Best Kayak seat upgrade

You are maybe not satisfied with the built-in seat that your kayak has. Or feeling discomfort in kayaking with the built-in seat. So it's time to upgrade your kayak seat. In this article, I'll discuss how you can upgrade your kayak seat have a pleasant journey. There will a segment that includes some kayak seats, which can be worth upgrading your kayak seat.

Kayak seat upgrade

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat

Pactrade Marine seat

Yakpads Cushioned Seat Pad

How to upgrade kayak seat?

kayak seat change

You are feeling uncomfortable in your built-in kayak seat and that's why you want to upgrade yours one for more comfort. It would help if you did certain things for upgrading your kayak seat.

Support your lower back part

Before upgrading, you must consider releasing the pain from your back. While kayaking, you might feel back pain, which will create discomfort. So select such a seat that supports your lower back part.

Choose breathable materials

As you are kayaking, it's obvious that your seat will become wet now or then. But if it is made of breathable materials, the seat will become dry very soon, unless this will never give you a relaxed journey and also won't provide relief from the back pain. 

Perfect size

If the seat is too narrow or too wide, you won't feel comfortable in either situation. So first, measure what size of seat the kayaker demands and then choose the right size.

Flexible seat

Except kayaking, you would like fishing or some other fun during the ride. But without a flexible seat, it's impossible. A flexible seat will allow enjoying the journey without any discomfort.

Note: Extra most important equipmnts in for kayaking, kayak sunshade, see out another reviews.

Why upgrade kayak seat

There are a few reasons why you need to upgrade the kayak seat. Let's have a look at them.

  • To relieve you from the back pain that you are having in the built-in seat.
  • The seat is not providing you enough comfort; you would have imagined.
  • The seat isn’t providing you enough flexibility.

Best Kayak seat upgrade

1. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back (Black)


Brand: Ocean Kayak

Weight: 1.74 pounds

This comfortable seat back is made of using UV resistant nylon pack cloth for ensuring excellent durability. This tough nylon construction includes a built-in ventilation system to help to keep any paddler cool and dry. For better adjustment, it has four-way adjustable mounting straps. These adjustable straps on the side allow the paddler to fine-tune the seat to various comfort options. You can have a comfortable full day kayaking with this tall back support. It includes brass swivel buckles for attachment and offers more cushioning than traditional kayak seats.

Key Features

  1. Made of UV resistant nylon pack cloth for durability
  2. 4-way adjustable mounting straps
  3. Includes built-in ventilation system
  4. Includes brass swivel buckles for attachment.

User experience

It has mixed reviews from the users, which neither makes the seat a superb one nor a poor one. Users haven't got disturbed with the size while setting up the seat. The adjustable fasteners cover the whole body properly, regardless of the body size.
However, the problem creates when the fasteners seem to stop working or getting damaged soon. It is most probably a well-cushioned seat for most users. On the contrary, some users have complained about the less cushioning on the back.


  1. It provides ultimate comfort with extra-foam padding.
  2. With the 4-way adjustability, it offers a custom fit to any type of body.
  3. The built-in ventilation system keeps the user dry and cool.
  4. It is a suitable seat for an all-day water ride with cushioned back support.
  5. The reflective logos illuminates the night sky.


  1. The fasteners are cheaply made.
  2. There is a lack of cushioning on the back

2. Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat


Brand: Pactrade Marine

Weight: 8 pounds

This detachable back backpack or bag canoe backrest comes with adjustable front and rear straps. It is designed with a non-slip contoured padded slip surface. You can easily store this detachable bag or backpack as a kayak accessory. Neoprene and 600D polyester have been used to construct this deluxe kayak seat. In the internal layer, it has EVA foam and PE plate. 

Key Features

  1. Adjustable front and rear straps
  2. Non-slip contoured padded slip surface
  3. Neoprene and 600D polyester used as materials
  4. EVA foam and PE plates are used in the internal layer.

User experience

It has a sturdy construction, which enhances the comfort to the next level for the users. The seat has and backrest offers similar padding. However, most users found the sit padding inadequate.

It is an easy-to-install kayak seat using the instruction manual. The snap hooks and straps support the rider throughout the trip. It is suitable for both sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks.


  1. This kayak seat is easy to install. 
  2. The non-slip, padded backrest provides adequate back support.
  3. You can secure the seat using the snap hooks.
  4. It can fit any size of rider because of the adjustable straps.
  5. The detachable bag or backpack allows storing the necessary kayak seat.


  1. The installation instructions are not detailed.
  2. The clips get corroded very early. 

3. Yakpads Cushioned Seat Pad


Brand: Yakpads


This cushioned paddle seat pad is designed for providing optimal versatility. This allows you to fit the seat pad easily on any kayak. It is made of elastomer materials, which is similar to what is used in bicycle seats. However, the seats are firm, but flexible enough that allows it to move while kayaking. These seat pads are gel-filled for full insulation against overly hot or cold seats. From kids to adults, everyone will find comfort sitting in this seat.

Key Features

  1. Made of elastomer materials
  2. The firm, but flexible enough
  3. Gel-filled seats
  4. Provides comfortable kayaking from kids to adults.

