How much does a pool table weight

Pool tables can be too heavy and a little heavy. But, they are heavy for sure.The weight of a pool table can be from 80kg to 1000 kg on the basis of the length and construction material of the table.The smallest pool table with a liter construction material can take around 80 to 100 kgs … Read more

Why are pool tables green? How to remove the old felt

It is not always true that pool tables clothes must be green. But traditionally it is green.The reason behind this is totally historical. Pool actually revolutionized from lawn game. This was totally an outdoor game. When it is brought from outdoor to indoor they did not want to change the traditional concept. Because people used … Read more


So, before we start, we must know what it means racking (set up) in pool. If you are reading this article, that means you are here to collect all the information about playing pool or about the correct order to place the ball into the rack before breaking it down.Rack in pool usually is a … Read more

How much does a pool table cost

 Pool tables can come with a different variation of prices. According to your budget, you can choose the perfect pool table for you. The minimum range for buying a pool table is around 300 dollars, and it can take a maximum amount of 15000 dollars for a new pool table.If you are thinking about buying a … Read more

Most popular pool table felt color

Have you ever been in confusion with the color of your pool table felt? If you had been, then another question also might have risen in your mind regarding the best-felt color for your table. I prefer the two most popular colors for you that green and blue. You know that pool is a kind of … Read more