How to play Kubb game, rules and dimensions

Some wooden playing pieces, where you will find a king and need regulation size field and you are ready to enjoy the summer with this lawn game known as kubb. If you want to enjoy this hot summer with your family in the backyard, this lawn game can be a great option.

Maybe this game is new to somebody or many ones. So before starting the game you guys need to have a minimum idea about the game and that’s why this article comes to you, where I’ll discuss the rules of the Kubb game and also some other important things about this game. Stay with me for these details.

Kubb game

Kubb is a backyard lawn game, which requires two teams and some blocks and batons. This game is known as the Vikings chess game. There is a king block among all the blocks and the main objective is to conquest over the opponent’s king. The player tries to throw a baton to the opponent’s zone and tries to knock out one block. After knocking all the blocks, you will be able to conquer the king of the opponent.

If you can manage a regulation size field near your home or have one already in your backyard, then you can make the playing pieces on your own and enjoy kubb gaming with your family and friends. This will certainly provide you a great day in this hot summer season.

How to play Kubb game

Equipment needed to play the Kubb game

To play any game you need the best kubb game set and that’s quite common in every game. Kubb is a lawn game, so the first requirement to play this game is a regulation size field, where you can set up the playing pieces and start the game with enough players.

Well except the field there something more important which you need to collect before starting the game and these are the playing pieces. Now let’s talk about the playing pieces you need to play this lawn game.


 Among all the playing pieces of the Kubb game, the king is the tallest piece. A kubb game requires only one king to stand in the middle of the playing field. The height of the king is typically 25 to 30 cm. This wooden piece is designed like a king with a crown on top of it. At the starting of the game, this playing piece is kept in the middle of the field.


 A kubb game requires ten Kubb blocks. These pieces are vital as they are set at the both ending side of the field. Each team will have five Kubb blocks at their side. These blocks measure 10 to 15 inches in height. They are rectangular in size. If you are willing to start the game, then you have to set them up in a serial at both ends of the field.


These playing pieces are used to throw and hit the kubb blocks and the king. Batons are 25 to 30 cm long. They are round-shaped and the diameter ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 cm. To play this game you need six regulation size batons.

Boundary pins or pegs

 The last playing piece you need to start this game is the boundary pins or pegs. Typically four to six pins or pegs are used in the Kubb game. If you use four pins then you will only be able to mark the playing boundary line of the court. Meanwhile using two extra pieces of boundary pins will allow you to mark the centerline also.

Kubb game rules

Now you are almost ready to start the game, but yet you are not, because you don’t know how to play this game. But don’t worry; I’m here to let you inform me how you can play this according to the rules (pdf). Just read out the points given below carefully.

  • First of all, you need to select a regulation size field for playing Kubb. A regulation size Kubb game field measures 8 meters in length and 5 meters in width.
  • Then you must have a complete Kubb game set equipped with the pieces of equipment needed to play the Kubb game. To play the Kubb game, you need one king, ten blocks or Kubbs, and six batons.
  • Then make two teams start the proceedings. In a Kubb game, each team can have one to six players on their side. But most of the time, teams consist of two or three players on each side. 
  • You are almost ready to start the game but need to decide which team will throw the baton first. For this, each team throws a baton towards the king for once. Whose baton falls near the king without touching, wins the toss and gets the chance to throw first.
  • The objective here is to knock down the king of the opponent to win the game.
  • But before knocking down the king, you have to knock down all the opponents’ Kubbs on the baseline.
  • If you try to knock down the king before the other blocks, you will lose the game.
  • The game ends as soon as one team knocks down the king of the opponent from the baseline.

Kubb game field dimensions

You know Kubo is an outdoor lawn game, so will of course require a giant field, of course. To play the Kubb game, you need a rectangularly shaped area. According to US championship rules and world championship rules, a regulation size Kubb game filed measures 8 meters in length and 5 meters in width.

Final words

After reading the rules and what equipments you need to gather for playing the Kubb game, I think you are ready for it. So without making any delay, select a regulation size field and gather the playing pieces to ensure a summer day with enhanced fun.

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