How to move a pool table step by step and cost to move a pool table

Moving a pool table is not a kind of easy task that you can handle so easily. Before giving any suggestion or tips, it would be better to suggest that this is a kind of professional task. If you are hesitating about the job, then better you hand over the responsibility to a professional shifting company. Though it will cost you some more money but your pool table will be in a safe hand.

But, if you are thinking about doing it yourself, then don’t be so much hesitating. We are here to help you out by showing you the perfect steps and procedure that you can follow to move your pool table from one place to another.

But remember one thing, while moving the table you have to remain more conscious and aware. Who knows if not, then maybe you will have to face some more trouble.

For your greater information, we are listing the necessary item that can be necessary when you are planning to move the pool table from one place to another.Follow this article for a perfect shifting of your pool table.

How to move a pool table

Procedure to follow

You are reading this that means you are serious about shifting our pool table by your own. It’s tiresome and risky for some instant but not impossible at all.If you have a high level of determination, then you can do it. Just follow the steps down below-

  1. 1Add as many people as you can- Before you start the shifting process you need to keep in mind that the whole pool table carries a lot of weight. If you are thinking about shifting the table on your own, then it’s mandatory for you to collect as many people as you can. Tell your friends or people to help you out in this great task. Obviously, you will never be able to do it alone. You will need some equipment and people for sure.try to manage at least four or five adult healthy men for doing the task. It would be better to gather them before you start the shifting. You never know when the emergency will take place.pre consciousness is the most necessary item for doing that sort of important task.
  2. 2Supplies and materials: You need to collect all the necessary materials that will be necessary for the time of packing the table.You need to collect staplers, screwdrivers, safety goggles, scotch tape for wrapping the things up and all that sort of things.Always remember that the absence of all these equipment can be handy and can give you great trouble. So prepare better that will make the task easier.
  3. 3Rent a transportation system for moving the table- You also need to think about the transportation system before you start shifting your pool table.Rent a truck that can be used in a time of moving the table. Make sure to deal better when you are hiring a truck. Better you take one of your expert friends who can consult better with the truck driver. If you are a poor dealer, then chances are the total budget for the shifting process will increase. So deal better and reduce the total shifting budget.
  4. 4Perfect measurement of your house- now you may ask why the measurement of your house is also necessary?It is necessary because- if after dissembling all the parts of the table you found that one of the parts of your pool table is not matching the shape of your door size then taking it out from your room will be a tiresome activity.So, before you start dissembling your table, make sure to measure all the parts of your table if it will go free from your room to the outside.You will need a scale for doing the whole measurement perfectly.
  5. 5 Dissembling the whole part of the table- Now, the most important task that we all fear in time of shifting the pool table. It’s hard and tough for sure. But with a better concentration and concise work, you can make it possible.At first, try to open up all the staplers on each pocket. Then try to open up all the six pocket from its position. Be careful while you are trying to disassemble the table. Make sure not to put any scratch on the table. After opening the pocket now let’s get to the main work.You need to open up the body carefully then. After opening all the screw from the body open the body with the help of your friends. Make sure you have the perfect number of men available for carrying the body of the table.Then open all the legs of your table.This entire work will need a perfect balance. Make sure to complete the task in an appropriate way.
  6. 6  Wrapping and protecting all the parts- after dissembling all the parts of the table you need to protect all the parts and to keep these things in perfect order. If after dissembling all these things you did not keep them in perfect order then in time of assembling you need to put some extra effort. Protect all the parts, screws and all small elements because all these are the necessary item that you have to use when you rearrange the table again.
  7. 7   Load them into the truck-now it’s also important for you to load all these things into the truck in perfect order.If you fail to do so, then you need to suffer a lot in the time of assembling.Make sure you remember which part of the table you have kept where.

These are the steps that you can follow when you are planning for shifting the table. But as always we have to say it again that this is a kind of professional work. So, if you are not confident enough better, you hand over the task to a professional shifting company. They will make sure you don’t lose any parts of your table and a perfect assembling.


How much does it cost to move a pool table

Well, it depends. If you are planning to shift the table by yourself, then obviously the cost will be less than shifting the pool table by a shifting company. But as paying more always ensure better protection. So maybe if you are not confident, give the task to a shifting company. But if you are very much serious about doing it on your own hand, you also can do it. You are welcome to do it.

Doing it yourself can give you huge savings. But in general, the total shifting process can pool table cost you around 200 dollars to 600 dollars.Wishing you a very good luck if you are planning to shift the table by yourself.

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