How to size a tennis racket-Tennis racket size guide with chart

If you are thinking about how to size a tennis racket, then I would say you have to measure three parts of the racquet for having the right size. These three parts are the head, the grip, and the length of the racket. Right size combination of these three parts makes a perfect sized tennis racket for you.

How to size a tennis racket

How to size a tennis racket

Tennis racket size

Tennis racket Head size

Size type

Size (inches)



Sweet spot


85 – 96




Mid – plus

97 – 105





106 +




The size of the head is very important for hitting the ball perfectly into the other side of the court. And if you are a beginner in this sport, then you must use a large size head. The Head size of 100 inches or above is preferable for the intermediate level players or the beginners.

Again if you are a skilled player, then you might look for a racket that provides you sweet shots with perfection because this sweet shot-making affects your game a lot and increases or decreases the chances of winning the game. Rackets with a smaller head will offer you easy maneuver, and you can have sweet shots on the opponent’s court. So for skilled or experienced players, small heads are always better.

You will find three sizes of racket heads in the market. These are mid-sized racket head, mid – plus-sized racket head, and oversized racket head. These oversized racket heads are better for the beginners, and the other two sizes are preferable for the experienced players. So you need to choose the size depending on the level of the player.

I have already mentioned about the maneuverability of the rackets that are found by the experienced players in the smaller sized head. There are two more things that you should consider regarding the head size. One is the power, which helps the player to make shots with more powerful shots. Though you have the power on your shots but you might lose control of your shots as the power increases. The less power the racket provides the better control you will have on the ball.

Larger rackets serve powerful shots, but less control. On the contrary, the smaller rackets are better for control. As an experienced player, you would not mind having less power, but without having control of your shots, you can’t deliver the best play that day.

Another thing that is considerable is the hitting surface area. It is quite understandable that players using larger racket heads will find a larger surface for hitting the ball. But smaller heads will not provide them enough hitting surface, so it becomes harder to hit the sweet spot. And to turn attention to the capacity of maneuvering the shot, smaller heads are always better than the larger heads because the larger the head is the more it is difficult to maneuver the shot.

Now let’s make it easier for you to set a clear idea about the head size of tennis rackets with a head size chart.

tennis racket grip size

tennis grip size chart

This is the part that used to grab the racket and make the shots. There are various sizes of grips you will find. But which size is perfect for you depends on your hand size. So depending on the hand size, I have divided the sizes into three categories. These are small handgrips, medium handgrips, and large hand grips.

Three sizes of grips are here in the small handgrips category, 4 inches, 4.125 inches, and 4.25 inches. Then, 4.375 inches and 4.5 inches grips are in the medium hand category. And in the large hand category, there are 4.625 inches and 4.75 inches grips available.

Let’s make it easier for you with a grip size chart.


Grip size (US)

Grip size (UK)

Small hand

4 inches


4.125 inches


4.25 inches


Medium hand

4.375 inches


4.5 inches


Large hand

4.625 inches


4.75 inches


Length of the tennis racket

tennis racket size chart

The length of the racket depends on the age and height of the players mainly. You should not use a long racket if you are a younger player, or you are not up to the mark of using a long sized racket. This will not help you deliver your natural game inside the court, rather it would decrease the level of your performance. The length of the racket affects few things like a reach to the ball, maneuverability of the shots, power behind the shots, and spin.

Now let’s look at the chart below to have a clear idea about the different lengths of rackets.


Height (inches)

Racket length (inches)

1 – 3 years

~ 40 inches


3 – 5 years

40 – 44 inches


6 – 7 years

45 – 49 inches


7 – 9 years

50 – 55 inches


10 – 12 years

55 + inches



Any height

27 – 29

From the above charts, you have already got a clear idea about the sizes of tennis rackets. Now it depends on you for whom and which level of player are you going to buy the tennis racket? The size will always vary depending on the gender and level of players.

These size charts will help them to get an idea about the sizes. Besides, you can use measurement tape if you want to measure the size of the racket on your own. So follow those charts given above and choose the right size of a tennis racket for yourself.

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