Red rover game ideas- A fun activity game with family

Put up all your family members' arms to make a chain by dividing them into two teams and challenge one member each time from the opposition to break the chain, which is called the red rove game. You can play this game if you don't have any other equipment for having some outdoor fun.

Red rover game

What is the red rover game

If you have become bored of being inside your home, you should go backyard to have some outdoor fun. But alas! You don't have any playing pieces of equipment. It's the perfect time to gather all of your family members and have some quality family time with some backyard gaming.

Red Rover is a game where players have to make a chain of at least three players and one player from the opposition will try to break the chain on their turn. The game will continue until all the players participate in the game and stand on the same side. Though it seems a strength game, I would instead call the game a game of strategic thinking. You can break your opposition's chain by targeting the weaker zone and challenging the weaker player to send.

How to play the red rover game

You need nothing but several numbers of players to play the red rover game.


  • First of all, form two teams of at least three players. The more players you have, the more fun you will have.
  • While dividing the players into two teams, you should mix the more substantial and weaker players in each team. Mixing stronger and weaker players in both teams will keep balance in the teams, which means the team will be stronger than the other.
  • You can then select one person from each team as the captain and participate in the coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will get the first chance to yell out one player's name from the opposition to come and break the chain.
  • Before making the chain decide how much distance you need to keep from the other team. The more distance, the more a player will find the speed to break the chain. However, if there are kids involved in the game or a complete game playing between the kids, you should keep a shorter distance like 6 yards or somewhere near this. Except for kids, the distance may be around 10 yards, which will be excellent for the gameplay.  
  • While making the chain, you need to keep one thing in mind. Please don't put the weaker players one after another because it will only make your team's chain weaker and the player coming from the opposite direction can easily break it. Instead, try to make a chain with the stronger one holding the hand of the weaker ones. The chain will be more stable if you make it in this formation.


  • The game will start with the coin toss winning team yelling one of the players' names from the opposition to come and break the chain. The players will shout, saying, red rover, red rover, (the player's name) come over.
  • Don't call any name randomly; instead, follow a simple trick in here. You need to target the weakest part of your opposition and yell the weakest player's name first, whom you can confidently stop from breaking the chain. Let the most muscular guy come last to break the chain.
  • The runner or the toss loser team will wait for the opposition summon to send that player. The player going to break the chain needs to have a close look at the opposition's chain. He needs to target that zone, which looks weaker to him. This will make it easier for him to break the chain and weaken the opposition.
  • What will happen if the player of the opposing team fails to break the chain? If the player fails to break the chain, he will be included in the opposing team as a new member and make the team stronger. 
  • And if the player successfully breaks the chain, he can bring any player from the opposing team to make his team more substantial and the opposing team weaker. As a breaker of the chain, you should always look for bringing the opposing team's strongest player on your half.

Finish the game

  • The game will be played until one team becomes incapable of making a chain. It means only one player is remaining on one end of the field. And this team will be the loser.

Is the red rover game dangerous

Well, the red rover is a fun game until there is no injury. In a neutral view, red rover is a bit dangerous game, especially if you have kids in your team.

  • Targeting the weakest member: I have already said that you have to be strategic in the game. Players will target the opposing team's weaker players to make a run towards them or break the weakest chain. This can cause several injuries to the weaker members if they are not cautious.
  • Long-distance sprint: You have to cover a particular area to reach your opposition to break the chain, which may be easy for but difficult for the kids. That's why you need to keep the distance shorter for kids unless this might result in some ankle injuries or so on.
  • Collision with the strongest: It's opposite to the first point. If somehow you collide hardly with the opposite team's strongest player, this may not be good for you for sure.

History of red rover game

The red rover game originated in the UK during 19th century, when a few young kids were standing making a chain and running from the opposite direction trying to break the chain. Soon after the invention, the game spread in Australia, Canada and the USA. The game is also played in Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic, and Romania and so on. Though it is a bit risky game for the weaker guys and kids, you can enjoy the game in your backyard with your family if you are well cautious. This is also simialr game with tug of war rope.

Final words

A few backyard games require nothing to play except the players and the red rover is such a game. Keep the boring indoor life aside and bring your family members in the backyard to have some chain-breaking fun with a mix of strength and strategy.

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