How to play beer pong and All about beer pong table

Beer pong is such a game that will provide you excellent gaming fun with the opportunity of drinking beer. The game of beer pong requires a table to set up a definite number of cups at each end of it and golf or tennis balls for throwing. The game can be played between two or four players. Best floating and giant beer pong set will help you to choose the right beer pong set for having the fun of this drinking game.

What is beer pong

 Simply beer pong is a drinking game where you need a table, some cups and pong ball to play the game and score points to decide the winner. The main task in this game is to throw the pong ball into an opposition’s cup until one team is fully eliminated. The winner would be the remaining team.

How to play beer pong

How to play beer pong

Well you have already set up the table and cups for playing beer pong and, at the same time to have the enjoyment of drinking beer. Oops! You don’t know how to play this game. That’s why this article provides you the rules of beer pong and discusses how to play this drinking game full of fun.

Equipment required playing the game

Before knowing the rules of this game you need to know what equipments are needed and how to set them up for the game. Now let’s discuss briefly about the required equipment.

  • Table or large field: If you are playing a normal beer pong game then you need a table of regulation size. A regulation size beer pong table measures 8 feet or 2.44 meters in length and 2 feet or 0.61 meters in width. And the table stands 2 feet and 3.5 inches or 0.7 meters above the ground.
  • On the other hand giant beer pong game doesn’t require a table. To play giant beer pong, you need a large field, where you can set up large-sized buckets and have the same sort of fun but in a larger way.
  • Cups or buckets: For normal beer pong games you need to set up 8 to 10 cup at both end of the table. The cups should be made of plastic and should weigh 12 ounces or more than that. But for giant beer pong game, this small size cups are not going to work. You need 6 buckets with strong construction at each end of the playing field.
  • Beer in the cups or buckets: The cups or buckets set up at the end of the table or field should be filled with beer or such kind of beverage. The game is a drinking game, so it needs to have any kind of beverages filled buckets or cups.
  • Ping pong or such balls: To start the game you must need ping pong balls. But you can also use same type of golf balls instead.

Rules to play beer pong


Now let’s discuss how to play this drinking game in details with some points given below.

  • Organize the players: The game of beer pong can be played between a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players. So the first task before starting the game is to organize the two teams with players. One team can have a maximum of two players, and both the teams have to stand at two ends of the table.
  • Arrange the cups: A minimum of 6 cups should be set up at each end of the table. If you are going to play this game in an open field then 6 large size buckets at both ends are enough for starting the game. But in normal beer pong you can have a maximum 10 cups at each end.
  • The cups need to be set up in a triangular shape. If you use 6 cups at each end, the formation should be first three, then two and lastly one. Meanwhile for 10 cups the formation should be first four, then three, then two and at last one cup at the front side. All the cups should be filled with 4 ounces of beer or such beverages. The amount of drink is more when you are playing giant beer pong game.
  • Throw the ball and start the game: After the set up of the game is complete, it’s time to start the game by throwing balls to opposition’s end. Here the target is to drop the ball into the opponent’s cup. The game will progress this way. While throwing the ball you have to keep your elbow behind the end of the table.
  • Sink opponent’s all cups: The main objective here is to sink all the cups of your opponent. Before throwing the ball, the player must aim at the cups of the opponent. If the thrown ball falls into a cup or at the middle of some cup, the single cup or the group of cup will be considered as sunk. The opponent team members have to drink the beverage of the sunken cup.
  • Finish the game: When all the cups of one team are eliminated or sunken, simply the other team is declared the winner and the game finishes.

Beer pong rules

 Few are worthy of knowing if you want to play this game with more comfort. I’ve mentioned a few important rules below for your consideration.

  • Elbow rules: When throwing the ball towards the opponent’s end, the player’s elbow should be kept behind the edge of the table.
  • Reformation rules: Typically a team will get opportunity of reforming the cups twice in a game. But if they are able to get back the balls twice in a row after reforming, they will still have another chance to reform the cups.
  • Bouncing rules: If the thrown ball goes into the opponent’s cup by a bounce, the cup will be considered as sunk. But at the same time you have to remove one of your own cups. 
  • Fingering rules: You can use your fingers to pull away the bouncing ball from inside your cup.
  • Death cup: The last remaining cup on the hand of the opponent team player is considered as the death cup.

Final words

So these are few rules you need to know before going on to play beer pong with your family and friends. And I hope the article must have been able to make you understand how to play beer pong game.

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