Top Kayak storage ideas indoor and outdoor

Kayaking is a kind water sport, which has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. On average, around 13 million people participate in kayaking every year and this has made the sport more popular than other water sports. But most kayakers face difficulties regarding the storage of his kayak.

I’m here with some best ideas which will help the kayakers to store their kayaks in both indoor and outdoor conditions. You can protect your kayak from getting damaged because of the rough weather by storing them is the right place. And I’ll also suggest a few types of equipment, which you will need to store your kayak.

Kayak storage ideas

Ajillis 71 Kayak Storage Rack

Pelican Double Kayak Storage Strap System

StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack

Why you need to store your kayak

The main reason why you need to store your kayak is to save it from any kind of damage. There are some other reasons that you need to know if you are thinking about why I need to store my kayak instead of putting this anywhere on the ground. I’m providing the reasons below concerning the safety of your kayak indoors and outdoor.

  • Saving from damage: Here damage means losing its original shape or getting deformed. If you don’t store your kayak properly, it will anyhow lose the original shape. Keeping your kayak just on the ground won’t help you out in this regard. Inappropriate storing can also cause your kayak to get scratched somehow. You have to measure the weight, what your kayak can bear and then store it in such a way that doesn’t add any pressure on it.
  • Saving from rough weather: Another reason behind storing your kayak is to save it from different rough weather conditions. You have to save your kayak from getting damaged because of extreme heat or cold. Extreme sunshine is bad for any kind of material. If you are storing the kayak outside then you have to take proper measures to save it from this sunshine.
  • During the winter season and monsoon, there is cold outside. The rainy and the snowy weather could do several damages to your kayak. It can weaken the construction of the kayak, which may lead it to a useless one. So before storing outside, think about taking proper initiatives to save your kayak from these rough weather conditions.
  • Confirming safety: What kind of safety do I mean? Actually, I meant the safety of both of you and your kayak. A kayak is heavyweight water equipment, which can carry a heavy load, of course. So it’s quite obvious that your kayak is capable of hurting someone if it is not properly stored.
  • Another safety is from the thieves. You can’t keep an eye on your kayak all time. To keep it safe from the thieves, it’s better to store it indoor. But if you lack space, you have to do this outdoor and have to store it securely, which won’t give a chance to the thieves to steal your favorite kayak.

How to store kayak indoor

To store your kayak indoor you have to do a few things. Here I’ll discuss these things and also provide you with some ideas to store your kayak indoors.

  1. First, you have to select the location having enough space for storing your kayak. Choosing a large space is going to make it easier to store the kayak.
  2. Before storing it, you have to make it clean. After a long kayaking session, it’s obvious to become dirty and that’s why you need to clean it.
  3. Cover up your kayak before storing it finally. A full cover will protect it from several rough conditions.
  4. Now decide how you are going to store your kayak, horizontally or vertically. But remember not to store it flat on the ground.

Now here are some ideas of storing your kayak indoors.

  • Ceiling racks: If you are looking to hang your kayak on top of your head and want to have a look at that before closing your eyes at night, a ceiling rack will be the best option for storing your kayak. Straps and clips are used to store the kayak on the ceiling and you have to choose a strong rope for holding the weight of your kayak.
  • Wall mounting racks: Simply mount your kayak on the wall with the help of a wall mounting rack and save space inside your home. But this wall-mounted rack needs to be sturdy enough.
  • Freestanding racks: Freestanding racks are usable in both indoor and outdoor conditions. You don’t have to mount this rack nor on the wall neither on the ceiling. However, it requires more space than wall-mounted and ceiling racks.

How to store kayak outdoor

When you are lacking enough space inside your home, you have to store your kayak outdoor. For this, you need to ensure the safety of your kayak at first. You need to select a large space that can comfortably keep your kayak safe.

For storing your kayak outside you have to make a small home for it similar to a tent. Remember, I told you about the safety of your kayak. You need to cover up the kayak before storing it. The home or tent you are making the need to be strong and have the capability of keeping the kayak safe from rough weather.

Some equipment suggestion (Best)

Ajillis 71 Kayak Storage Rack, Gray: This kayak storage rack can hold up to six kayaks. It is very easy to assemble. It can hold a kayak of 11 inches in length quite comfortably.

Pelican Double Kayak Storage Strap System: This kayak storage is easy to use with stainless steel heavy duty carabiners and a D-ring closure system. It comes with two fully adjustable straps to hang your kayaks. It is easy to install.

StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack: The two-sided rack provides you double storage to store more kayaks. It can hold 150 pounds in total and is easy to assemble.

Webbing Boat Hanger Strap (outdoor): This adjustable hanger includes, 2 webbing straps with heavy-duty side squeeze buckles. Paddle hangers are adjustable Velcro loops.

Best Marine Folding Kayak Storage Racks (outdoor): This lightweight kayak storage rack is foldable and portable. You can use it in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It is 16 inches tall and has a holding capacity of 100 pounds.

Final words

Now decide where you are going to store your kayak, indoor or outdoor, and then take an idea among the above-given ideas. You can choose the required equipment from the suggestions if you like.

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