How to play tetherball

How to play tetherball and rules (all about tetherball )

Letting your top have fun with a sport like tetherball is not a bad decision of course this summer. Kids are not the creature that wants to stay at home and play the indoor game all the time. They will surely get bored now or then.

So why force them to stay at home when there is a chance of playing a pretty simple game like tetherball? You need not many things to play this game. And you might love to know the rules of the game and make your kids aware of the rules before they go on to play. This article is here for you.

How to play tetherball

Equipment needed to play tetherball

Tetherball is quite a simple game, where you don’t need much equipment to play. The first requirement for this game is a round shape court. There will be a pole in the middle of the court and a ball will be hung with the help of a rope in the pole.

  • Pole: The pole you are going to use in tetherball must be made of strong and sturdy materials. Galvanized steel is the first choice in this regard. You can also go for an aluminum constructed pole. Set up the pole in the middle of the court and make sure it stays here until the game ends. If you want to buy a tetherball set, seet the article. 
  • Ball: It’s better to buy a ball that is usable in any outdoor conditions. Because without weather resistance construction, you can’t have a long-lasting performance from the ball. Look the ball you are going to use is going to be smashed by both the players frequently. So a quality constructed ball is a must for tetherball.
  • Rope: The rope used in the tetherball is going to be twisted constantly. So you have to look for such a material that doesn’t wear quickly and is highly durable. My suggestion is to buy a rope made of nylon.

Rules of tetherball

Don’t go to play a game without knowing the rules of the game .pdf. If you don’t know the rules of the game, you can’t enjoy it properly. Tetherball is a really fun game for the kids and you need to make them understand the rules of the game to make the gaming time fun.


Decide the place where you are going to play the game. Make a round-shaped field by marking the sides. Remember unclear marking can cause problems during the game. So marking the dimension of the field is the first thing you need to do.

Then set up the pole in the middle of the court. You can make a hole for inserting the pole in it and then fill it with the mud. Otherwise, using a tire and some mud to set up the pole is also a great way. But you have to ensure the sturdiness of the pole anyway.

After the pole is set up make two sides of the court by drawing a mark in the middle of the court. As the game is played between two players, each player will remain in their half during the whole game.

Now attach the ball to the pole with the help of a rope. Take a durable rope and attach it to the ball first. After that, tie the rope around the pole to hang the ball.

Playing the game

Decide which player is going to serve first. You can do this by flipping a coin or if it’s not a new game, then the winning player of the previous game will go first here.

Know the target of the game properly. Your target is to make the ball wrap around the pole in such a way that, doesn’t give it a second chance to hit or wrap.

The server will first hit the ball in one direction. The player is only allowed to hit the ball with his hand, no other parts of the body.

Never cross your half of the court during the game, unless this will be counted as a fault.

After the first serve, the second player will hit the ball in the same manner but the opposite direction. The game will go on in the same way until the rope is wrapped around the pole.

One more thing to remember is that no player is allowed to touch the rope of the pole during the game.

Ending the game

A tetherball game is played in two, three, four, five even seven games.

The game will come to an end as soon as there is no more opportunity to hit the ball around the pole. It means the rope hanging the ball is already wrapped around the pole. The highest point holder will win the game.

Tetherball court dimension

As the round-shaped court is drawn depending on the pole, the measurement of the court also depends on the height of the pole. The regulation size of the tetherball court measures 20 feet in diameter, but the condition is your pole must be 10 feet high.

If you are making the field for the adults, then set up a pole of 10 feet high and make a circular court of 20 feet in diameter. Small size courts are made when you have set up a pole less than 10 feet high. A 7 or 8 feet pole doesn’t require such a big circular field, of course. So first set up the pole and then draw a regulation size tetherball court depending on the height of the pole.

Tetherball pole height

A regulation size tetherball pole measures 10 feet in height. The height mainly depends on the age and height of the players. For adults, a 10 feet high pole is perfect. But this pole won’t provide your kids or smaller guys the same amusement. So you have to reduce the height of the pole to seven or eight feet and sometimes even to six feet. That’s why before choosing the height of the pole, decide what type of players are going to play.

Tetherball rope length

There is no regulation length for tetherball ropes. The length of the rope depends on the height of the pole. The rope needs to be long enough that keeps the ball 2 feet above the ground. You can buy a long rope and make a knot to reduce the length in case you are using this on a smaller pole. And loose the knot to make it suit in a regulation size pole.

Go on and gather the pieces of equipment to play tetherball. The setup process is not so difficult and you can let your kids enjoy the summer with some backyard fun.

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