Most popular pool table felt color

Have you ever been in confusion with the color of your pool table felt? If you had been, then another question also might have risen in your mind regarding the best-felt color for your table. I prefer the two most popular colors for you that green and blue.

You know that pool is a kind of game where a pool table must. The players pocket the pool balls through the smooth surface of the pool table. So the surface or top part or felt of the pool table need to be attractive. How can you give your pool table an attractive look? Just choose the popular-felt color for your pool table and this will give your table a gorgeous look for sure.

You will different colors of felt to use on your pool tables. But each and every color is not appropriate for pool gaming. You should give priority to light color felts before dark color ones. Here I present a chart of felt color that you can use in your pool table.

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Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table Felt

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Pool table felt color chart

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Maroon
  • Tan
  • Grey
  • Camel

These colors are worthy of using in the felt of pool table. Now let’s have a look at the list that shows which colors you should not apply in your felt of pool table.

  1. Red
  2. Black
  3. Purple
  4. yellow
  5. Dark blue
  6. Dark green

It’s better not to use these colors in your pool table felt.

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Pool table felt

Felt is the top part of a pool table. You can call it the surface where the ball smoothly moves towards the pocket after the hitting of the player a cue stick. The smoother felt on top of the pool table gives you better gaming experience.

Materials used to made felt

Pool table felts can be made of worsted or woolen material. Worsted felts give you the feel of professional players feel. But if you are not a professional player then it is better to use woolen made felts. Worsted felts offers you faster gaming than woolen felts as it has flatter and smoother weaves in it.

Worsted felts are actually made from a blend of wood and high-quality nylon. For faster gaming experience, you need to have a higher quality of nylon made worsted felts. This felt also provides you great durability. Another good side of worsted felt is that, it can be used for long years continuously.

Woolen felts are not as good as worsted felts. These types of felts are made of loose weave fiber. You won’t get the same type of speed in the woolen felts that worsted felt would provide you. Again, these felt are not much durable. Around the pocket area of the felt, it always has the chances of being ripped.

So if you are not a professional and come from the beginner side of pool games, then you can use woolen felts. But professionals are supposed to be using worsted felts on their pool tables.


What size is preferable

Well, you have to choose the size depending on the size of your pool table. You know there are different sizes of tables in pool games. Generally, you will find 7 feet, 8 feet, and 9 feet tables. In some cases, tables of 10 feet and 6 feet small tables are also found.

So you need first to decide which type of pool game you are going to play. Then choose your table size and lastly according to the size of the table make the choice of you felt.

Popular felt color for the pool table

According to the experts or who are playing pools for a long time, the colors that I prefer are, blue and green. Well, reading my answer, you guys might have fallen into confusion that why I’m not suggesting single best color? I would have recommended green color as the popular-felt color for your pool table. But nowadays, blue is more preferable color than the green.

From an earlier time, green-colored felts have been the best choice for playing pool games or even billiards. But as time passes the choice changes. The modern players even the experienced experts have turned their attention towards blue color now.

The blue color is among the lighter colors. It is such a kind of color that suits almost any playing condition. Many players and experts said that, in blue color felts players can smoothly see the ball and hit it. Green color felts are good but thinking about universal greatness, this blue color probably goes far better than green color.

Green color has been used for a long time. So this is a traditional pool table felt color. You or I can’t also deny the fact that it is globally the most used color in the felt of a pool table. But that was past and for now, the blue color is mostly chosen color. Many pool championships and billiards championships tables are made of blue felts, which simply describes its importance and acceptance to the players and management.

Final words

Except for these two colors, you can also use some less used colors like maroon, and tan, camel, golden, etc. felt on your pool table. But I strictly suggest you not use red or such dark color felts on your pool table.

So all in all, blue and green are the two best-felt colors for your pool table. Lastly, it’s up to you which of these two colors attract you much.

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