How To Make A Saran Wrap Ball Game For Christmas And Party

Keep the best Christmas gift in the center and then continue wrapping to give it a ball shape. You must add different kinds of stuff while you are making several layers overs the ultimate gift. This can be an exciting game for the kids during Christmas or any parties in the home. The participants will unwrap the ball and try to reach the ultimate prize.

How to make a saran wrap ball

What is a saran wrap ball

Saran wrap ball is a ball unwrapping ball and getting exciting gifts while you are unwrapping. The game is pretty easy and exciting for the kids, and the guy making this stuff creates the game’s real excitement. The ball is made up of several exciting goodies inside and the players try to unveil these goodies.

The game’s object is to peel off the wraps one by one and find out what’s placed in the ball’s center. During the peeling, what ever stuff falls in front of the player is his own. It is a fine game for the kids to have fun at parties.

Things you might need to make a saran wrap ball

You need two types of stuff to make the saran wrap ball, the plastic wrap and the goodies.

Plastic wrap

This is the thing that keeps all the pieces of stuff together and gives it a round shape. You will find several lengths of plastic wraps in the market, but you need to choose what will be a perfect length for collecting your pieces of stuff. The length of the wrap and how big the ball willdepend on the final stuff’s size largely.

Saran Premium Plastic Wrap, 100 Sq Ft can provide you a medium size saran wrap ball. This wrap can be used in both cold and hot temperatures. It Blocks out air and keeps in moisture to prevent freezer burn. It also creates a more substantial barrier to keep moisture in and avoid the transfers of odors.

However, I don’t think only 100 square feet of wrap is enough for a party size saran ball because it won’t be able to hold enough goodies inside. So I would instead suggest you buy 2 pieces of this stuff and wrap it around the goodies.


 The most exciting part of a saran wrap ball is the goodies included inside it. Well, there is no rule of inserting this or that kind of stuff in the ball. So you can collect anything you like inside the ball and make the ball bigger and bigger.

You should fill the center of the ball with some cool stuff that any kids might love to have, like money with some candies and small toys. After putting several layers on that stuff, you need to add more stuff like gift cards, cookies, coins, rings, bracelets, etc.

You can add Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Bulk Variety Party Pack Lollipop Suckers after the first layer around the main prize. There are 12 bags, where each bag includes 3 individually-wrapped shelf-stable Ring Pop lollipops per bag make them great pantry items. These candy gems contain 3 mouth-watering fruity flavors: Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry.

A candy pack like Lindt LINDOR Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffles Kosher, 60 Count Box would certainly be liked by every kid. It delivers a unique chocolate experience offering a distinctly smooth and creamy, gourmet taste. When the kids break its chocolate shell, LINDOR starts to melt and so will they.

What kind of chocolate or gum are you still searching for? It might be Mentos Chewy Mint Candy Roll, Cinnamon, Non-Melting, Party, 14 Pieces. Feel some refreshing time by chewing the candies. While wrapping this stuff, you can add different tastes to make the participants feel more thrills.

You should never add only one chocolate or candy inside one layer. Instead, put a few pieces of Ferrero Rocher Collection, Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolates with other sweets from your collection. These chocolates come with a crunchy specialty with a velvety hazelnut cream filling. You will find a delicious combination of tastes and textures from a fine wafer and creamy,fluffy cocoa filling to dark chocolate covered hazelnut at its heart

Process of making a saran wrap ball

Saran Wrap Ball

It depends on the saran wrap ball maker, how interesting the kids will find to play the game. That’s why a maker should follow a few steps.

  • First, gather the pieces of stuff you have bought to wrap inside the ball.
  • Now take the plastic wrap. You can use a colorful wrap or a simple colorless wrap in this regard.
  • Bring out the first layer from the wrap and keep it on the table. Then put the stuff you are supposed to keep as the final prize. The bigger the stuff is, the giant ball you will get. You can use a small box to put in several kinds of stuff and then wrap it around. That will be cool for sure.
  • Wrap it simply around the stuff, don’t just twist it after a few wraps. But keep this in mind, you should not wrap it too simply, that anyone can easily find out the final stuff.
  • Then after the first layer is complete, put some other stuff and make another layer. Then continue to put things in every layer until all the kinds of stuff you have bought are finished, including.
  • You are making might not look like a ball; that’s why you should wrap it from different directions. And you can also put slight pressure around the thing with your palms to give it a proper shape.

Saran wrap ball game rules

Well, it’s a pretty simple game to play if you have made the large ball.

  • Tell all the participants to stand around a table in a circular way.
  • Except for the saran wrap ball, you need a pan and two dice to play the game.
  • Now randomly give the ball to a player and begin to unwrap the ball’s layer. He can’t tear the wrapping; he is only allowed to peel it off. If someone tears it, he will be eliminated.
  • While the first player is peeling the wrap, the player next to him will have the pan with two dice. He will try to roll doubles to get possession of the ball. As soon as he rolls double, he will get the ball and the next player to him will get the pan and the dices.
  • The game will continue until the final prize is discovered through unwrapping. Typically saran game runs for 10 minutes approximately. Players will get the kinds of stuff that fall in front of them while peeling the wrap.

Final words

Make a large saran wrap ball for the next party and provide your kids with a fun time. The kid with the final prize will be the winner of the game, of course.

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