Best ping pong paddle grip reviews in 2022

Ping Pong, the game of a split-second decision that is for the speed masters. Where the grip plays the most important part along with the expertise of a player. You won’t get a second to think deeply and take a decision for the shorts. So, to master ping pong, the player must know which one … Read more

Joola Vs. Stiga Ping Pong Table Reviews

The Stiga and the Joola are the two most current famous Ping Pong table brands in the world. They both are very workable and the same in features. The Stiga Advantage and The Joola Inside are of a very buildable quality. When we talk about the Ping Pong Table Tennis then we must think about the … Read more

What Is The Official Color For Ping Pong Table

There isn’t any specified surface color given from the ITTF, but blue and green are the two most preferred colors on the tabletop of a ping pong table. The dark color allows more visibility of the light color balls and improves playability.In official tournaments, a white ball is the first choice. Even if it is … Read more

Ping Pong Ball Volume (Dimensions, Weight)

According to the international dimension of ping pong balls, the volume of the ball is 33.5 cm3. If you are a curious person and love playing ping pong, you are interested in the lightweight ball. From that curiosity, you may also want to know the volume of the ball.However, before knowing the volume, it is … Read more

Best floating and giant beer pong set reviews 2022

Beer pong set includes a beer pong table and ping pong balls. This is a very interesting game for those who love drinking during games. It is great for any kind of party, celebrations. As it has gained much popularity around the world you might love to learn how to play this game. That’s why this article … Read more