How to make a zip line and safety

Are looking for some adventure time in your backyard and want to bring out the same thrill you had in your childhood? I can suggest you make a zip line to go for a ride in your backyards. You need to have a couple of trees to make the zip line and install it in your backyard. In this article, I’ll show you how you can make your zip line to create adventurous leisure time in your backyard. Safety is the thing you need also to look at in this regard. Because, your kids will fancy riding in the zip line and if it is not safe enough, then it won’t be appropriate for them. I’ll also discuss how you can ensure the safety of your zip line.

How to make a zip line

What is Zip Line

Zipline is a kind of line that is made of cable, of course, a strong and durable cable. The cable is inclined with an elevator that takes the rider from one place to another through the zip line. It has a harness or seat built-in for the rider to feel comfortable during the ride. If you haven’t ride something like this, you will feel a bit scared first up. But as time goes, the scariness will reduce from you and will make you feel great. The elevator or pulley attached to the zip line or cable will pull you through the gravity. This will provide you an adventurous feel like a Tarzan!

How to make a zip line

If you have become bored by keeping inside your home in the holidays, then you should come out and make a zip line in your backyard. You can easily make this if you follow the steps I’m going to provide below.

• The first thing you need to do for making a zip line is to choose the location. Well, I was talking about making a zip line in your backyard and I think no place is better than your backyard for making your zip line.

• Now find two trees that are in one serial. While choosing the trees, keep in mind that these need to have the ability to carry the weight of one or two persons. So choose two strong trees to connect the cable.

• If you don’t find any trees like that, you can choose two strong objects for making your zip line.

• There is another you must keep in mind that, the distance between two trees or objects should range from 50 to 500 feet.

• Now it’s time to choose a cable depending on the distance between the trees. The cable you are selecting must be enough in length, which allows you to attach it with the two trees not too much tight. If it not enough in length and you have to attach it tightly then there is always a risk of accidents.

• Now it’s time to attach the cable you have brought to make the zip liner. Choose one tree to attach tothe end of the cable first. Then wrap the tree with the cable several times to make it safer. After several circular wrappings, use a strong clamp to attach the cable with the tree finally.

• Do the same task with the second tree and tighten the clamp of both sides of the cable.

• Now attach a pulley or elevator in the cable, which will provide you an adventurous ride.

• Well to have a more comfortable ride, you should add a harness or seat in the pulley. This will provide your kids with more comfort and a safe ride.

• That’s it; your backyard zip line is ready for the ride. Now you along with your family members can enjoy a pleasant afternoon in your backyard with this zip line. 

Zipline equipment for personal safety

zipline safety

There are a few pieces of equipment that you need to have personally to ensure safety during zip lining. We will talk more about the safety issues of the zip line in the upcoming section of the article, but now let’s look at the pieces of equipment you need for ensuring personal safety.


A strong pulley or elevator is a must thing to ensure a safe and sound zip-lining journey. A broken or damaged pulley can cause accidents at any time, which may not the thing you want.


A harness or seat will certainly add more safety to your zip line. Although you can ride by holding the pulley, having a harness will release a lot of pressure from it. And you will also have a pleasant ride.


If anyhow an accident occurs, you can keep your head safe by wearing a helmet. So before thinking of having an adventurous ride, buy a helmet to keep your head safe from unwanted accidents.

Zipline safety

Except for personal safety equipment, there are some other steps you can take to increase the safety of your zip line.

• Take help from a professional: While making and installing your zip line, you can consult a person who has quite a lot of experience in this field. He can suggest a better way to build a safe zip line.

• Choose strong trees: The most important thing is to choose trees that are well strong and sturdy.

• Testify before riding: After you have completed making the zip line, you need to ride on it immediately. First, you need to testify whether it is capable of carrying your weight or not.

• A final checkout: Check the cable, pulley, seat and everything thoroughly for the last time before the ride. If there is anything broken or needed to be fixed then do it. All these measures can ensure a safe zip line ride, of course.

Final words

Now gather the equipment to make your zipline and don’t forget to ensure safety by following the safety measures I have given above. Happy Zip lining guys.


  1. Protecting Zip-Line Workers .pdf

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