard the name of Rafael Nadal. Yes, I’m talking about the most recognized rivalry in the tennis court. And this rivalry is between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis master. They played against each other for 40 times. Here Nadal has the winning advantage with 24 – 16.

Federer and Nadal started playing against each other from 2004. They have met against each other in nine grand slam finals, which is an all-time record. From these 40 meetings, 24 of their meetings have been in major tournaments like Wimbledon, French Open, Australian open, etc. In grass-court, Federer has the winning advantage with 3 – 1 and also has the advantage in hard courts with 11 – 9.

However, the king of clay court Rafael Nadal has successfully left Federer behind with a huge winning advantage of 14 – 2. From these 40 meetings, 13 matches have been decided in the last set. The final match between them in Wimbledon 2008 is considered as the greatest match ever in tennis history by some long time tennis analysts. They are the only pairs in men’s singles competition to hold the top positions in the ATP world rankings for 6 consecutive years. 

Besides Rafael Nadal, Federer has rivalries with Novak Djokovic, the number 1 ranked player in ATP rankings. By some experts the rivalry between Federer and Djokovic is considered as the best of the open era. They met against each other 50 times. Here Djokovic leads with 27 – 23 margin. Andy Murray is another familiar name is this rivalry part. These two met for 25 times, Federer leading this time with 14 – 11. Besides these three main rivalries, Federer has played against many other world-class players. 

Roger Federer Achievements

 Roger Federer has won record 20 grand slam titles and has reached 31 grand slam finals. He is the first men’s singles player to reach 10 consecutive grand slam finals. He won two gold medals and a silver medal in singles competitions in the Olympic Games. He remained at the top of the ATP world rankings for 310 weeks, including 237 consecutive weeks.

He was declared the ATP player of the year five times and also became the ITF world champion five times. Roger Federer is truly a master class player in the tennis arena.


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