How To Shoot A Basketball Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 3 Tips

Well, there’s no exact rules or regulations for shooting a basketball. But there are a few basic steps that can surely make you a good shooter of the ball. You won’t find each and every one of the famous basketball players following the same rules of shooting the ball, but they definitely follow the fundamental rules of shooting a basketball perfectly.

It seems that basketball is a simple game, and yes, it is actually a simple game until the challenge of shooting perfectly in the game came. Watching the greatest shooters of this game, you may think they are shooters by born! If you have such thinking, then you are totally wrong. Because no great man or players are born great! They have made themselves great by their Perseverance, so as the great shooters of this game.

Look, you may have a great height which is required in this game, but the main requirement is your ability to basket the ball perfectly, that means shooting a basketball faultlessly. So to do better in the game you have to be skilled in putting the ball into the hoop.

Talking about putting the ball in the basket ball hoop, you have to master some techniques. As I have mentioned above that this technique actually varies from player to player. It actually depends on you how you feel comfortable in playing the game and shooting the ball. But you must know the basic steps to do upgrade your skills in shooting and do better in the game. Here are some of my techniques for shooting a basketball.

How To Shoot A Basketball

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3 tips How to shoot a basketball

1.Shooter’s position

I have already said that thetechniques of the shooters will very definitely because it depends on their own comfort. But as a player or shooter of the ball you have to ensure a properly shooting position for yourself. Your position of standing will effect a lot on your shooting. Turn your body towards the basket, and the foot of your shooting hand will slightly be forwarded. For example, if you are a right-handed shooter, then you right leg will be placed slightly forward to the left leg.

Your feet should be turned 10-45 degrees towards your non-shooting hand side. Yes, you can say how I could measure the degree at that moment? Oh, you can’t, but let this be in your mind, which will definitely help you shooting perfectly.Again, in the case of jumping and shooting the ball you have to keep your knees relax. Unless you won’t be able to make the best of the shots. And if your shot has to belong then you have to jump keeping your shoulders back.

2. Preparing the shot

After a perfect standing position, it’s time to get ready for a perfect shot. But how can you make a perfect shot? Well, it actually depends on your hand placement on the ball and also how you use your guide hand while shooting. Maybe a question is rising in your mind that, what’s the best placement of your shooting hand on the basketball? If your are thinking this placement may be in front if the ball or at the side of the ball then you are totally wrong!

Your hand position must be below the ball; the elbow will also be under the ball in a straight position and bring the ball in front if your face. Also, keep in mind that, you need to keepa minimum gap between the palm of the shooting hand and the ball.If you prepare to shoot the ball with such position of your shooting hand and then throw the ball towards the basket that will rotate the ball quickly which will surely help it going into the basket.

For rotation of the ball, you need to have your wrist with your hand on top/behind the basket. Not only that, you must place your guide hand on the side of the ball. That will allow your ball to have a backspin and rotation. While shooting another thing that you need to keep in your mind is the less movement that you have in your shots, the better off you will be.

3. Aiming at the basket

Preparation of shooting has been completed. Now you are almost ready for shooting, but what about your aim/target? Is it ready? Look, while shooting the ball your elbow should be placed at the eye level. Without proper alignment of your shooting elbow, a perfect shot can’t be imagined.Then just release the ball with a little bit movement of your wrist, which ensures some backspin of the ball, and thus the ball hits the hoop or backboard.

Your index and middle finger should be the last finger touching the ball before release. Talking about the rotation of the ball and how it actually affects your shoot? Simply, the more rotation you have in the ball, the more you get chances of the basket the ball in. For doing this, you need to have an optimal arc. Another question may arise in your mind, that why targeting or aiming the basket is so important?

Again I will give a simple answer of this. The more you focus in the rim, the more accurate you are going to be and it creates a better chance for you to basket the ball that means shoot a basketball perfectly. You have to target something in or around the rim to basket the ball in. As far as I think, the best to target is somewhere between the middle of the rim and the back if the rim.

Final Words

Lastly, follow these basic steps to be a good shooter of a basketball. But keep in mind that these are only basics, you can play or shoot the ball depending on your own comfort, and actually, that will make you a decentbasketball player, that’s what you want to be!

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