User experience

This thicker seat padding on the kayak supports the rider for a long-time. By installing the seat pad, most users find it like a fully cushioned seat. However, there are still a few complaints regarding the back saying that it doesn't offer maximum comfort.

Whether you ride the kayak roughly or gently, it's quite obvious to come in contact with water. But the good thing is the quick-drying design. The user doesn't have to stay on a wet sit and feel discomfort.


  1. The padding provides proper lumbar support to the user.
  2. The user finds adequate insulation with the gel-filled seat.
  3. With the adjustable stabilizer straps, one can find the most perfect fit.
  4. The elastomer materials virtually eliminate pressure points.
  5. It has a quick-dry design to ensure maximum comfort in the river.


  1. It doesn’t offer proper back support.
  2. It is not a waterproof kayak seat.

4. GCI Outdoor SitBacker Adjustable Canoe Seat with Back Support


Brand: GCI

Weight: 3 pounds

This adjustable canoe seat comes with patented single buckle auto fold technology with portage lock shoulder strap for easy folding and carrying. It has a dual buckle bench attachment and storage pocket. It is made of using high-quality materials and patented back comfort technology is used for ensuring customized reclining. The seat support weight up to 250 pounds. The width of the seat is 16.5 inches and the seat strap length is 17 inches. 

Key Features

  1. Made of highest quality materials
  2. Patented single buckle auto fold technology
  3. Dual buckle bench attachment and storage pocket
  4. Easy folding and transport.

User experience

The use of high-quality materials provides a sturdy setup on almost any type of kayak. However, it is quite a lightweight one even after coming with quality construction. Any user can set the canoe seat within 30 seconds.
Most users find it an ideal choice for all-day-long use. It can support and ensure better comfort on the trip. However, there has been some issue noticed about ripping off the fabric.


  1. You can conveniently connect it to a canoe seat.
  2. The auto-folding technology with portage lock shoulder design provides convenient transportation. 
  3. The padded back comfort technology provides customized recycling.
  4. It has a padded backrest with built-in lumbar support.
  5. It is easy to open and close.


  1. It is not an adequately durable canoe seat.
  2. The adjustable straps don’t form a snug fit.

5. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back (Black)


Brand: Ocean Kayak

Weight: 1.7 pounds

This comfortable seat back for kayak features more padding, added built-in ventilation system, reflective logos and a taller seat back for additional support. It is made of UV resistant nylon pack cloth to ensure durability. It has got four-way adjustable mounting straps for creating perfect seating comfort. It is designed for ocean kayak's sit on top kayak models. There are brass swivel buckles for attachment in the seat.

Key Features

  1. More padding with an added built-in ventilation system
  2. A taller seat back for additional support
  3. Four-way adjustable mounting straps
  4. A brass swivel buckles for attachment.

User experience

It is undoubtedly a perfect choice for sit-in kayaks. The universal and quality design makes it a perfect choice for any type of kayak. The well-padded design provides a comfortable kayaking experience to the users.
It is a recommended product for those who are searching for an easy-to-use kayak seatback. The cushioned seat is perfect for long-lasting use.


  1. It provides a custom fit using the adjustable 4-way design.
  2. The user will have internal support and structure.
  3. The solid brass clip with stainless steel spring makes it convenient to clip on the set back on the kayak.
  4. It offers enough comfort with the closed-cell EPE foam padding.
  5. It is easy to attach and comfortable.


The seatback is not suitable for old ocean kayak models. 

Cost of kayak seat upgrade

The cost of a kayak seat upgrade ranges from $40 to $65. The cost mainly depends on the design, structure, and padding. Also, different manufacturer launches their seats at a different price range. However, some high-end products might cost you up to $100.

Is there any alternative to kayak seat upgrade

Upgrading a kayak seat means improving the structure and ensuring better comfort. In such conditions, most buyers improve the seat quality by adding a cushioned cover on the seat and add a padded backrest.

But if you are not sure about what would be the performance of the kayak seat after upgrading, you should look for an alternative. The most appreciated alternative to kayak seat upgrade is to change the entire seat and purchase a new one.
There are some specs you need to ensure while buying a new kayak seat to ensure adequate comfort.

  1.  A padded seat for long-lasting comfort.
  2. It should have a padded backrest.
  3. The seat must be easy to install.
  4. It should provide a stable performance.
  5. An adjustable height option helps to find the proper fit.


1. Can one change a kayak seat?

Yes, one can change or replace a kayak seat as long as the new one properly fits on the kayak. An improper fitting will only lead to an uncomfortable experience. 

2. Why cushioned kayak seat is necessary?

For all-day long kayaking, cushioned kayak seat is necessary. A cushioned and padded seat with a backrest will support the user till he is kayaking. 

3. Are kayak seats universal? 

Nope, every kayak seat is not universal. However, there are many well-constructed kayak seats available that offer universal fitting. 

4. Which feature makes the kayak seat fitted for many users? 

Kayak seats with adjustable straps are the only reason why it fits any size of the body. It prevents the user to look for different seat sizes for different users. 

Final words

So I think you have already understood why you need to change or upgrade your kayak seat. And the products I have mentioned are selected which can be worth of choice. I hope for happy kayaking with an upgraded seat.

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