Jenga Game Rules

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Jenga is a fun game that requires both physical and mental skills. There are not many rules or regulations to play the game. But you have to follow a few specific rules in order to make the game progress. If I say simply, the games are all about building a tower of blocks and take a block from inside the tower. The game will be played until the tower falls. 

Jenga Game Rules

Jenga game rules

What is Jenga game

Jenga is a block-stacking game that creates excitement among the players. The excitement level rises until the tower built with blocks is fallen. A classic Jenga game requires 54 blocks for making a tower. The blocks should be precisely crafted and made of hardwoods. Each of these blocks is three times as long as it is wide and one fifth as thick as its length. The game of Jenga is played between two or more persons.

Janga game

How to win a Jenga game

 The last player who stacks a block on top of the tower without making it fall is declared the winner of the game. But first, you have to make a tower and then players one by one will remove one block each time and stack it on top of the tower. Thus the game will continue and the excitement will rise until the tower falls.

Jenga game rules

 I have already mentioned that there are no such rules or regulations in a Jenga game. But to continue the game you have to go through a few certain rules because without following the rules there will be no excitement of the game and to give a result will turn out to be very difficult. Now I’m going to discuss the rules of the Jenga game below.

  • Setting up the tower:
  1. The most important part of the Jenga game is to set up the tower. Why is it so important? Well, it is so important because without setting up the tower, you can’t even start the game. So first of all you have to build a tower with the hard wooden blocks. The tower will be made with 18 levels and each level will include 3 blocks.
  2. Now how should we set up a Jenga game tower? Or what procedure should we follow to set up a Jenga game tower? Well, at first you need a loading tray where the foundation of the tower or the first level of the tower is going to set up. You have to clear the space for setting up the tower and then place the loading tray in that place first. 
  3. Now you have to follow certain rules to stack the block on the loading tray. I have already mentioned that there will be 18 levels in the tower and each level will contain 3 blocks. So you have to place three blocks on the loading tray first. Then place again stack three blocks over the first level. Thus you will build a tower consisting 18 levels.
  4. But there is a thing that you should know before stacking the blocks over and over. The angle of the blocks would be opposite from the angle of the previous level. Suppose, you have stacked blocks from east to west in the first level. So the blocks of second-level are needed to be stacked from north to south.
  5. This way you have to stack three blocks in each level and build a tower of 18 levels. After your stacking of blocks is finished remove the loading tray. Remember your tower must stand by itself even after removing the loading tray.
  • Main game play:
  1. Once the tower is built, it’s time to begin the main game play. Here the task is to take a block from the tower and stack it on the top until the tower falls. The person who built the tower gets the first chance to take a block and place it on the top. He can take only on block at a time.
  2. A person can take any block from the tower except the one below the incomplete level of the tower. He can use only hand to remove the block and place it on the topmost level. But yes he can change his hand whenever he likes. As the game proceeds on some blocks will get loose and you can choose the loose ones for removing.
  3. How can you select or choose the loose blocks easily? Well you can touch a block from one hand and check whether it is easy to remove or not. If it is not then replace it in its position and remove the looser one. You have to complete the three-block level for stacking the removed blocks before going to another level. This removing and stacking will continue until the tower falls.
  • Finishing the game:
  1. The game will be finished as soon as the tower falls. The players will be removing blocks and stacking these blocks on the top of the tower. This will affect the construction of the tower and will continue to lose balance. This way, once the tower will completely lose its balance and fall.
  2. The person who makes the tower fall will be the looser of the game. And the person, who successfully stacks the last block on top of the tower, will be declared the winner. The looser of the game will get the opportunity to set the tower for the next game.

So these are the few rules of the Jenga game. If you play this game following these few rules, it will surely increase your excitement as the game progresses. Hopefully you enjoyed knowing about the rules of Jenga game. If you did, then create a fun time with your family and friends by playing Jenga game.

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