Don’t Waste Time! 8 Secret Techniques How to hang skateboard on the wall

If you have a skateboard, you must have been searching for the way of hanging your skateboard on the wall. Not only hanging is enough for you because you also want them to look beautiful on your wall. The forgiving solution to hang your skateboards nicely enough on your walls, you have written this article for you guys. You need to follow the structures and will be able to hang your skateboards on the wall nicely and quickly.

How to hang skateboard on the wall

Types of skateboards

You will find different types of skateboards in the market. Such as longboard skateboards, cruiser skateboards, mini cruiser skateboards, carve skateboards, and double kick skateboards. You will buy the skateboard depending on your own choice. You can even have several skateboards if you want.

How to hang skateboard on the wall

Except riding another thing that keeps running fin, your mind is that what shall I do with the skateboard when I’m not using it? So the solution is, just hang your skateboards on your room walls nicely, so that it increases the beauty of your room and the skateboards also remain safe.

To hang the skateboard on the wall, you need some equipment and have to follow some steps. For hanging skateboard on the wall you need:

  1. Hammer/screwdriver
  2. Scissor
  3. Electric drill
  4. Nails/screws
  5. Fishing line/shoelace
  6. Ruler/measuring tape
  7. Pencil.

With these items are in your hand, you can begin the work. You need to read the steps I’m going to discuss to hang your skateboards correctly on the wall.


At first, you need to remove the trucks attached under the skateboard. Without doing this, you can’t insert ropes/ fishing lines in it. For removing the trucks you need the help of a screwdriver. The screwdriver will remove the four screws for each trucks, and thus the trucks will be detached from the board.


Now, it’s time to decide how you are going to hang your skateboards on the wall. There’s a bit different in the techniques in hanging a board horizontally and vertically. I will first write about vertical hanging, the horizontal hanging technique.


If you have decided to vertically hang your boards on the wall, then you have to insert fishing lines in the screw holes of the board. You can use shoelaces instead of fishing lines. But I would recommend using fishing lines for better service. You can use scissors for cutting fishing lines or ropes.

On the other hand, if you want to hang skateboard horizontally, I think you should use ropes instead of fishing lines and insert the ropes in the screw holes.


After inserting the fishing lines or ropes on the board, you have to tie a knot. Remember, fishing lines are a bit slippery, so make sure to tie the knot in such a way that it holds the board perfectly on the wall. As you are hanging this vertically, you just need one knot to be tied.

But if you are going to hang the board horizontally, then you have to insert ropes on both sides of the board and tie a knot between the two ropes of both sides.


Now, it’s time to turn off your attention towards the wall of your room. Decide on which wall you are going to hang your skateboards. And if you have a number of boards, so you have to decide the distance between each boards going to hung on the wall.


Take the ruler or measuring tape to decide the place and measure the distance between boards. You can use pencils to draw a sign where you going to hang the boards. These marks will help you to put the nails on the wall according to your demand.


Now take the nails in your hand and also the hammer to set it on the wall. Following the marks, you have drawn on the wall before you have put the nails with the help of a hammer. If you are not skilled in using a hammer, you can use an electric drill machine to insert screws on the walls.


After completing the above steps, your skateboard is ready for hanging. According to the nails or screws set on the wall, put the fishing lines of the boards in the nails. It will hang your board vertically. If you want horizontal hanging then hold the board horizontally and put it in the nail.

These are the few steps you need to follow to hang you skateboard on the wall easily.

Easy and cheap way of hanging

It is possibly the easiest and also cheapest way to hang a skateboard on the wall. You just need to make holes to put nails on the wall and knot a fishing line into the board and then hang it on the wall.

Skateboard hang equipment:

You will need the equipment for hanging the skateboard on the wall. This equipment also comes off the cheapest side. So you will not find any problems in gathering this equipment.

For this, you need an electric drill machine, nails, or screws for hanging the board and pencils and measuring tape or ruler for deciding the place on the wall for hanging.

Final words

 Before going on to hanging a skateboard, you guys would like to know what a skateboard is actually. Skateboard is a kind of sports item which is used for skateboarding. Skateboarding is an individual sport. A skateboard is usually made of 7-ply maple plywood deck, and wheels are attached under the deck for movement of the board.

So I think this article is going to solve your problem of how to hang a skateboard on the wall. You just need the equipment and follow the steps as I am written above, and that’s enough for hanging your skateboards on the wall.

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