So, before we start, we must know what it means racking (set up) in pool. If you are reading this article, that means you are here to collect all the information about playing pool or about the correct order to place the ball into the rack before breaking it down.

Rack in pool usually is a triangle shape substance that the players used for reorder all the balls before breaking the balls.

Well, you cannot place all of the balls in an order as you want. There are some rules and regulations that you must follow before placing all the balls inside the rack.

You maybe are planning for playing pool, but you are hesitating about the way or rules of the game. No worries, we are here for you to help you out about all those things that you need to know before you start playing pools.

how to rack pool balls

How to set up pool balls/process of racking

There are two types of ball in the game of poll. The balls are marked with the number of one to fifteen.

The ball marked with the number one to seven is known as a solid ball.

The ball marked with the number nine to fifteen is known as stripes.

Now for placing all these balls inside the rack, you need to place the solid balls and the stripes ball in a correct way or in a way that is legal in the time of playing pool. If you are thinking that I will place the ball randomly or as my wish then we would like to let you know that you are aiming for playing in a wrong way.

The correct ways for placing the ball inside the rack are as follows-

1. You must place the 8 marked pool ball into the middle of the rack. The placement of this ball is universal. If you are aiming for playing pool you must know that the placement of this ball will never change.

  You must and have to put this ball into the pocket after you complete putting all of your balls into the pocket. Never before that, never!

1. The number 1 marked ball should be on the front of the triangle. Players most of the time aim for hitting on this ball in time of breaking the balls. Not always necessary that you have to hit only on this ball before breaking the balls. You also can take different methods for breaking the balls. Player’s very often also aim for the second row also. It’s totally up to you for what you will be aiming for. Butnever forgot to place the number one marked ball in front of the triangle.

3. After that, you need to place one solid and one stripe ball between the two opposite corners of the last row of the triangle. Now, this rule is also mandatory. You have to follow the rule for making a perfect racking or for the perfect placement of the balls inside the rack.

4. Now, what about the other balls. How would you place the other balls, right? Okay, for now, it’s your choice. You can place the other balls as you want. But never forgot to place the 8 marked balls inside the middle of the rack

These are the rules that you need to follow when you are thinking about placing the ball in a right order.After you complete the placement of the ball you now need to place the rack. You will notice a mark on the table. Place the rack on to the mark. Always remember that the balls inside rack must need to be tight and flush.If you fail to do so then when you will aim for breaking the balls then maybe the ball will not move properly in time of hitting.

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How many balls in a pool

Now, we know the placement of the ball. Where it should be, and how will we place the ball inside the rack.

But do you know the exact numbers of ball in the game of poll?

If not then stay tuned with us. In eight ball pools games there are approximately fifteen balls. All these balls are known as object ball.

Now, although all of the balls are known as object ball, but the type of these balls is not the same. The balls are marked with different numbers. The balls that are marked with 1-7 are known as solid balls.

And the balls that are marked from 9-15 are known as stripes ball.

In time of playing, you need to aim for putting one type of ball into the pocket.

After you put down all of the balls into the pocket, you then need to aim for putting the 8 marked ball into the pocket.That’s how you actually can win in the game of eight ball poll.

Pool balls color

The colors of the ball in the game of pool, is actually matters.If you don’t know the exact differences between all of the colors, then maybe you can find some trouble in the time of playing.But don’t worry at all. We will try to clear that out for you. If you have read the whole article so far, then you should know the number of the balls and which numbers actually determines what.

Now we know from 1-7 is solid ball and from 9-15 is stripe ball. The 8 marked ball is also a solid ball.

For differentiating better on the solid balls, there will be a solid color. That means there will not have any mixture or combination of other colors. Except, the number mark of these balls. The colors of the solid balls are as follows-

1-yellow, 2-blue, 3-red, 4-purple, 5-orange, 6-green, 7-Burgandy, 8-black.

On the other hand, stripe balls will not have a solid color. Instead, they will have a stripe color on the middle with the number plate of their own. The colors of the stripe balls are as follows-

9-yellow stripe, 10-blue stripe, 11-red stripe, 12-purple stripe, 13-orange stripe, 14-green stripe, 15-burgundy stripe. I hope all this information will be of great help from you.

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