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Setting the net at a regulation height is mandatory before starting a pickleball game. Well, that’s why you need to know the height of the net used in pickleball. According to the USPA tournament rule book, the regulation height of the pickleball net is 36 inches at the sidelines and 34 inches in the middle of the court.

If you are going to play pickleball and want to have the best experience or professional level, feel then you need to set your net at this height. If you measure this height in centimeters, then the net height should be 91.44 cm at each end of the court and 86.36 cm at the center of the pickleball court

pickleball net height

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Pickleball Court Dimension

Pickleball game is played in a rectangle size court, and you have to set the net at the center of the court. It divides the court into two parts. According to the USAPA official tournament rule book, this rectangular size court’s dimension is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. This court is used for both single and double pickleball games. So you don’t need to change the dimension of the court or think about the height of the net that is going to be set up at the center of the court.

Pickleball Size & Design of Net

pickleball net height

(source:USAPA)pickleball net height

Many of you might be thinking of what should be the size of the net that I’m going to set up for a pickle ball game. Well, the net you are going to use at least need to be 20 feet long and 3 feet wide. The net will be made of small size mesh. The size of the mesh needs to be small enough that it can easily prevent the ball from passing through the spaces of the net.

There is an adjustable strap that is placed at the center of the pickleball net. This strap is designed at the center of the net to stabilize the net and also assures that the net doesn’t get rusty. Well, you might find some pickleball nets that don’t use the strap at the center, but when you set the net up at the regulation height in the court, you will find that the center part of the net is set a little bit lower.

How to Set Up the Net

But how you going to set this net inside the pickleball court? That’s another thing that you need to know except the height of the net. There are two posts placed for setting the net, which is 12 inches away from the sidelines.

Only having the posts is not enough to set the net. You need a cord or cable to attach the net to these posts. This cord or cable runs through the 2 inches white binding located across the top of the net. Thus you can set up your pickleball net at the exact height through the help of cord or cable.

Regulation height of pickleball net

So I don’t think you guys have any confusion about the regulation pickleball net height either. The regulation height of 20 feet by 3 feet net that made by using mesh is 36 inches or 91.44 cm at each end of the court and 34 inches or 86.36 cm at the center of the court.

Tennis vs. pickleball Net

Pickleball is such kind of game that has been originated mainly from badminton. Thinking about badminton, you can also mention the name of tennis here. Questions like what are the differences between tennis and pickleball net or court size can also rise in your mind easily. Actually, these two games have different courts, and also the height of the net is different.

Tennis court

 Mainly, I’m going to distinguish the difference between the net heights of these two games. But before that, just a few words about the court that you might love to know. A pickleball court is a lot smaller than a tennis court. Though the shape is rectangular but the size differs a lot. The length of a tennis court is 78 feet, and the width is 27 feet in singles game and 36 feet in the doubles game. Whereas, a pickleball court is 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.

Tennis net height

The net of these two games set at a different height. Can you guess which game sets the net in a bit higher position than the other one? Well, let’s don’t bother you. Its tennis where the net is set up a bit higher than the net set up in pickle ball game.

If you want a perfect tennis game, then you have to set up the net at the height of 42 inches at the end of the post-bar sides. Though the height is different, there is a thing that is quite similar to pickleball net height. The middle part of the tennis net is also a bit lower than the side parts, and it 36 inches.

The tennis net attached to the sidebars with the help of cord or metal cable. This cord or metal cables are covered by a hard cotton band that protects the cord or metal cable. The band size should be between 2 to 2.4 inches. So you can easily say that the pickleball net height and tennis net height are not the same at all.

So the height of 20 feet by 3 feet pickleball net is 36 inches or 91.44 cm at the each end of the court and 34 inches or 86.36 cm at the center of the court.


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