How long can you keep water in an inflatable pool ?

Regardless of the size of an inflatable pool, you can keep the water fresh and germ-free for up to 24 to 72 hours a maximum. After this, it becomes almost mandatory to clean the water in the pool for the sake of health safety.

In stagnant water, bacteria are created when it is left unused for a long time. This becomes more critical when someone doesn’t want to use any chemicals in the water to keep the water fresh. The water doesn’t remain fresh after 24 hours and becomes inappropriate for use.

How long can you keep water in an inflatable pool

Can you keep water in an inflatable water pool?

Nope, you can’t keep water in an inflatable water slide as long as you don’t use any chemical or sanitizer. Safe water is mandatory for safer swimming. After a certain period, the water in both small and large pools becomes dirty. It increases the attacks of bacteria in the water.

Wise persons do prefer changing the water of the inflatable pools. In the smaller ones, it is an easy task to drain the unsafe water and then refill it. But the whole task becomes a hassle when it is a giant-sized water pool.

The growth of bacteria could harm the swimmers and create several health issues. To ensure a safe and sound swimming experience on a hot summery day, you shouldn’t keep the water in the inflatable pool for a long time. Rather, try replacing the water as soon as possible.

How long one can leave water in an inflatable pool?

According to most experts, one should clean or remove the water from an inflatable pool after every use. This means, leaving the water in the pool for a long time is never a wise thing. When you are letting the kids go into the water and swim, it should always be kept safer for them.

Until the pool water is safe, you can use it for swimming. But typically, the water supports bacterial growth after 24 hours to 72 hours. This number depends on the size of the pool. However, using chlorine or other types of chemicals in the water could ensure the safety of the water to a great extent.

What happens if you keep water in the inflatable pool?

If you leave the water unchanged for too long in the inflatable pool, it can cause several damages to the kids and other swimmers. Hampering health is the main consequence of keeping used water in the pool for a long time.

Growth of germs: Through the continuous swims from the kids, the water can easily get dirty and anything dirty makes a suitable environment for germs growth. This even happens rapidly in the pool water. Because of the germs, kids can feel itchy on their skin.

Even if they swallow the water somehow, it could create much disturbing situation inside the pool. Also, after coming out of the pool it is quite obvious to get sick.

Bacterial attack: Dirty and unsafe water is another ideal home for bacteria. The chances of bacterial attack rise when you don’t want to use any kind of chemical in the water to maintain safety. But sometimes, this makes the water prone to bacterial growth.

This is why it becomes necessary to quickly remove and refill the pool with fresh water. It can certainly stop the bacteria attack, which could prevent several health issues of the swimmers as well.

Several diseases: When someone is swimming in dirty and unsafe water, he can easily become the victim of several diseases. Swallowing dirty water can create problems in the stomach. The growth of germs and bacteria could also result in vomiting and diarrhea for the young swimmers.

How long can water stay in an inflatable pool?

The length of water staying in an inflatable pool depends on two things. The first one is the size of the pool and the second one is the usage of chemicals in the water. However, on average, the water can stay fresh from 24 to 72 hours in a medium-sized, chemical-free inflatable pool.

Size of the pool: Bigger pools are difficult to clean off and refill. Typically, inflatable pool owners try using chemicals and sanitize the pool water than changing it frequently. On the other hand, the water in the small pool gets dirty soon. It becomes more important to change it quickly.

So comparing bigger and smaller pools, the smaller pool gets dirty soon and the water stays fresh for less time in these pools.

Use of chemicals: One can increase the water staying length in a pool by sanitizing the water using chemicals or chlorine. However, using chemicals isn’t always a good method for cleaning the pool water. It also has some disadvantages compared to natural cleaning services.

On the contrary, you can keep the water fresh for 1 to 3 days without using any chemical.

How to keep an inflatable pool clean?

Keeping an inflatable pool clean is mandatory to maintain the good health of the young swimmers. But many of the owners spend their days thinking about the methods of cleaning pool water. Well, there are some simple methods to do this job efficiently.

Removing the leaves or other things in the water: If there are trees around the pool, it is a common thing that the water will get dirty because of the leaves. Also, when kids used to play inside it, they will always make it dirty this way or that way. Try removing the leaves or other things that have fallen in the water to keep it fresh and clean.

Using a cover when unused: If the pool isn’t that big, and you feel it a tough job changing the water regularly, you should rather put on a pool cover on. The cover will ensure protection over this compact-sized inflatable pool. It won’t anything make the water dirty.

Sanitizing the water: A great way to keep the water clean is to sanitize it. There are double opinions regarding this method as some guys using the chemical for sanitizing is a harmful thing. But by applying chlorine or another sanitizing chemical will ensure the freshness of the water for an extended period.

Refilling with fresh water: It is possibly the best and safest way to keep the water clean. The water of a small inflatable pool gets dirty after every use and it is never a safe position for the kids to swim in such water. So without making any delay, the owner should replace the water.

Water in an inflatable pool without chlorine

If you ask whether it is necessary to use chlorine on inflatable pool water or not, the simplest answer will be no. The reason behind this negative answer is that chlorine isn’t the only method to ensure the freshness and safety of the water. There are some other methods as well.

Applying salt: In place of chlorine, one can use salt as the best possible alternative in the water to make the water stay fresh longer. Food-grade salt is also a far safer element compared to chlorine.

Frequent change: Another method of keeping water fresh and clean is to change the water frequently, rather than applying chlorine and sanitizing it. If you want to love make a Slip n Slide with long Tarp see this post.

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