What size skateboard should I get – Skateboard size chart

You went to the market to buy a skateboard and return from there without buying one. Why? Because you don’t know the exact size of the skateboard that you need to buy for yourself. That’s why you should go further and read the full article for getting a clear idea about the size of the skateboard that you should buy for your use.

It’s not just going and buying a skateboard from the market and start skating. Before purchasing a skateboard, you need to ensure what size is perfect for you. Well, the size of the skateboard mainly depends on the height, age, and shoe size of the skater. So first of all, you have to measure these things and keep a clear idea. Then you can choose the right skateboard and purchase it.

What size skateboard should I get

Skateboard size chart

For removing your confusion and making it easier for you to understand what things you should consider before buying a skateboard, I’m drawing a size chart of skateboards below.


Height (cm)

Shoe size

Deck width (inch)

5 or less

102 or less


6.5” – 6.75”

6 – 8

102 – 130

2 – 5


9 – 12

130 – 160

6 – 8

7.25” – 7.375”

13 or more

160 or more

9 +

7.5” +

Different skateboards

The size of the skateboard actually means the width of the deck of a skateboard. And the width of the deck depends on three things that are age, height, and shoe size of the rider. Depending on these three things, the deck of skateboards has been classified into three types. These are micro, mini, mid, and full-length deck.

Micro, mini and mid-length decks are used for kids or junior skaters. But skaters who are 13 or more years older and also use shoes sizing 9 or more than that uses full-length decks in their skateboards. Full-length decks are the wider decks than the other three types of decks. So the adult players use this deck, and the beginners prefer slightly less wide decks.

Micro skateboard

Talking about the micro skateboards first, you need to know the height before buying a skateboard for anyone, because the height affects a lot on the width of a skateboard. Skaters who are 3 feet 4 inches or less than that are supposed to use micro-sized decks or skateboards for skating. These types of players are basically kids of 5 years or less than that. And their shoe size is also very small, sizing only 1. The decks they use are having a width of 6.5″ to 6.75,” and these decks are called micro decks.

Mini skateboard

Mini decks or skateboards are wider than micro skateboards. Kids who age from 6 to 8 use this mini deck in their skateboards. The height range of these types of skaters is from 3 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 4 inches. They were shoes sizing from 2 to 5. These skaters use a wider deck than of the micro decks with a width of 7.0″.

Mid skateboard

Then comes the mid-sized skateboards with a wider deck than micro and mini skateboard decks. Skaters who are 9 to 12 years old use these mid decks in their boards. They were shoes sizing from 6 to 8. They are obviously taller in height than micro and mini-deck users. Their height range is 4 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 2 inches. Being taller and aged from the last two types of skaters, they use the wider skateboards for skating. The width of mid-length skateboards is from 7.25″ to 7.375″.

Full-length skateboard

Full-length skateboards are for the adult players, who are 13 or more years old. They use shoes of the biggest sizes. Their shoe size is 9 or more. They are of course taller than the other skaters, with the height starting from 5 feet 3 inches. That’s why these types of skaters use the widest deck in their skateboards and ride on a full-length skateboard. The width of the full-length skateboards is 7.5″ or more than that.

Skateboard deck size

I have already mentioned that skateboard size mainly means the width of the deck. So the above discussion also gives you a clear idea about the deck size of skateboards.

Skateboard bearing size

There are total 8 bearings used in a skateboard. 2 bearings in each wheel as there are 4 wheels use underneath the deck. The size of the bearings is measured by the core, outer diameter and the width of the bearing. The core is 8 mm, the outer diameter of the bearing is 22 mm, and the width is 7 mm.

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Beginners skateboard size

Beginners are basically kids who are 6 to 8 years old and wearing shoes sizing 4 to 6. They use skateboard decks that are wide from 7 to 8 inches approximately. And the kids from 9 to 12 years, who are also beginners, use decks, wide from 7.5 to 8 inches approximately.


1. What size skateboard for 7 years?

The size of skateboard a 7-year kid should use is 6.75″ to 7.25″ in width, and this type of skateboard is called mini skateboards.

2. What is the size of a normal skateboard?

The size of a normal size skateboard or skateboard deck is 7 to 8 inches.

3. How to measure skateboard size?

For measuring the size of a skateboard, you need to know the age, height, and shoe size of the skater.

So I hope that all of your confusion regarding the perfect size of your skateboard is over now after reading this article. Now having been aware of the facts that you need to know before buying a skateboard, you can go to the market and choose the right skateboard for you.

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