what size is a regulation pool table size ,Know USA and UK pool table size

If you are planning to buy a new pool table then the thing that should aware you most is the size of the table.

Okay, as for your greater concern the regulation pool table size is 9 feet long. But it can always change with the condition of yours.

Pool table comes with a variation of different sizes and length. There are a lot of sizes of pool table available in pool table market. But before buying a pool table you need to consider a lot of things. If not then maybe you will not be able play in that table.

Follow the following lines before you buy a pool table. Below there you will find out the pool table sizes available for you and the standard one that you should choose. And as a bonus we also discussed the room size and things that you should consider before buying a table down there.. Stay tuned.

regulation pool table size

Pool table size

In the market there are two types of pool table available.

English andAmerican pool table. With the measurement of your room you can choose which one of the type will suit you the best.

The English pool table size is a little smaller than the American pool table size.

The English pool table comes with the minimum number of 6 feet long where as the smallest pool table size of the American standard is 7 feet.

But if you are planning to buy a new pool table then only considering the size of the table will not be enough.

You also need to think about the dimension of your room and the size of the cue stick.

There can be a variation of different size of table. Both the English and American size pool table can come with a variation of 6 feet to 12 feet.

You need to remember that the width of the table is always the half of the length. That means if you are planning to buy a 7 feet pool table the width of this table will be 3.5 feet.

Standard pool table size

The standard for different types of game is different. If you are just aiming for playing at your home, then 7 feet pool size can be standard for you.

And if you are aiming for playing pool at a professional level then the size of the pool table should be 9 feet.

It’s totally your choice and decision in what condition and position you would like to play pool. Our recommendation for you would be to play at least in a 7 feet long pool table for having the perfect pleasure of eight ball poll game.

Pool table room size

It’s obvious that you need to buy a pool table with the perfect proportion of your room. If after buying the pool table you find out that the table is not fitting with the total dimension of your room or you just can’t play comfortably in your pool table then it surely will not be a good decision.

That’s why before buying a pool table the measurement of your room is also necessary.

We will try to give you some hints that you can follow before buying a pool table.

The average size of the pool table is around 7 feet. So for a 7 feet pool table you should have a room dimension which is around 16 feet (4.9m) x 13 feet (4m).

If you are planning to buy a 7 feet pool table then remember the playing surface of the pool table will be 6 feet x 3 feet.

There are three types of cue stick available for playing pool. These are 57 inches cue (145cm), 48 inches cue (122cm), 36 inch cue (91cm).

Other than that you will not feel comfortable in time of playing pool.

If you are not a professional player then you obviously need to consider all these stuff before you purchase a new pool table. If you fail to measure all this things than chances are all of your money will not be in a great use.

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Professional pool table size

When you are not playing at a professional level, you need not to pay any heed to the size of the table. Instead you need to concentrate on size of your room. And with the perfect proportion of your room you need to buy the table.

But when you are playing at a professional level then the size of the room is not a matter at all. You will have enough room size for playing. So, it would be better you choose a table size as much big as you can.We know that pool tables are available from the size six feet to over twelve feet.

For playing at a professional level our suggestion will be to buy a table which is at least 9 feet long. Most of the people believe that 9 feet is the standard size for playing pool.

For professional level of game below nine feet will not be a better choice for sure.

Things to consider

It will never be a good decision to lament after buying a pool table. Better you choose the best thing for you and enjoy playing.

Before buying a pool table consider the building materials of the table. Check the surface of the table. Try hitting the balls over the surface. Check if you are enjoying playing on this surface or not. Whether it is suiting you or not?

If not then try another one.

But buy the appropriate one. Over what you will enjoy playing.

So, as for the conclusion we know that pool tables can appear with a variety of different sizes. You can found a pool table from the size 6 feet to over 12 feet.

With the perfect proportion of your room pick the perfect size of your table

And as always enjoy playing pool and be the perfect eight ball poll master. Your betterment is all what we want.

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