How long is a tennis court- Court dimensions

I believe that in sports like tennis, badminton, pickleball, volleyball, etc. you need to know the size of the court before going to play inside the court. That’s why I’m writing this article for you to give you a clear idea about the size or dimension of a tennis court. A tennis court is 78 feet long.

how long is a tennis court

how long is a tennis court

If you measure this 78 feet long tennis court in meters, then the length stands 23.77 meters. The length always remains the same for both singles and doubles matches. But the width of the court changes a bit. In singles matches, the width of the court is 27 feet or 8.23 meters and in doubles matches, the width is 36 feet or 10.97 meters.

tennis court dimensions

The shape of a tennis court

Though the width of a tennis court differs a bit in case of singles and doubles matches, but the length remains the same and so as the shape of the court. A tennis court is rectangular in size. This rectangular court is divided into two parts with a net set in the middle of the court. Besides, the court has many other parts drawn inside. Now let’s discuss the dimension of a tennis court in detail.

Tennis court dimension

A rectangular-shaped tennis court is 78 feet or 23.77 meters long and 36 feet or 10.97 meters wide for doubles, but 27 feet or 8.23 meters wide for a singles match. The full playing area of the tennis court is 2,808 square feet or 260.9 square meters for double matches. For singles matches, the overall area is 2,106 square feet or 195.7 square meters.

Clearance space

There should also be clearance space for the safety of the players. The clearance space provided for the safety of the players around the court is 21 feet or 3.66 meters behind both baselines and 12 feet or 6.4 meters for the sides of the court. These free spaces or clearance areas are given because the tennis players have to chase the ball coming outside the court boundary.

So if there is not enough clear space for them, they won’t be able to chase and return the ball perfectly. If a tennis court doesn’t have a minimum size of clearance area any kind of accident or injury can happen to the player. The total area that is required for the court and clearance space is 7,200 square feet or 668.9 square meters.

Well, to discuss the dimension of a tennis court and present them to you I have divided the court in few areas. Now I’m going to briefly discuss these areas of a tennis court.


 This is one of the important areas, or you can say part of a tennis court. It has divided the court into two equal sides. The official height of a net to set up inside a tennis court is 3 feet or 0.9 meters in the center. But at the side or net posts, the height of the net is 3.5 feet or 1.1 meters.

The net is set up with the help of two net posts. These net posts are 3 feet outside the doubles and singles court on each side. The net used in a tennis court is made of using a material called twisted polyethylene. The net is then set up stretching across the full width of the court area.

Service area

Where the player has to serve a ball is called the service area. If the player fails to serve the ball in this area then the service is called a fault service. There are two service courts in a tennis court. The area of these service courts is 21 by 27 square feet. The area of each service court is 283.5 square feet or 26.3 square meters.

These service courts are also divided into two parts. The part which is on the right side is called the deuce court. When the tennis game score comes to 40 – 40 or deuce, the player serves from this court to gain the advantage point. After having the ad point they move to the left side, which is called the ad court. They serve from this court to win the game by gaining one point.


 This is the ending line of each side of the court. There is a total of two baselines in a tennis court. From these lines services are made by the players. Each baseline is 39 feet away from the net.

No man’s land

It is the most risky area for the players. This area is drawn between the service area and the baseline on each side of the court. The area is 18 feet or 5.5 meters × 27 feet or 8.2 meters. This no man’s land area is 486 square feet or 45.2 square meters.


The centerline of a tennis court is 4 inches or 0.1 meters long, that divides the court into two equal parts.

Singles sidelines

 It is the outer edge of the court during singles matches. And the width of the court is 27 feet during a singles match.

Doubles sidelines

The outer edge for doubles matches and the doubles court is 36 meters wide.

Doubles alley

As the width of double and single matches are not the same, so there remains an extra area during singles matches. That area between doubles and singles sidelines is known as doubles alley.

That’s the full dimension of a tennis court. So a tennis court is 78 feet or 23.77 meters long.


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