How to make a DIY fast sling puck game board?

The vacation is knocking at the door, and you want to share the fun with your family during this period. But without any board game, it seems the fun time remains incomplete. However, there isn’t any board game available right now!

But if you have spare wood and some necessary tools, you can easily make a DIY game board. Today we’re going to discuss how you can make a DIY fast sling puck game board without purchasing one.

The game board will enhance your fun during the vacation. So, let’s get into the process quickly.

What materials do you need for the DIY project?

For the project, you will need different sizes of wood, nails, and bungee cords. Here’s the specified list of the required materials that will let you finish the project successfully.

  1. Large 0.25 inches thick plywood board.
  2. 0.75 inches thick plywood.
  3. 1.5 inches wooden dowel rod.
  4. Two bungee cords.
  5. Nails for attachment.

The large plywood board is here for the surface. There’s isn’t any definite measurement required while choosing the wood. However, it should be ¼ inches thick for better performance.

Meanwhile, the second wooden piece should be a bit thicker. It is because this piece will be used as the frame and the middle block. Again, you need nails to attach these things together.

Moreover, another dowel rod piece is necessary to make the pucks. It is 1.5 inches thick, and it can also be 1.25 inches. You will attach each bungee cord at the end of the board.  

What are the tools required to make a fast sling puck game board?

Although the process seems a hassle-free one, you need several tools to get it done. Check out the following list to make you ready for the further process.

  1. Safety goggles
  2. Gloves
  3. A drill
  4. Jigsaw
  5. Table saw
  6. Miter saw
  7. Nail gun
  8. A measuring tape
  9. Marker or pencil
  10. Wood glue

Wearing safety goggles and gloves is part of the preparation for the work. Without ensuring, you should get into a job with such heavy tools. However, these various numbers of saws will come in handy to cut the wood.

The nail guns are to insert the nails and attach the frame and other parts. Mark the portions you want to cut with a pencil or marker. Again, measuring tape allows taking the correct measurement.

Making a fast sling puck game board

After you have gathered everything, you are there to begin it all with. Follow the below steps, and let’s gift a homemade fast sling puck game board to your family members in this vacation.

  1. Take the larger plywood.
  2. Cut it 16 inches by 20 inches.
  3. Take the other wooden board.
  4. Make two 20 inches pieces.
  5. Also, make three 15 inches pieces.
  6. Take one of the 15 inches wooden pieces.
  7. Cut 2.25 inches in the middle of the wood.
  8. Take the two 20 inches wooden pieces.
  9. Mark 2.75 inches from the end and 0.5 inches from the bottom.
  10. Drill 0.25 inches holes on both pieces.
  11. Attach the two longer pieces on the board surface using glue.
  12. Attach two 15 inches wooden pieces with the larger ones.
  13. Mark the center of the board.
  14. Place and attach the remaining 15 inches piece.
  15. Cut two bungee cords of the same size.
  16. Attach these two on both ends of the board.
  17. Take the dowel rod.
  18. Cut 16 pieces of wooden pucks.
  19. Lastly, you can put color on the board and pucks if you want.

Was that a difficult process? I hope that it wasn’t because the above steps have made this entire daunting process a hassle-free one. You need to make the surface of the board first up. The ideal dimension is 16 by 20 inches.

However, if you can collect larger plywood and have enough space in the home, you can go for a larger one as well. But the measurement of the other pieces will also be affected because of this.

After you have made the surface, it’s time to cut the other wooden pieces and make the frame. Four sides including two 15 inches pieces and two 20 inches pieces are required for this.

However, another 15 inches piece is necessary for the middle block. This piece needs to have a gap for sure. Use nails and nail guns to connect the 15 and 20 inches pieces together and make the frame.

Meanwhile, to attach these pieces to the surface, use wooden glue. You can make a knot or use two sticks on two sides to attach the bungee cords.

The last thing in the entire project is to make the pucks, and without pucks, the board remains useless anytime. It’s better to make pucks that are 0.5 inches in diameter. The diameter depends on the gap the center block wooden piece has.

If you have done the things I have described, you are ready to go on and enjoy the fast-sling puck game right now.

Is it possible making one using cardboard?

It may be tough to find that many spare wooden pieces at a time. Moreover, it’s the toughest job to get all these heavy-duty tools to cut, attach and make a wooden game board. However, you can ease the process with cardboard.

Getting cardboard isn’t a daunting task for sure. Also, you can make a bigger game board with whatever design you want in there. The process is similar to the wooden board but needs fewer tools.

The surface, frame, center block, everything is made of cardboard. You can measure these pieces using even a ruler. Moreover, cutting these pieces with scissors is a lot easier than using different saws and drills.

Manage two rubbers, a stick, and a safety pin to make the bungee cord. Set up the pucks on the board, and you are ready to go. 

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