Orange theory cost

Orange theory cost: The fitness code and its cost

How often do you visit your gym? Not so frequently. And this happens because of the shortage of your time. Most people don’t have that great amount of time to keep the workout routine sustained. Therefore, you need an advanced level of exercise that keeps you going all day.

Orangetheory Fitness is the tracker of your health that ensures your workout potentiality thoroughly. The membership and the courses and sessions of Orangetheory have a variety of prices.

The Orange theory membership starts as low as $59 for the basic (4 classes) and can go up to $280(Premium) or more depending on where you take the course from.

To learn more regarding the cost related to Orangetheory Fitness classes read the article till the end. Hope you get some valuable information on your purpose.    

More on Orangetheory

The fitness franchise has grown rapidly over the year. To get the best out of your workout, Orangetheory is about to work through the physiological term EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), or called the after-burn effect. Exercise is targeted to be on the highest heart rate and for around 12 minutes. It is said to improve endurance and overall health condition the EPOC acts more effectively than any other.

In a one-hour workout at OTF, it is claimed that you will burn 500 calories. You will be coached with cardiovascular and intense exercises that require treadmills, rowing machines, TRX straps, and other tougher pieces of equipment.

Orangetheory Fitness cost

Since the franchise is offering a greater scheme of workout and exercise that is heavily equipped with stress and muscular activities, they are offering a variety of courses and sessions. The cost is mostly dependent on the region you take the courses from. According to the latest pricing of Gym Membership Fees Orangetheory sessions and classes costs are given below.





Initiation fee




Monthly fee




Cancellation fee




Here, the Basic session will have 4 sessions per month and the Elite session is going to take 8 sessions at the same time. But, the Premiere session will provide you with an unlimited amount of sessions. All the session costs are given for a single individual only.

An additional $18 session can be booked for further improvement of the workout sessions.

The session package pric4es are also given underneath to give a better visual of the cost.

No. of sessions


10 sessions


20 sessions


30 sessions


The cost of the 1st 10 sessions is dropped by $28 recently. So, a more saving option is available now. The franchise is offering their primary sessions at a lower price to feed the clients the potentiality of the exercise. 

Why Orangetheory fitness?

There are so many good reasons to be an OTF member for health-conscious persons. Investing in health is important to stay put on track. So, it would be wise to decide to be a part of the OTF. Since Orangetheory works most effectively and scientifically, you will have the desired result out of your workout per session.

The complementary aspects to join OTF are described briefly to encourage you in the sessions and the classes.

Short and simple workout

Orangetheory is more than an exercise and fitness franchise. In the three-step fitness technique, the training gets the complete workout done. Rowing, Cardio, and Strength are the three steps of the training.

Rowing is the mild section of the workout that warms you up for a further and more intense workout. It gets your blood flowing with multiple muscle movements.

Cardio is the next and the start-up of the intense part. This will maintain heart rate and intake enough oxygen in the heart.

Finally, the ‘Strength’ part of the workout ensures growing more muscle and burning calories to lose weight yet increases your strength.

Personal training

Through couches, the individuals are well taken care of for their exercises. Personal trainers are available to help understand the cause and the right workout one needs. Orangetheory Fitness ensures each individual knows the correct form of their exercise.

Relevant training guidelines are also provided by the couches. The fitness franchise provides competitive and knowledgeable coaches.  

Quality equipment

All the Orangetheory studios are equipped with class one leading equipment. They provide the trainee with enough of the equipment necessary for their all-around exercise.

In-studio shops

Orangetheory is not just a fitness charter. It also provides a brand within itself. Members get custom outfits and accessories. Custom trackers especially made for the members will also identify the individuals who are not a member of the group. It is merchandise that gained its own identity through the pieces of equipment it provides.

Covid-19 afterward

In this devastating epidemic condition of the world, affected by Coronavirus, the franchise has made some changes in some in-studios regulations. Though, they all support the state guidelines.

All the studios are now kept with more antiseptic liquids and sprays accommodated. Members are instructed to maintain social distance and put a mask on their faces while in the studio.

Anti-bacterial solutions are necessary to have with each individual.

As for the Covid-19 situation, Orangetheory has taken all the measurements that are asked by the state government. 


Why Orangetheory is superior comparing other gym options?

Ans. This provides you with the most effective and long-lasting exercise methods. Your physique will get stretched throughout the workout sessions which will keep the oxygen and blood circulation of your body.

How much does it cost for a Basic session?

Ans. A Basic session consists of 4 classes in a month. The classes will cost you around $60 depending on the areas you book the sessions from.

How many classes are taken in an Elite session?

Ans. An Elite session will provide you with 8 classes per month, two a week.

How beneficial is the Premiere session?

Ans. Premiere session offers you an unlimited workout class for a month just at $159.

What is the goal of the franchise?

Ans. Orangetheory is trying to ensure the best vascular system of your body and strengthen it with intra-muscular activities.

Can I book my sessions online?

Ans. Sessions can be booked online. Once the procedure is done, the time and address of the nearby studio will be informed online.


No doubt that the fitness franchise is determined to ensure the most effective workout for the day. Are you ready to take the challenge? Let’s not fear the cost. The sessions are provided in different categories so that you can book one that is in your affordability.

A regular visit to the Orangetheory studios should be enough to keep you from all types of health issues caused by fatigue and bad habits.  

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