How to Clean Skateboard bearings

If you are a skateboard lover, if you like to hit the road real fast with a real speedy skateboard, if you are tired of these sticky mud and grease in your skateboard bearing, then this article is for you! If you want to speed up your skateboard, you need to clean your skateboard bearings often to keep it free from the mud, dust and water it is getting every day.

How to Clean Skateboard bearings

Water can damage your skateboard. It not only damage your board because the board is made of woods, but it also can damage your bearings. But if you don’t have any knowledge on how to clean bearings then here are some tips to help you with it. Trust me! You’ll get surprised to see the result after doing this.

We are so busy in our everyday life. We barely get time to sit down and doing stuff giving it too much time. So here we’ll share with you some step by step tips to clean your skateboard bearings just in a few minutes.

Now let’s talk about the things you will need to clean your skateboard.

Skateboard bearings cleaning tools

  • You will need a skate tool or screwdriver to take your wheels off.
    • You will need some blade or something sharp and pointy.
    • You will need grease to protect your bearings from water or you can use skate lubes which are made especially for skateboards bearing protection. And it also increases the speed to end the extreme level.
    • You will also need a solvent. You can use white spirit or petrol instead-but if you want good touch you can use citrus degreaser which is a really good product.
  • A well-lighted, clean and warm place.
  • A bit of rag.
  • A hairdryer to dry the bearings
  • Cleaning

    Now that you have collected all the tools you will need to clean your skateboard bearings, let’s get started with the cleaning.

    As you know, water, dirt, dust mud can damage your and slower your skateboard speed. You need to keep it clean often to avoid the slow speed cause it’s really boring. And the main part that occurs at speed is the bearings. So to prevent happening slower speed you need to keep your bearings clean. To do that-

    You need to make sure that you have all the things or tools ready and on the cleaning spot. And also make sure to clean the surface where you are going to start your cleaning.

  • At first you have to take out the wheel from the board. Now this id bit of hard job. I am leaving it up to you. You can take it out the way you feel easy.
  • Now is the main part. Now you need to take out the bearings from the wheel. You have to be careful while taking out the bearing or you can damage the wheel. So to take out the bearing you need to use the skate tools or the screwdriver.
  • Now that you took out the bearing from the wheel you’ve passed one step ahead of cleaning your skateboard bearings. 
  • After you pop out the bearings from the wheel you need to remove the rubber from on the bearing with a sharp pointy blade. And again be careful doing this. Or you can destroy the rubber.
  • Do not use any kind of harsh chemicals to clean your bearings or it will damage it. You can use the regular citrus cleaner, which is not that harsh. It will work just fine. And it is also available in any store.
  • Soak the bearing in the cleaner for a little bit. And after a few minutes take out the bearings, remove the cleaner and dry off the bearing. You used the cleaner to get out some of the dirts.
  • Now you need to moisture the inside of your bearing otherwise it won’t last to much longer, and it will slow down soon, and you will need to clean it again.
  • So to prevent happening from such thing you need to lubricant the balls inside of the bearing. Bones speed cream is the best suggestion for that. They are the best bearing maker so they know what’s good for bearings. So go ahead and use in your bearings. So, to do that you just need to put the lubricants directly on the balls of inside the bearings and make sure they get enough. Now spin the bearing a little bit to let the lubricant get inside and set on the balls.
  • Now rub off the excess cream off the bearing. You don’t want extra cream in there because it’ll only collect dirt like before nothing else.
  • Once you have done the cleaning and applying cream you put the rubber back and set it back inside the wheel. Put the wheel back in your board, and you ready to go.
  • Final words

    If You want to hit the road real fast you need to make sure that your skateboard bearings are rolling quickly. If your bearings are slow then your wheel will not roll as fast as you desire. From all the dirts your bearings are getting from everyday rolling it will get slower if you do not keep it clean. So follow the hacks and keep your bearings clean so that you can go and make your skateboard run faster.

    People are becoming sportier day by day. As the riding and skating becoming the style of life, all need to take care of their ride or skateboard properly so that it can help better. So, take care of your ride and hit the road as fast as you want to. Happy skating!

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