What Is The Official Color For Ping Pong Table

There isn’t any specified surface color given from the ITTF, but blue and green are the two most preferred colors on the tabletop of a ping pong table. The dark color allows more visibility of the light color balls and improves playability.

In official tournaments, a white ball is the first choice. Even if it is not white, it should be yellow or orange. And only when the surface of the table is dark, the participants will enjoy proper visibility from the surface.

Ping Pong Table color

What colors are used on ping pong tables

Whether you are buying a cheap ping pong table or a portable ping pong table, you have to ensure having adequate color on the playing surface.

According to the International Table Tennis Federation or ITTF, the surface of the table should have a matte finish. The gloss there shouldn’t be more than 15%. 

In terms of color, they didn’t provide any direct information but said that the table must have a dark coloring surface to meet the official regulations.

There are two reasons behind using a dark color on the surface and prohibiting the use of light color.

The first and most important reason behind this color selection is that 8% of Caucasian males are green or red color blind. It is obvious to interrupt the vision of such players while playing on light color tables. Still, green color is supported to use on the table surface.

However, the most loved color for ping pong playing surface is blue. It doesn’t have any color blinding issues as well. If any color-blind player has to play on a red court, he can never concentrate on his game.

The second reason is the color of the ping pong balls. The lightweight ping pong ball is constructed with lighter colors like white, yellow, and orange. These light color balls offer exquisite bounce on the surface because of their structure.

But if they are not properly visible on the playing surface, it turns out to be a nightmare for the player. Only when the surface color is dark, the participants can have clear visibility and focus on the game properly.

Can I paint my ping pong table?

Yes, you can paint your ping pong table.

By following some simple steps given below.

  1. Before starting the process, you need to collect table tennis paint or chalkboard paint and a painting brush. Make sure the paint is either blue or green.
  2. If there is a net on the table, remove it quickly.
  3. Don’t forget to remove the dust from the surface and clean it properly.
  4. There are boundary lines and a middle line drawn on the surface. You can do two things here, cover the lines and restore them after the painting process is done. Otherwise, you can also put the paint over these lines and create lines at the end of the process. However, I would like to go with the first option.
  5. Now as you are ready to apply the color coating on the surface, start with applying a thicker coating of primer on the tabletop.
  6. Then turn attention to the chalkboard paint or table tennis paint and apply one coat on the primer coating.
  7. After the first coating dries up, put another coating.
  8. If you haven’t covered the lines, then color the lines straight. Otherwise, you can simply uncover lines.
  9. Let the color get set on the surface before you begin to enjoy the game.

Ping pong table dimension

A rectangular table is used in ping pong. According to the official dimension, the table measures 9 feet or 274 cm. in length and 5 feet or 152.5 cm. in width. It stays 2.5 feet or 76 cm high from the ground.

The table is divided into two parts with the net situated in the middle. It is 6 feet in length and 6 inches or 15.25 cm. high from the tabletop. The playing area around the table is also a crucial factor here. The area varies depending on the tournament.

  1. The minimum required area is 19 ft by 11 ft for recreational events.
  2. For local league matches, the area should be 28 ft by 13 ft.
  3. For national league matches, it should be 33 ft by 16 ft.
  4. In international tournaments, the area needs to be 46 ft by 23 ft.

What should be the thickness of the playing surface

To have a consistent bounce on the playing surface, thickness plays the most vital role. Typically, the thickness of the surface ranges from 12 mm or 0.5 inches to 25 mm or 1 inch. But a 0.5 mm surface isn’t the ideal one to produce adequate bounce.

So the suggestion is to look for a surface that comes with 19 mm or 0.75 inches of thickness. While putting the color coating, keep the thickness of the surfaces in mind.

What is ping pong tables made of

To construct the tabletop of a ping pong table, wood is the preferable material. Except for wood, some other materials are used for this depending on indoor and outdoor usage.

Indoor ping pong table: Except for wooden boards, plastic and plywood are also commonly used to construct the surface of an indoor ping pong table.

Outdoor ping pong table: Unlike indoor tables, outdoor ones need to be more sturdy and durable. So strong materials like concrete, metal, or fiberglass boards are used on the tabletop.

Expensive vs. cheap ping pong tables

It's not the case that you can never play ping pong on a cheap tablet, but the problem is that these tables are not appropriate for professional matches. These tables don't offer adequate bounce, sturdiness, or durability. But a quality table can ensure all these features even though it is a bit expensive. Read How much does a ping pong table cost.

Now that you know which type of color is allowed to use on the ping pong tables, you are not supposed to make any mistake while buying one.

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