How to measure a baseball glove for all-ages with chart

Measuring baseball gloves is not a hard task to be done actually. You just need to understand the basic concept of understanding a baseball glove properly. For understanding better suppose that you have bought a glove from the glove shop and the shopkeeper has said that it is a 12 inches glove.

How to measure a baseball glove

What does that actually mean, right? Okay, we are providing you some more information that is baseball glove is basically measured in inches. Inches are the standard parameter for measuring a baseball glove. So, for example, you have bought a 12 inches glove that actually means that from the base of the glove to the tips of the finger, the glove is 12 inches approximately. So gloves measurement is basically done from the base to the tips of the fingers. So if now I ask you, what is a 13 inches glove? You should know the rest.It’s quite simple. Isn’t it?

baseball glove size chart

baseball glove size chart

How to measure a baseball glove size?

For measuring a baseball glove size, you need to at first understand in which position you are currently playing. You can play as an outfield player, infield player, or as a pitcher.

Outfielders actually tend to use larger gloves. Can you guess the reason behind it?

Can’t you?

Okay, we are here to provide you the information.

An outfielder, in general, uses larger gloves because after collecting the ball, they need to throw the ball quickly. In that case, larger gloves can actually help you out. Because when you are throwing the ball at a larger distance, you need to provide the extra force that will ensure the ball moves in the right direction. That’s why larger glove is actually being used for the player who is playing in an outfield position.

In the case of the infield player, a smaller glove is the recommendation to be used. The reason behind this suggestion is that in a baseball match, the ball most of the time tends to remain in the infield region. And after hitting the ball, the batters will always try to score run. So if you are playing for the defending team, then you must stop the batter from scoring runs. So you need to catch the ball in the infield position very quickly, and throwing it is the most necessary thing. You may have noticed that throwing a ball or something barehanded is more comfortable than with a glove. This physics is also used for the player who is actually playing in the infield position. Because after catching the ball, they need to throw the ball very quickly. So, in general, for infield players, a smaller glove is highly recommended.

Now comes the final one. The pitchers, after the discussions of infield and outfield player, can you guess the recommendation for the pitcher? If your guessing is the larger glove for the pitcher, then congratulation, you have understood the whole concept. For capturing or collecting the baseball, larger gloves are highly recommended, and for throwing the ball, smaller gloves are recommended. A pitcher has to collect a lot of balls and as well as throw them quickly to the fielders that is why the measurement for a pitcher to use a larger one, that will make his work a little easier.

So these all are the measurement for players who would like to be a dedicated baseball player.

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What size baseball glove all age chart

If you are playing baseball for a long time, then probably you should know that everyone does not fit the same baseball glove. According to their size, weight, and height of the hand the size, the size of their glove can also be changed. That’s why the final recommendation for choosing a baseball glove is to choose a glove that is a little big than the total measurement of your hands base to the tips of the finger. But too much big than the measurement can cause much trouble because playing a long time with the same glove can make the glove a little heavier. So it’s better to choose by doing research.

For your better good, we are suggesting you some measurement that you should choose in time of buying a baseball glove.

  • If your age is under seven then with your position the measurement for your glove would be –catcher 29.5’’-30’’,first base 11.5’’,second base, shortstop and third base 8-10.5’’,outfield position 9-10.5’’ and for pitcher 8-10.5’’.

     If your age is from 8-10 then for catcher 30-31’’, first base 11.5-12’’, for second base, shortstop and third base 10.5-11.25’’, for outfield 10-12’’, and for pitcher 10.5-11.5’’.

•     If your age is from 11-13 then for catcher 30-32.5’’, for second base and short stop 11.5-12’’, for third base11-11.75’’, for outfield 12-12.75’’ and for pitcher 11.5-12’’.

•     And if your age is 14 and above then for catcher 32-34.5’’, for first base 12-13’’, for second base and short stop 11.25-11.5’’, for third base 11.5-12’’ and finally for pitcher position 11.5-12’’.

It always can change with the type of player, but these are the standard measurement that a player can follow when he is starting playing baseball.

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