Roof rack for paddleboard and kayak

For secure transportation of paddleboard and kayak, you should have a roof rack system, which will make it an easier task to take this from one place to another. So if you are a surfer or kayaker, then it's better to set up a rack on the roof of your car to carry it with ease.

Roof rack for paddleboard and kayak

Roof rack for paddleboard and kayak

What things need to consider before buying a roof rack for paddleborad and kayak

There are a few things you need to consider before choosing the roof rack for your paddleboard and kayak. The first thing is whether you have a roof rack system installed in your car or not. There are two types of roof racks depending on this feature. One is for the naked roof, and the other one is for the pre-installed roof rack system.

Then are you looking for a roof rack system that can carry up to more than one paddleboard or kayak? Are you searching for some sort of roof rack where you can put on various surfboards, paddleboards or kayaks at the same time? To serve you with all these facilities, you should buy a roof rack with versatility because normal racks won't provide you with these opportunities.

Another important thing to look at before buying a roof is the feature that locks your paddleboard and kayaks with the roof of your car and no one without your permission could steal or harm your paddleboard and kayaks. This locking mechanism is found on rack-mounted models and it works like safeguards to your gears.

To untie the gears from the roof you need heavy tools. That’s why no one from outside will be able to harm your paddleboards or kayaks without any heavy tools. But if you just tie them with straps or such type things, anyone can easily cut it and take one of your gears easily. So look for buying a high-performance roof rack with a locking mechanism.

Now let's give you a brief description of two roof rack products that you might love to look at.

1. Orion Motor Tech Lightweight Anti-Vibration Universal Car Soft Roof Rack 

This lightweight roof rack from Orion Motor Tech comes with heavy load capacity. This rooftop rack can carry both paddleboard and surfboards. This roof rack is made of ultra-soft material, so it causes no damage like scratching or scuffing to the carrying car. With a heavy loading capacity, it can carry up to 166 pounds approximately.

It comes with a feature of universal car fitment and adjustability. It fits most of the vehicles with and without gutters. This rack is equipped with ultra-long straps and aircraft buckles to secure the luggage on the rooftop. As the paddleboards are secured here with long heavy duty and adjustable straps the safety of the products and the strength of the rack are guaranteed.

You will tools to untie the gears from the roof of your car, and this saves the gears from harmful people. The dimension of the roof rack is 33.5 × 3.1 × 4.1 inches. The product includes 2 soft racks, 2 complimentary straps, 1 instruction, and 2 buckles. The item weighs around 4.12 pounds. You can have a wonderful and safe journey with your surfing gear set on the roof with the help of this rack.

2. AA-Racks Universal Double Folding J-Bar 

This universal rack from AA – racks come with a double folding system. You can park your car in garages or anywhere, and you don't need to remove the rack from the top of the car. The rack system easily folds down to provide you this feature. That's why this is a good quality rack for carrying paddleboards and kayaks.

This rack is constructed with epoxy powder coated tubular steel, which is of course weather-resistant. This heavy-duty constructed roof rack featured, a rubberized base and foam cushion on the arms and reinforced cargo strap patches to protect your cargo. This rack comes with a versatility that can carry many tools like skies, canoes, paddleboards, snowboards and other outdoor surfing gears.

Each bracket of the rack measures approximately 14.6 inches long and 4.7 inches wide. The height of this rack is 15.5 inches. This package includes 2 racks for kayak, set of mounting hardware, which are steel designed with adjustable padding for carrying strength and protect your gears. It also includes a pair of carrier straps, a pair of ratchet tie-down straps. So you can go for this double folding roof rack for carrying your surfing gear.

Roof rack for paddleborad and kayak-FAQs

1. How to adjust paddleboard and kayak on the roof rack?

Mount the paddleboard and kayak on the roof rack and tie the using the long straps that are provided with the rack. The rack must have the capacity to adjust all of your gears.

2. How to tie paddleboard and kayak on the roof rack?

Tie the paddleboard and kayak, use heavy tools and tightly cover them with padding and then tie them with long and strong straps.

3. How to ensure the safety of the paddleboard and kayak on the roof rack?

Try to buy a roof rack with a locking system, which will definitely ensure the safety of your paddleboard and kayak.

4. How to remove the paddleboard and kayak on roof rack?

Use heavy tools and untie the straps around the gears, uncover them, and remove them one by one from the roof rack.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and got a clear idea about roof rack for paddleboard and kayak.

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